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Random Ramblings: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Updated on September 15, 2018
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Victoria Ratcliffe spent her early years traveling the world with her parents before getting her Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences.

Complex systems develop from simple egg and sperm. Each cell lives alone, and yet depends on all the others.
Complex systems develop from simple egg and sperm. Each cell lives alone, and yet depends on all the others.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

I feel the need to harp a bit on this point because people are always railing about God allowing bad things to happen. They say, "Why me?" or, "Why did this have to happen to her? How could God have allowed this to happen?" When things go wrong in life, people often turn their backs on God completely, or they put their total faith in "Him" and allow the fate of their friends, family and themselves, to be determined by "His will".

Lately, there is a very strong movement towards the secular; religion causes discord. Everyone has their own spin on what God is, and some people say science is trying to prove that God does not exist. While I agree that religion is a creation of humanity, God is not. God exists everywhere around us; in fact, we are completely permeated in God, and yet, we have evolved in such a way that we are becoming deaf and dumb, unable to hear and see the obvious miracle of life that spills in overflowing waves, surrounding us. Proof they want, and proof they have! In all the galaxy, our own Milky Way, in all the Universe, Life is more sparingly distributed than the most precious of minerals. And yet, we sit here, a shining blue, tiny nugget of dirt, floating in a vast vacuum of space, and even in the coldest and hottest places of its surface, Life has found a way.

Life is a frigging miracle, people, and we have become jaded by it. We think there is too much of it. We spray it with pesticides, we root it up, we mow it down, it gets in the way of our BUILDINGS! Life, to us, is a nuisance!

Life is too ordinary to us. We have become jaded.

Jaded! To life! Let that sink in. It's important.

First thing's first. Before you can rant against God, you have to understand not who, but what, God really is.

Tiny Individual Stars; A Much Larger Purpose?

We are only a tiny dot in a myriad of stars and galaxies.  Or are they cells?  Does every piece of matter serve a larger purpose?  Or its it the energy that manipulates matter?
We are only a tiny dot in a myriad of stars and galaxies. Or are they cells? Does every piece of matter serve a larger purpose? Or its it the energy that manipulates matter? | Source

What is life, really? What IS IT!?

To start from scratch, you have this one cell called an egg and this one cell called a sperm, and each contains a multitude of complex information. These cells unite, merge their information, and start to divide. They form more cells, and like birds of a feather, they flock together; they become muscle, skin, and bones, organs that somehow manage to grow to fill a certain place and connect a certain way so that all them work together in perfect harmony. These two little cells, with nothing but a bit of detailed information tucked inside them, have grown and produced a universe of new cells that form - on their own, no one is telling them how - an organism that can fully function as a unit, with an arsenal of specialized cells, made to perform very specific tasks. All these cells as one unit have the ability to hear, see, breathe, taste, feel, and move. It has immune cells and glands that secrete all sorts of hormones and enzymes that effectively communicate with all of the other cells, from forehead to toe, sending news of everything from pain, to emotion, to blood sugar levels.

Has anyone ever just looked at these cells as individuals? Has anyone ever thought that these cells are also born, and they also die, the same as all other life?

We, who believe we are the highest of all intelligence, don't give these cells any credit at all for the work that they perform. These cells don't think! They just grow and become what they are destined to become. It just happens.

It just happens. Really?


Tiny Individual Cells; Much Larger Purpose

A single drop of blood - a lot of individual cells.  Each is living out it's own life, going about it's own business.  Do they know their real purpose?
A single drop of blood - a lot of individual cells. Each is living out it's own life, going about it's own business. Do they know their real purpose? | Source

These cells wouldn't grow at all if they weren't animated by... something. Some sort of... spark, some sort of energy. And they don't just grow to form a massive lump or tumor; they grow to become a complex network of nerves, muscle, bone, all united to create one creature. How do they do that? How do they KNOW to do that? Where is the mechanic, the doctor, to tell them what they need to do? Where is the map they follow? Who is reading the instructions to them? How do these cells learn to grow into a system that can blend, communicate and survive amongst other cells that have grown to form a completely different system?

