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Updated on March 8, 2010


If you parents wish to be religious extremists, that’s your concern, but for Christ sake at least allow your children they’re adolescents and their right to choose for themselves. Chances are your religious beliefs are dead wrong anyway and indoctrinating your children from day one is as unfair as it gets. There will be plenty of time in their adult lives to ponder religion and then make their own decisions without indoctrinating, adolescent mind control from you adult fanatics.

That’s all it is you know. Do you think children actually study scriptures willingly? Do you really believe they care about such boring, mundane, and complicated subjects when they’ve got fun kid stuff to occupy their minds and school studies to keep up with? And which do you think is more important to have mastered by the time they’re 18. Math, science, and English, or your personal philosophies of some religious cult? The religious dogma you pound into these kids only takes away from other useful knowledge and activities they should be sucking up like a sponge. It’s like eating junk food. It won’t kill you by itself (yet) but it sure as hell makes a difference when there’s no more room left in your stomach for real food! Knowing any religious dogma inside and out won’t help them feed their own families will it? Look at Moslems in the Middle East, mostly dirt poor but know more about their religion than 50 of you westerners know about yours. Math, Science, English, healthy minds and bodies acquired from a normal adolescence most certainly will! What you engrain in them as children will always effect their abilities to seek out and discover the truth. If you’re wrong, and you are, you do them grave injustice. First give them a mind that is willing and capable of understanding complex subjects like religion and leave the adult subjects to the religious, warring adults.

Can you imagine the confusion, and inevitable anger in the mind of a thinking, say thirteen-year old Catholic kid in respect to the pedophile priest scandal after all he has been taught his whole life? Finding out many of these people are sexual predators supported and protected by the Vatican and it’s felonious, Cardinals, Bishops, and tens of millions of your hush money? What about the destroyed lives of the thousands of sexually abused children from all religious organizations just in the last 100 years? Although you refuse to admit it, you understand it and so do I. But what about the minds of these children suddenly finding out their life-long mentors are in reality, sub-human crud. These people were gods to them. At thirteen, a kid has no choice but assume he’s been lied to all these years, bamboozled by his parents, his church, and his god. That’s kind of like walking down the street one day and all of a sudden the freaking pavement disappears from beneath your feet.

Kids have got enough to worry about these days without you fanatic parents forcing them through an adolescent life of religious BS and lies only to become clones of your own personal, philosophies. Children don’t think, deduce, and conclude religious beliefs. They simply come to believe what they were told by their parents year after year and what they learn from they’re religious environment and/or church, again, year after year.

When was the last time one of you maniacal fanatics told your kid: “Hey, I’m going to teach you all I know about all the mainstream religions include my own personal beliefs. When you’ve grown up, you may choose any religion you believe in to follow the rest of your life or you may choose not to follow any at all, the choice is yours.” Never right? None of you! Why not? You as adults have been depraved of that option by your parents and their church just like you’re doing to your own children as I speak. The beat goes on doesn’t it? You just can’t get up off your knee’s can you? Now you know why these multi-billion dollar organizations have managed to exist for century after century regardless of scientific proof clearly exposing they’re fraud. What’s it going to take, another religious war with biological and nuclear weapons this time? Do we have to kill off 95% of humanity before you cocoon dwellers get the picture?

Danger, Danger, Danger!

Religious beliefs are philosophies whether you like it or not. The very fact that there is thousands of opposing views with no proof substantiating any of them qualifies them as such. For you to engrain your personal version of any philosophy as fact in the mind of a child is to strip that child of his individuality and his ability to think and deduce for himself as an adult. In my mind, the practice ought to be considered criminal.

Remember, and never forget, this is not just a simple misguided conclusion such as the world is flat that can easily be re-learned when the truth is discovered. Engrained religious beliefs go much deeper into a person’s soul if you will. These beliefs or faiths erroneously explain all that is unknown about life and death. They comfort our most anxious fears, and allow us to cope day by day knowing we’re protected and safe in this world, and hopefully, the next. That sounds like a pretty healthy mindset to me provided all that was true and substantiated with at least a little proof. The fact is, none of it is provable and that’s where humanity has gone terribly awry as I have explained in previous chapters.

