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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for The Creator - My Tribute

Updated on February 24, 2020

What does it mean to respect the Creator as God, and God as Creator?

Primarily, we will have to qualify what we know and what is meant by Creator...How do we see, perceive, understand and know Him? The Creator who created everything that was, is and ever shall be. Knowledge of the Creator comes through revelation, continuously and progressively. We don't automatically know anything about Him except what He reveals through His Word, nature and everything made by His will and hands.

There is nothing we utilize in this life that He didn't create. We generally know if something belongs to someone else and if we desire to use it then we must ask permission. If we use it without permission it is considered theft. We learn to ask, how? through prayer. The amazing thing about what is created is that He didn't create it all for Himself or His own enjoyment, but considered all creatures in this masterful endeavor and this alone speaks of selflessness.

Everything is created for every creature's endowment and enjoyment, despite the avarice of the world system and its need for power and control. The Creator made sure we had five senses to make contact in His world. As a creature it would seem that we would first and foremost desire to know who He is and who made it all. However, that is not the initial case because sin stole the desire to want to know about the Creator of the universe, but rather to follow its pernicious ways.

Nature screams, shouts and echoes a brilliance that we would have to stop to embrace, to quiet down and be still and know that He is God. The Creator will capture your heart with His majestic beauty. Surely the earth is full of His glory, just take a look around you, look up at the great expanse of the sky. There is no true documentation of the height, width, or depth of the sky. He has revealed the works of His hands in everything in nature and the terrestrial. My tribute and testimony will always be found through writing of the crescendos of praises my spirit knows.

The word "universe" tells a story all by itself. It speaks and articulates of a united song that every creature sings or is singing in harmony, synchronized, syncopated and sequenced panoramically. This can be seen in the Spirit. Can you see all those who love the Creator-God praising and worshipping Him? It is one verse being sung to who made the universe, and bestowed upon us the right to be inhabitants in it. Thanksgivings, gratitude, praises and worship, admiration, adoration and awe spring forth as a result of knowing, understanding, and valuing His majestic reign and rule. We are one in the Spirit.

I have found that in my own experience that the first Chapter of Genesis can be overlooked. In the beginning God created, and the premise goes on to tell us how, when, where, etc. The Hebrew language has helped us immensely to understand God as Creator and Creator as God. They refer to the God of Genesis 1, as Elohim, which means Creator. This lets us know and it takes us on a journey of how things came into fruition and gives us structure and order.

Respect for the will of the Creator-God is an act of worship, there is no true worship without the respect for set boundaries, we trespass without respect. Respect is admiration, esteem, reverence, value, regard and it is having a high opinion of. We learn not too long after all was created about trespassing. How a trespass is a vital aspect of life and is a judgment call, or a call for us to judge ourselves. You must believe that the Creator is telling the truth and respect His word and will, even when you know that you have blown it. You and I may fumble the ball, but I guarantee that Creator-God will never fumble the universe. We had inherited disrespect without ever even realizing it. Adam didn't have it, Eve didn't have it, and nor did the serpent have it, what? respect, for who created them. Adam blamed God and Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent . No one took responsibility for trespassing.

What is a trespass? A trespass is an attempt to go pass by disrespect. What does it mean to trespass? To trespass is to intrude on somebody's privacy or time. Were the garden dwellers on their own time or property? Who created it all? Are we on our own property, despite the deeds and contracts we make in life? How come no respect for a loving and kind Creator? It is called sin. Sin not only disrespects the Creator, it disrespects self and others. Sin is the most disrespectful force in the universe. I believe we all know consciously or unconsciously what it means to disrespect the Creator of the universe. How? We all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Through the Word of God and by the Spirit of God we learn how to respect and that by not respecting established boundaries we are subject to trespasses.

The Creator has set boundaries and lines of demarcation, so to speak.....The garden dwellers were told of every tree you may freely eat, but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you may not eat thereof, or there will be consequences. Man nor woman trusted the Creator's will or integrity and ability to tell the truth. Adam couldn't have dreamt that his disrespectful actions would produce such a backlash of spiritual, and soul poverty and depravity. His response speaks of the lack of respect. We call and know it as disobedience, but what is disobedience but the absence of respect for the will of God. It is wanting what God does not want for us. Respect is a personal and individual endeavor. I know you have met some folk you have deemed disrespectful towards you, but the question to ask is do they respect the Creator-God? Then you have the answer, how can or will they respect you?

Now,,, here is a really disrespectful stance, first towards the Creator, it is the stand of racism. I have advice for every racist. Take it up with the Creator, as to why He made others different from you, and determine what right you could possibly have to be angry to the point of violence because everyone is not like you. After all, you didn't create the world, this is His world and His diversity in making people different is awesome. I respect His diversity in making us all different and unique. Racism is a trespass, not only against others, but the Creator who made the world for all, regardless of the color of their skin or nationality. Racism is a trespass that does not respect boundaries. There is a line of demarcation that we as humans are not allowed to cross, and when we realize this truth, respect for who created it all sustains us. If you are battling racism, why not seek the Creator-God for your resolve and solution or you may just be angry with Him and not the people who just don't look like you. You may be angry that He didn't make everyone just like you and your family.