From water and earth, cells formed to become grass and trees and fish and frogs and bugs and birds and animals; all of the different forms of life - and within this larger, more complex system, all these life forms live together, communicate and survive on a much grander scale of harmony.

People... human beings can't do that. We can't! We, the most intelligent of all beings on this planet, can't just instinctively create a complex system, organic or machine, and have it come out the same every time, as a perfectly functioning unit. In industry, people who put together the same machine every day in a factory can't just walk in and create a product - of any sort - without notes and instructions to follow. Even then, when we fill these machines with fire or steam or electricity, does the energy we fill them with make them become a fully functioning entity? Can it protect itself, fuel itself, think for itself?

No, it doesn't. No, it can't.

The energy that creates and fills all living things can. It can create complete systems; from cells to organs to organisms to complete natural habitats.

How is that not miraculous?

How many of us can walk up to this and just... make it work?  Come on now; we created it! We should be able to do that, and then do it again!  There's nothing at all miraculous about it.
How many of us can walk up to this and just... make it work? Come on now; we created it! We should be able to do that, and then do it again! There's nothing at all miraculous about it. | Source

All around us, on all sides of us, plant, animal, insect, bird, fish, lizard, mammal, human - these miracles of complexity exist, so much so that we are jaded and consider them ordinary. We say they just happen. We just take it all for granted.

Look at yourself, now. You ARE one of these entities. Do you remember how you grew into a child? Do you know how your heart works, how food is broken down and distributed, how the air is used when you breathe? Do you even know why you need to breathe?

We don't. We, the most intelligent creatures on earth, don't even know where our own gallbladder is, much less that we even have one, or even why we have one. In order to learn to repair ourselves, we've had to rip life apart to find out how it works; and we still don't know how it works.

And still, people see all this as ordinary. There is no miracle here. I need proof! Show me proof! Where is the proof?!

We don't know how we grew into a baby. We don't know how we grew into an adult. We just be-bopped around while all the individual cells in our bodies handled that aspect for us. Our cells protect us from infection, mobilize us, allow us to sense the world around us. They even protect us from OURSELVES, as best they can, making us vomit when we drink too much or pull away from something that is dangerous. All of these industrious, individual cells; they live their tiny lives, work hard and die, every day, and we never give them any credit or even a second thought.

It's just ordinary.

Life: The Rarest Commodity

Life seems so abundant, it sometimes becomes a nuisance to us. Yet when we look at it from a universal aspect we find that life is actually rare.  Very, very rare.
Life seems so abundant, it sometimes becomes a nuisance to us. Yet when we look at it from a universal aspect we find that life is actually rare. Very, very rare. | Source

Over time we have learned on our own how a lot of things work, as I said, we tore up life to discover how it works. As we defined and labeled each thing, it's classification was degraded from "miraculous mystery" to "known and ordinary". People started saying that science was destroying religion, that there is no longer any proof of God. Somehow or other, we decided if we could figure out how it was done, that proved there were no miracles. "There, you see that? There's a reason why that happens, so it's nothing."

Do you see my point? Do you see where I'm going with this? Maybe not. Let's regroup.

The question is, "Why does God let bad things happen?" We, humanity, believe we have answered this, using scientific methods to conclude, "Because there is no God." If anyone counters with, "Yes there is" the response is, "Show me proof."

First, I'm showing you proof. Then I'll tell you why God lets bad things happen.

To me, figuring out all the intricate details of how pure energy, without (what we consider to be) a brain, managed to invade inert matter, animate it, mold and develop it into all of these complex systems, to me this is beyond amazing. Every day new discoveries are made, and instead of being awed and amazed, we, humanity, we shrug and say, "Meh. It's a good thing we figured that out. Now we can fix this issue since obviously there's no God around to be bothered with helping us."

"But there is a God! There is!"

*eye roll* "Prove it."

Just the facts, ma'am.  Prove it!
Just the facts, ma'am. Prove it! | Source

Seriously, it's EVERYWHERE! How can it not be seen?!

Einstein was so right when he said, "Either you see the world as a complete miracle, or you take it all for granted." I see it as a complete miracle! The more I learn of science, the more it proves to me that God exists; not as some superhuman entity, sitting on a throne amongst the clouds, looking benignly down on his little kingdom, but as the immense driving force behind what makes cells divide into these amazingly complex life forms.... ants, trees, dogs, flowers, fish, worms...


All of these tiny, individual cells that make up every form of life that exists... these cells would not be able to divide and grow without the energy that inhabits them. This energy inhabits them from the time they are simply egg and sperm; individual cells themselves, not yet united.

The way I see it, God is like looking at myself. We are each the God of ourselves; our own bodies. Your body is made up of all these tiny cells, each one living it's own tiny separate life. We don't know what's going on inside those cells, we have no clue what's going on inside our own body, yet it chugs along just fine on it's own. It almost seems like we're just going along for the ride.

Doesn't it?

So for now, humor me and look at it this way: We are the Gods of our bodies and our bodies do whatever we tell them to - even so far as to destroy themselves if we demand it.

Now, look at it like this, the way we look at God: "We look benignly down on our little kingdom of cells who probably don't even know we exist."

Each cell does it's own thing, serves it's own purpose, completes it's own work. Blood cells take food and oxygen to and from other cells throughout the body. They travel this great highway system of arteries and veins. They carry messages in the form of liquid. Do any of these cells know they are part of a larger organism, or do they go to work every day, live their lives and die?

Moscow at night.  Arteries and nerves look much the same.
Moscow at night. Arteries and nerves look much the same. | Source

Life on this earth; it grew from cell to organ to system to organism to a sophisticated biological system with a variety of life that functioned somewhat in harmony until we came along. Human life. We don't conform to the biological system.

Is it possible that the earth as a biological unit is also part of a much larger system?

Humanity is different than most life in that we are aware, and somehow because of this, we have lost our connection with life as a whole unit. We've been learning by trial and error what nature already knows by heart. Being aware, we have looked up at the sky and realized there is something out there much larger than we are. We have learned, but it seems that without this connection to life we have become severed from it. We seem intent on destroying the earth rather than becoming a united force towards improving life for all that live here. In fact, we don't have any intentions of uniting together at all.

Human beings are aware, and we can think, using another complex mass of living cells that form the brain. By thinking, we can manipulate our bodies, but we have no control over all of these cells and systems; not really. They all do their own thing, kind of like free will. They do what they are made to do; they follow a basic program.

For those who still need proof, here's one: We all come with a basic program. We DO have instructions. Like a computer, we come with ROM. Think about it.

This tiny thing contains a complete blueprint for the makeup of our entire bodies.  Why is it that we don't have access to reading it?
This tiny thing contains a complete blueprint for the makeup of our entire bodies. Why is it that we don't have access to reading it? | Source

Our aware selves, as a complete, complex entity, can make this whole mass of cells move as a unit to do whatever WE want them to do. They are slaves to our bidding. What can they do, to rail against us? They can struggle to stay alive.

We can smoke, for instance. Our lungs cough and hack, because smoke isn't good for our cells and they know this. That is their attempt to rail against us, to cough, to try and expel the smoke. We, our aware selves, consciously TEACH our body's cells to accept the smoke, become accustomed to it, and eventually become addicted to it. Then when we try to STOP smoking, our body goes against our will and demands it. It does have that much power, to make us uncomfortable enough to do what it wants us to do. It thinks it needs it now, to survive.

So you see, our bodies and our selves, our "awareness" are not always on the same page.

If we get a disease from smoking, we can physically cut it out of ourselves - we can make the conscious decision to do that. We remove the cells that are causing bad things to happen, and we also remove some of the good cells to ensure we have gotten ALL of the bad ones, to make sure they don't come back. It's an abrupt removal of something, taking away both the good and the bad, and you can imagine the good cells screaming, "Why me?" But in order to make things right again, a sacrifice has to be made.

Now, we need to look at ourselves individually, as cells. We have no idea the size of the drama that is going on elsewhere, how the universe is unfolding, what ripple effects occur that cause these events to happen on the little speck of dust we inhabit.


We make decisions for our bodies; right or wrong, we make them. It can revolt against our decisions by coughing or vomiting, trying to expel what we put into it, or it can accept that we know what's good for it and become accustomed to what we demand that it get used to. They start to store reserves, accumulate toxins, break and fall apart, or send messages of pain, all in an attempt to compensate for what we are doing to them.

