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It's Time For Us to Remember Who and What We Really Are.

Updated on February 15, 2017

This one is so hard for me to explain. I've written several posts about it, and they ramble off in various directions, none of which really explain exactly what it is I'm trying to say. I'm at the point where I'm afraid to say it, because of the very negative reactions..

You see, I can pretty much consolidate it all down into one single sentence. Three words. But I won't. If I do that, if I just blurt it out, the responses I get are all over the board, and none of them show me in a very positive light.

Some people look at me as if I'm totally insane. They begin to speak to me using a very basic vocabulary, and in a slow, carefully drawn-out way, as if they have suddenly realized that I am simple-minded, yet still capable of acting out in some unpredictable fashion. From that point on, they are very careful to steer clear of such subject matter, as if it might be dangerous to speak of such things allowed. Or perhaps, it's simply fear of being overheard participating in such a conversation - being too near a thing can often be socially contagious; people might start looking at you oddly as well, simply for interacting with it.

Others immediately block me out - their response is an absolute rejection. They will hear no more about it.

Others think it's an interesting idea, but it's only good for science fiction stories. Still others think I have a grandiose opinion of myself.

I feel that most people actually have a visceral reaction to it, like a knee jerk response. A deep seated feeling, whether they are religious or not.

They think of it as blasphemy.

Should we allow ourselves to be silenced?


It's not the reaction to the idea that bothers me so much as the reaction that people have - towards me. I can almost see my reflection in their eyes; a sudden realization that they are being confronted by a lunatic. I then receive "the label".

Because of this label, every idea I ever come up with, for anything at all, is considered tainted, warped, or skewed in their eyes. If Tori thought of it, it should be automatically discarded, because... well. She's "the label".

With this, I no longer have any credibility. In any category. At all.

Seeing this look reflected in the eyes of the people you speak to can shut you up and shut you down pretty quickly. That's when you realize that by simply speaking up for something you stand for, or something you believe in, can cost you... well... just about everything. Your job, your friends, your family, your professional reputation - and all because you dared to voice something that jangles a brash, off-key note against the harmonic structure of today's society.

That's the look. That one.


I wouldn't want anyone else to experience it, because it's a horrible sensation, as if you are a part of a warm whole that's suddenly cast out into the cold. While you are speaking, the look on a person's face changes from pleasant interest to a look of sudden realization. To your dismay, you see them struggle heroically to maintain a pleasant, mild look of interest while internally they are being slammed with the realization that the person they are talking to is completely irrational and possibly even a raving lunatic.

You know, that attempt to mask a change in expression rarely works. Something happens around the eyes, a subtle change, it's a look like, "Oh, what have I got myself into? Just smile and back away..." When I see it, I usually start to stutter and stop talking. I lose my train of thought. A horrible lurching feeling drops my stomach and a wave of self doubt washes over me, and I want to back pedal, deny and reassure. I want to start babbling, "No! I was just kidding! Of course I'm not serious!"

Anything to get that horrible look to go away.

You know what?  This is absolute truth.  So go find a mirror and get to work on that, and because we are all one, you should listen to what others have to say about it, too.  WE have to start working TOGETHER.
You know what? This is absolute truth. So go find a mirror and get to work on that, and because we are all one, you should listen to what others have to say about it, too. WE have to start working TOGETHER. | Source

When I traveled around the world, I came to find out that there are a myriad of different belief systems. Often I looked at these other belief systems and I thought, "How can anyone believe this?!? How? And why? So silly."

So, I guess you can say that I have felt the same interaction in reverse. It's just that... well. One is dismissive. The other... hurts.

I seem to stand pretty much alone, with my ideas.

It's easy for me to be shut down. I'm one person - who do I think I am? Even I, myself, am capable of making myself doubt, making myself feel as though I'm an idiot. Who do I think I am? I am no one. But then I remember, of course I'm not. It's not about me at all.