Do you know God as Creator? Do you think about Him as Creator? Or is there a gulf between these two ideologies of God and Creator? We quote the verse, my God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory. It has always been the will of Creator-God to supply every need, and His provisions are bountiful. When He hung the universe, did He leave any thing out? No.

The song "Redeemer" tells it this way

Who told the sun where to stand in the morning, and

Who taught the ocean you can only come this far, and

Who showed the moon where to hide till evening,

Whose words alone can catch a falling star,

Well, I know my Redeemer lives,

I know my Creator lives,

All of creation testifies and this life within me cries,

I know my Creator (Redeemer) lives.

I know my Creator (Redeemer) lives. It is only the greed to hoard all that He has created that obscures all of His provisions. Money hides His provisions, but it can't hide His Sovereignty and it can never camouflage His greatness, excellence and wondrous nature. Buying and selling, whose idea was that? Do you think it was the Creator's idea or man's? The truth is He gave everything free of charge. But the world is under strong delusions of human willfulness, why? because respect for the Creator and adherence to His creative rights are missing.

The Creator created a family unit consisting of man and woman. In return men have not only exhibited disrespect for their Creator, but it has gradually trickled down to himself and others in society. I am going to speak boldly here. The Creator never created what He placed in a man (semen) to enter another man's body, nor for a man to lie with another man in a sexual manner; that is a violation of creative rights and what His intent is. That is why it is called an abomination by the Word of God, it is not the will of the Creator for man and man, but for man and woman. He placed a woman here on earth to be the recipient of what man offers in the confines of a union of marriage. Who are those who choose homosexuality offending by their choices?

The Creator-God. Respect is corrosive in those who choose this course or any choice that is not His will. It doesn't trigger remorse or moral thought, nor does it produce civil expectation and hope or repentance. It is said to be a lifestyle, but it is a death-style because the wages of sin produce death and separation from what the Creator has decreed.

Repentance is a process needed to stay in fellowship and relationship. Imagine for a moment, not having ever in your life repented of sin. Can you visualize the gross darkness you enter and are a part of? Daily repentance is washing our feet because our feet can get dirty fast. When we repent for seen and unseen, known and unknown trespasses we are washing our feet. My stance and compliance with repenting is not being on the side of evil, the devil and demons are unrepentant and they know it. Repentance is the basin of water we bathe our souls with. If your heart is hardened and you do not have remorse and repent, you may be siding with darkness.

Fornication and adultery are some other acts that have paved a path in corrupting society to believe that anything goes, without even thinking about any consequences. Jesus counseled, consider the cost, how much will your acts cost you in the end. He asked, what profit is it for a man to gain the whole world (what he deems important) and loose his own soul. Then He asked, what will he give in exchange for his own soul? If I can reach one person and they can see and know that they are traveling wrong, then my living will not be in vain. Choose the Creator-God and His provisions for sin found in Jesus Christ. Sin can only lead to every avenue of disrespect, it has in the past, it is currently and always will, but don't focus on offending others before you see that you are offending your Creator-God.

King David made a statement in Psalm 23:4, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; he said, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. The rod is always for correction, spare the rod and spoil the child. A corrective word is a rod it hurts, but it comforts when you can adhere to and embrace the truth no matter what you are going through. It becomes the ointment you need. Just say ouch, and keep moving by learning the lessons you need to in life.

Let's talk creative rights. Who is always going to be right no matter what? The Creator! It is at this place of realizing that the Creator is right and the only right we will ever know and understand that things come into divine order. Creative rights have to be re-visited over and over in our daily devotion. Holiness is understood here because we understand that He cannot tolerate sin and that it is distasteful and displeasing to Him. Every trespass is an action of disrespect for His moral codes which He has established for living in His world. Repentance is how we wash our feet and encourage others to repent and wash their feet as well. Trespasses occur when we fail to respect boundaries. The world and society is calling right wrong and wrong right. It behooves us to think how society could call fornication, adulteries, homosexuality, your right to choose, when the Bible clearly shows and reveals to us the will of the Creator. These things will never be the right choices, how could we call them the right to choose and not the wrongs to choose? Why do we believe they are wrong, because the Word of God reveals the will of God that tells us He disagrees with those choices. Why care? Because you are living in His world and there are guidelines, patterns, and standards which we must learn to respect and then implement and align that respect towards Him first and foremost.

When you realize that the devil and demons are in an unrepentant state every day and in every way, it should provoke being repentant, why? because you don't desire to take the side of sin and evil or what is not good and you respect the Creator.

The term Creator is reserved only for Him. He has given man/woman great potential, yet man/woman isn't a creator, but an inventor. We can invent from what is created, but we aren't really creators, but creatures subject to our Creator. The reason I say we are not creators is because we can not create the substance or matter anything/everything is created from. We possess creative abilities only because we have His nature and character, but we apart from Him can create nothing but chaos. Look up! Grace and peace.


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