This phenomenon is not something that can be shrugged off after an adolescent lifetime of indoctrination by your parents, your church, your community, and all the rest of your trusted mentors from our president, right down to the God-fearing bum on the street. OK, so the earth is not flat, it’s a ball. Great! No problem, that’s progress, it’s a good thing to have discovered the fact. To have your ingrained religious beliefs suddenly exposed as a dastardly fraud is a much, much more serious a discovery. A life altering, if not threatening event to any fragile human psyche, let alone, that of a child.

Make me proud and do the right thing. Say: “I don’t know son, I just don’t know.” You will have given him a gift of enormous proportion. The truth and the freedom to think, conclude, and discover on his own, that which his religious mentors as yet, have not. Give your kids all the thoughts and knowledge you possess if you wish, all knowledge is good knowledge, including philosophies. Just don’t lock down their minds with fear, ritual, unjust guilt, and incessant indoctrination as you have been trained to do oh so well at the behest of every damn one of your personal religious organizations!

The entire adult world of our smartest PhD’s and all of our greatest theological minds from around the globe have been vehemently arguing religious philosophies since day one. How do you expect a child to understand, and form rational opinions when you force-feed him your myopic views? Well they can’t, and when you force them to believe your own myopic views through year after year of incessant indoctrination, even you should be able to see that it amounts to nothing but pure mind-control. Call it what you wish, just understand that’s exactly what you and your church are doing to your children.

While we’re at it, never forget why this child indoctrination has become your way of life over the centuries. I gave you the reasons in a previous chapter and they still apply. Your churches desperately need to perpetuate the cause in order to exist at all. That easily converts to power, control, celebrity, and the big one, money. Without assuring the next generation will be there to feed the kitty, all of your religious organizations would soon be reduced to little street corner churches with handfuls of fanatic followers holding out collection plates with nothing within larger than a dime. A far cry from the vastness of the Vatican, its museums, art galleries, state of the art restoration facilities, jewelry collections, and on and on. These people aren’t about to give up any of this by allowing you and your children the right to choose! This my friends, and this alone, is why you yourselves have been taught over the centuries into believing that you must drag your children off to Sunday School to endure all the endless trumped-up rituals imposed upon them rather than play ball, study math, and have fun growing up interacting with they’re piers like children are supposed to do.

You Mormons are particularly adept at “using” your young teenagers door to door for your own personal financial gain. I’ve talked to many of them over the years, and always, with an adult, evil eyed monitor hidden somewhere out in the street who interestingly becomes more and more visible if the conversation lasts more than a minute or two. These poor children have been converted to glassy-eyed, praise the lord, zombified, mirror images of their fanatic mentors. The restrictions imposed on their sad lifestyles alone are horrifying to say the least.

For Christ sake America snap out of it and turn the next generation free of this mind-numbing religious oppression. I can sum it all up in one simple line. Criminal child abuse by exploitation. Without “freedom of thought”, “freedom of speech” doesn’t even exist. Never forget that! It is precisely why none of you ever question your own religious doctrines. You are the product of your parents, and your parents religious organizations adolescent indoctrination’s upon yourselves. Your ability to choose for yourselves or question your own churches doctrine has long been stripped from your souls hasn’t it. You don’t even know you ought to question in search of the truth do you? You just suck up everything you’re told, just as you learned as a child. In other words, you’re screwed, aren’t you?

Why do you suppose you never even protested the pedophile priest cover-up that went on for decades? You knew all about it didn’t you. Hell, I did and I don’t even go to church. You literally couldn’t, that’s why. That’s how powerful and effective your indoctrination into these cults is. You’d let your own children be molested before you would stand up to your oppressors in protest. There is no room for discussion here, it happened, period! If it weren’t for the modern day media and a few money hungry attorneys of opposing persuasions that would challenge God himself for a shot at a few bucks, the cover-ups and the hush money pay-offs would still be as ho-hum to you as they have been in past decades.