So I can't allow myself to be shut down. With the threat of global warming and the fact that disease, hunger, hatred and war have still not been eradicated from the earth, it's time we remembered what it is we are, and what it is we are supposed to be doing here.

We've fooled around long enough. But personally, I just don't know how I, as one person, can even get people to openly consider such a radical change in thinking, let alone act on it.

Why? Well, because of all of the above. It meets with complete denial; complete opposition. So obviously, I just can't blurt it out.

So... what then? What can I do?

Once Upon A Time....


I know. I'll try telling it as a story. Not a true story, not a factual story; just a story. A theoretical story.

Before the Big Bang, the energy we are existed. We, as energy, struggled even before matter existed, to become physical. We worked hard to pull substance out of nothing, to create mass and matter, which eventually (energetically) erupted into the universe with a big bang. Over billions of years, our energy moved and manipulated that matter, formed it into shapes and substances, and finally we emerged in the shape of one single, moving, living cell. We were born into the physical world. Our energy struggled and worked with that single cell and created two, then three, then over a period of unknown time, we eventually created millions of more living cells. Over billions of years, we united our tiny physical forms and finally produced an organism.

Then from this, we created many organisms.

We, as sentient energy, created and designed an organically animated world full of living miracles; plants and animals that worked together and symbiotically learned to survive. We recycled ourselves and evolved in an endless evolution, developing a complex system of natural orders and laws.


Okay, WHOA! Wait there just minute!

Nothing was ever created. The universe and life, it all just happened. Life is a fluke, completely random. Energy doesn’t have any sentience or ambition. A bolt of lightning is energy; it doesn’t think about what it does. Electricity and fire are forms of energy, they don’t think about what they do. None of it creates. Matter can’t think or feel. Rocks and water, they don’t think about what they do. They are inanimate. They just exist.

My argument:

If life was strictly random, and a living cell randomly formed just by a mixture of simple happenstance, why would that cell become anything more than just a cell? If the thing that sparked it was only energy, if the material it was created from was only dirt, what would cause it to have any desire or ambition to grow? It would just remain as it was, unchanged. Why would it struggle to become something more?

How could random chance evolve into so many variations, into so many different types of systems that work together with such perfection? Single cells joined with others to form organs that can taste, touch, smell, hear and see. Whole organisms developed with the specific purposes of feeding, fertilizing, or clearing up after other organisms.

Why would these cells do anything more than simply survive? Why would they even do that - survive?

This says a lot!

Yes, we are evolving! But isn't it time we decided what we are evolving into?
Yes, we are evolving! But isn't it time we decided what we are evolving into? | Source

Someone once told me that if you put a bunch of monkeys in a room full of typewriters and left them there for a billion years, they would eventually type up the manuscripts of Shakespeare.

But they wouldn't. Because random chance doesn't work that way. They may actually type some letters that form whole sentences, but they would never type up a whole manuscript. To do that requires planning, design, development, and careful placement of every letter. Sentient thought was behind the creation of those documents. Not random chance.

The monkeys themselves, though - they may evolve over a billion years to have the ability to create such a manuscript and... oh, well, look! They did.

Did the monkeys do that? Evolve themselves, design themselves?

What if the answer is yes?

Yes! They did. But not the matter that the monkey is made of.

The energy inside them did.

The monkey evolved to type the manuscripts. It didn't just randomly happen.
The monkey evolved to type the manuscripts. It didn't just randomly happen. | Source

We, in the form of sentient energy, found a way to manipulate physical matter, by joining with it. We started small with a simple cell, designing systems for fueling, for mobility, for protection. We designed the brain, which is the organic hard drive, and we even included a basic operating system for that hard drive. A basic operating system was developed for all the forms of life we created. We created the blueprints to retain all this information: in DNA. From the moment we entered and animated a form, we, as cells, started to learn. When we divided, we knew what we needed to become. We became hearts, bones, livers, skin. Our hearts beat, our lungs breathed, and when we were born as a complex form of new life, we instinctively knew what we needed to do to survive.