And maybe through pain, they can rant and scream, "Why do bad things happen to us?" as part of them are removed when we have a life-saving surgery.

Lots of things happen to us that we don't understand, and I think a lot of it is meant to happen - I believe in destiny, in fate, in karma - and I also believe just plain, random chaos. Sometimes things happen that we don't understand because we don't have the bigger picture.

The cells in our liver, for instance, don't have the bigger picture as to why we drink or take too much Tylenol. They don't understand that as a whole, we are suffering from pain, illness, or alcoholism, or just plain depression from the effects of life. All they know is that they need to struggle and work harder than they were really meant to in order to process the chemicals and poisons we keep siphoning through it. These little cells struggle and fight and continue to do their jobs for as long as they can, for the sake of the whole. Do they even know that, or are they just trying, individually, to survive?

Of course, they don't know. Cells don't think; that's ridiculous. Sure, they can form whole systems, but they don't really THINK. Right?

Human beings can think. People use their free will. People are free to use good judgment or bad, and the fate of our cells is completely dependent on the thoughts and the actions that we take as a free entity.

The Brain and the Universe

When you look at it like this, you really have to wonder about it.  Really.
When you look at it like this, you really have to wonder about it. Really. | Source

When you look inward, at your body, from that perspective, and then you look outward, at the larger picture - at God.... it makes you think about things a little differently, doesn't it?

Seriously? This is your final answer? God lets bad things happen because God is abusing his body in some alternate universe, misusing us, who make up his body?! I guess we are his big toe, is that it?

No, that's just an attempt at imagery. My real point is to show how life is animated. We are cells, we are organs, we are systems, we are human beings, and all of this is animated by the energy that is the God force. We are all of the same energy, one force, yet once it's incorporated into the physical plane, it starts to become separated by the matter it inhabits. It works together harmoniously, and yet, the bigger the system gets, the less it does so, and the more things go wrong.

I think the reason more and more bad things keep happening to us is because we are no longer in sync with the system God created. The Bible would say, Eve ate the apple, and we became aware, and that's kinda sorta exactly what did happen, but unlike the story, I think it was supposed to happen, but I don't think God, in all his great wisdom, knew that we were going to hare off in a thousand different directions and think only about our individual selves, which is exactly what we have done. In doing this, we've disrupted a system that has been slowly unfolding, as it was meant to, since the dawn of time.

Life is amazing, miraculous, but not perfect. The systems work together beautifully and harmoniously until they don't. Smoothing out all the little flaws as the systems grow larger is going to require more than cells - it's going to require hands that can manipulate, and brains that can process information; physical bodies that can create, build, and repair.

Do you understand who God is, now? All of life is filled with the energy that is God, and that energy fills us, too. But when energy inhabits the physical plane, it loses its connection with itself. Humans, developed over time, can manipulate physical objects much better than pure energy can do alone.

We are that energy. We are extensions of the God Force. We are one with all life, and we will return to the God Force when we leave our physical bodies. We are here for a reason, and we do have a purpose. Why does God let bad things happen? Because for some reason, when God manifests in humans, we lose contact with the main body of ourselves and in essence, we forget what it is we really are. In fact, we think we are something superior to everything that exists. We are God; do you see? We are here to answer that call, to make life better for all of us. But when we open our eyes as newborn babes, we forget.

It's time to flip that switch. It's time to remember.
It's time to flip that switch. It's time to remember. | Source

We totally and completely forgot. We are supposed to tweak the system, not annihilate it. Time and again we prove the system is a miracle, then we label it as ordinary, destroy it and try to create something "better". We don't do it to help all of life; we don't even do it to help our fellow man. We do it to make money. When we discover cures for disease, we sell it. When we have food, we don't share it. Instead, we hoard and hide our prizes away from everyone else, and will kill anyone who tries to take it from us.

What caused us to behave like this? Personally, I think it was our ROM - all creatures start out with some information already on board, one of which is the instinct to survive. We needed this at first, but now, not so much. Now would actually be a good time for us to reconnect and bond with one another, but we seem very determined not to allow that to happen. We isolate ourselves farther away from nature every day.