If you became an intellectual genius overnight, you still wouldn’t be able to fully escape the deeply engrained beliefs you have be trained to accept as a child over the years would you? General intellect is a useful but meager weapon against this “once established,” most powerful human need to believe and belong.

You know, in absolutely every aspect of our lives we teach and demand proof of everything we do whether it be engineering a new bridge as adults or solving an 8th grade math problem as a kid. Interestingly, there are no exceptions in any culture from around the globe or from any era you wish to examine, except one. You guessed it, religion! I wonder why. From day one, with thousands of religions come and gone it’s always been the very same thing, “Have faith my son!” Don’t even think about asking for at least a little proof because you’re not allowed to are you? If that’s not thousands of years of obvious religious oppression I don’t know what the hell is. If you can’t exist without some cockamamie, invisible guy that lives somewhere up in the sky your obliged to pray to every day but never seems to have the time to answer you…ever, then ask him to come on down and pay us a visit just to show that all our time, money, resources, and intellect isn’t all going to waste while our children starve and die from curable diseases by the thousands every day and while constant, ongoing religious wars are killing billions over opposing religious beliefs. That’s not much to ask is it? If he shows up, great, build a bigger church. If he doesn’t show, well… I’ll leave the conclusions up to you. That is, if your capable of coming to a non-biased, logical, fact based, provable, in your face conclusion…. Are you?


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    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida

      I'm no genious or seer of the future. Everything in the book is simple truth, logic, history, common sense, and lots and lots of proof. Ok, concern and involvement rate big time as well. Most people don't think past level one, They never become passonate over anything so the status quo rules century after century. It can't be that way any more Colpot, Just one religious nut case with a test tube full of smallpox and you can kiss all our asses goodby.

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      I cant wait to read this book, I agree with everything you say and am a hardened fan now :)

    • calpol25 profile image

      Callum 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner)

      A brilliant hub, indoctination should be stopped and children should be allowed to be wh they want to be. I search truth also and religious insanity is gonna cause another war if we dont stop it..

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida

      I don't hate as you put it at all. I simply seek the truth AND wish to save humanity from religious insanity that will eventually destroy us all in the recent lite of weapons of mass destruction.No where in my entire book do I exibit hate or even dislike for religious people. I simply hate secularized religious starting wars over fairy tale doctrin.

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I am sorry you hate so much. Did a catholic priest abuse you as a youth? I will pray for your soul.

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks MOW. Where ya been? Lots of people here on Hubpages miss you

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 7 years ago from uk

      'To have your ingrained religious beliefs suddenly exposed as a dastardly fraud is a much, much more serious a discovery. A life altering, if not threatening event to any fragile human psyche, let alone, that of a child.' - I couldn't agree more!

      Like you, I too feel that children's minds should be left open to experiences, and we shouldn't try to influence them with our own 'personal philosophies'. Besides, nothing is more uninspiring than religious zeal....and I wish people focused more on contributing something positive to the society in terms of education, scientific progress, empowering those in poverty to improve their conditions etc. (list is endless!) rather than their personal beliefs.

      Anyway, this was brilliantly written as always...with your usual energy and tongue in cheek hunor! Loved it again... :)

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Linda...

      I'm afraid my words go unheard by 99% of our population. That's one of the problems. We've been hoodwinked so professionally, and for so many thousands of years, no one can let go of their obsession. I've been there in conversation with many over the years including priests and ministers. They grin and more or less acknowledge it's showbiz all the way but the average Joe is far too conditioned to even consider the possibility humanity has been hiding in a religious cocoon since day one. They either blow you off with scripture based physcobabble or become annoyed with you for even questioning their life long engrained beliefs. I don't know what else to do it's such a huge, global problem. I'm thinking of buying a black robe myself, conjuring up a bunch of BS and get rich overnight. Beats working. :-)

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Brilliant hub.

      Waiting to see what the what the mind-controlled ones say about it!!!

      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS