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Rain making Machine

Updated on March 20, 2010

Rain Making

I recently answered a question but didn't have all the info on hand but when I went back I could no longer add to the answer so I will put it in a short hub instead.

I believe the question was asked if it is possible to make it rain. Well from what Doctor Wilhelm Reich said, yes we can. He developed the science of orgonomy. Orgone also known as chi or life force energy is generated by all living organisms. By alternating layers of organic matter and metal he was able to invent an ORAC or orgone accumulator. The FDA was very hostile to Doctor Wilhelm Reich's and his inventions they declared orgone to be a sham. A judge ordered all orgone devices destroyed. Later the great inventor Doctor Wilhelm Reich would die in jail, but his ideas did not die. In the mid 80's James DeMeo took experiments by Wilhelm Reich and built a cloud busting machine.

By 1988 He was hired by the Israeli government to try to end a severe drought that they were experiencing and had phenomenal results. After that He was hired by the Eritrean government to do the same and had similar results. So much that new lakes started forming in the Sahara desert. His experiments in Eritrea were later scrapped due to war breaking out with Ethiopia. As for why his discoveries haven't taken hold in main stream circles he blames it on the narrow mindedness of governments to accept new ideas.

Visit the Orgone website

Also the video below offers a detailed explanation of Orgone energy


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    • Flavie Lolol profile image

      Flavie Lolol 8 years ago

      Very interesting. I will have to read more on this.