Can you imagine the irony? Imagine. You are an energy that has spent billions of years creating, animating matter until finally, after billions of years, you create a tool you can physically work through that will help you perfect your creation even more.

Then that tool hares off in a thousand different directions, becomes self-absorbed, fights with each other, kills off hundreds of your other creations, covers the earth with cement and stone building and decides that humanity, money, and power are the only real things that matter? Can you imagine that?

What happened? Not all men hared off this way. Some remembered - a little. The ones who remembered tried to share what they knew, but somehow, some way, humanity as a whole lost its connection with the main force of energy that is God, and ironically, we, who are filled with the God force and who are the actual physical hands of God, we are now actually starting to believe that God does not exist.

Do you understand who God is, now?
Do you understand who God is, now? | Source

WE are God. The life force within us IS God. We do not want to accept that, because that means that when we say God is letting bad things happen, we have to face the truth: We are responsible.

You have two types of bad things that happen. There is the one where we, looking out at the universe, can't visualize the overall big picture that is a whole universe, or even many universes, so things happen in that realm the same way as they do within our own bodies. These are events we can't control. We have to handle those things as best we can, the same way our cells do when they are confronted with an obstacle or calamity. For them it's smoke or beer, for us it's a tidal wave or earthquake. These things were put in motion by something on a much larger scale, one we can't control.

The second one, though, we have no excuse for, because the fact is, we ARE letting bad things happen. We could put a stop to a lot of things, and yet we don't because we are too concerned about our own lives. We want wealth, power and money. We developed this system, separate from all other systems, we have broken the connection to the main force of all knowledge, and because we are able to think, we have come to believe that we actually can do everything nature and the life force has done on our own.

What is it, when a cell in your body hares off and starts to do its own thing? They call it cancer. What does the God force of the body do, when it realizes it has a cancer?

The issue isn't that you are going to Heaven or Hell. When we die, our energy returns to itself. We aren't going to be punished for the things we do or don't do. But for every action, there is a reaction, and for every choice you make, there is a consequence. And when you realize that humanity as a whole is behaving as a cancer, what do you do? Just ignore it? Scream at God for help? We have to accept the fact that we are the answer to all the cries for help. We could cure cancer, we could stop hunger, we could make this planet a safe haven for all life to live as it was meant to live. We could realize the true values aren't in wealth and money and power but in the harmony of the unit as a whole. We could surrender our single identities for the sake of the whole unit. "I" seems to be so much more important to us than "We". We are really such a very small and very rare thing. If wealth is the protection and production of rare things, then life itself should be seen as very rare, when you look at it from a universal perspective. We may be the very beginning of life, who knows? Billions of years for energy to create this far. Are we really just going to hare off willy-nilly and destroy a billion year creation because we, as individuals, want to be more important than all the other individuals around us?

Imagine all we would know, imagine all we could do, if we were fully connected with the energy of the God force. We would never feel alone again.
Imagine all we would know, imagine all we could do, if we were fully connected with the energy of the God force. We would never feel alone again. | Source

It's up to us what we choose to do, but we need to understand that every action we take has consequences. If we choose to continue as we are, to disregard life and continue to pollute and destroy, if we think we can just jump over to a new planet when this one's resources have been exhausted, what is it that we become? If we choose to nurture our planet and make it safe for all life, THEN decide to spread to a new planet, what is it that we become?

Science is proof of God, and now that we know what God really is, how do we want to move forward over the next billion years? If we choose personal wealth and prosperity, if we choose to simply destroy all of the life we feel is a nuisance, if we choose to build our industries and pollute all of our air and water until we have to abandon the earth to try to find a new home...

Honestly: Why are we doing that? We KNOW we are doing that, and we know WHY we are doing that. The consequence is on us. We are willfully choosing to let bad things happen, we are literally "buying" into it and making it worse. How has that been working for us so far? Are we happy and content with your life? Do we feel loved and valued as individuals? By insisting on being individuals, we have distanced ourselves from each other and we are becoming more and more alone in the world, feeling useless and depressed, even with the mass of life that is literally teeming around us. We won't embrace it; it's a nuisance.

Seriously, we all as one people united, we have one job... are we going to do it?


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