Then we as a whole, as all the aspects of nature, worked to produce a much larger, complex and meticulous design. Imperfectly, through trial and error, through evolution, we learned and continued to make blueprints. We kept what worked and discarded what didn’t. We persistently followed this course and became a perfectly balanced system, a natural world teeming with a myriad of different life forms that all, in some way, complemented, enhanced, and depended on one another for survival. We perfected and tweaked what we created until, one day, we opened our eyes and were amazed by what we had become. We were able to formulate a rational thought. And that thought was,

I am.

We opened our eyes and were amazed. I am!


We blinked, we saw, we felt, and we tasted. We thought. We animated an organism that had arms and legs and mobility, an organism that was physically capable of manipulating the mass and matter that we had spent millennia struggling to shape with only our ethereal, sentient energy. 

We, as energy, had created this body. We did it! Our ethereal self in the form of energy must have looked down on this new, physical body it would be able to inhabit and seen that the possibilities to continue our work now, physically, were endless!

The natural world is cruel and harsh, based on survival of the fittest. So much still needed to be done to make it even better. Now, with an intelligent physical body and pose-able thumbs, we could get down to the serious business of tweaking and perfecting and evolving our world to be fair for all life, with more attention to detail, and on a much faster scale.

and, that's when everything fell apart.

This is where the curve ball was thrown. Right here.

Because, while our ethereal energy looked down on this newly evolved creation that held so much promise and hope for the future, the newly evolved vehicle for our energy had a couple little drawbacks. When we opened our eyes, we saw, we felt, we tasted, and became aware of ourselves. And we saw ourselves as "me".

Not we are. I am.

To see it clearly, we have to go back and walk through our human history, right from the start, so that we can unravel and expose the events that spun the tapestry of success for the "me" instead of for the "we". When you look at it, it's all very obvious. Hindsight is 20/20.

We never realized what it is that we really are, simply because that information doesn't transfer with the energy. The act of inhabiting a physical body requires a great deal of concentration on simple survival. That is what the operating system is for. Things like cell mitosis, organ formation, breathing and eating, fight and flight; this is the information that is supplied at the start of every new life.

Living in the physical plane requires fighting for survival; that is the irony of it. The physical plane doesn't make us all equal. Some of us are born strong, others weak. Some of us are hunters and some of us are prey. Being an organic life form requires energy for continued survival, and that energy comes, ironically again, from other organic life forms.

Some life is born deformed. Some life is diseased. Some life kills and others seem made to die. The energy we are worked billions of years to make this miraculous system we call life, but it is far from perfect. No one wants to hear that the energy that made us does not have all the answers, but it does continue to try and perfect. In order to do that, the energy that made life needed a physical, more delicate instrument to continue perfecting the system, one that could learn and store information, and that is what we are. That is what we were made to do. That is what we are here for. To continue the work that was started by us in ethereal form alone.

But our standard operating system didn't supply us with that information. It supplied us with the information we needed to survive. Now, The act of survival and physical sensation is completely overwhelming and distracts us away from our real purpose. Now, we have stored the information we have learned and taught it to our children and our children's children, since we first opened our eyes. And never did it occur to us what it is we really are.

No one wants to hear that the energy that made us is us. We want a savior. We don't want to BE the savior.

Why are we so horrified by the thought that we are, in fact, organic computers? Does that make us soulless?


Here is where human history starts, and it starts with the greatest of ironies. When our energy enters the physical form, the brain has only the operating information we gave it, which is how our cells should divide and grow, and instinctive survival. We ourselves need to fill the empty space with knowledge. We must learn to manipulate the body and use our physical senses. So we opened our eyes and saw. We felt, scented, tasted and heard. It's not a wonder that we were overwhelmed by the myriad of physical sensations; being able to touch, see, breathe - and simply be an individual.

When we first existed as humans, it was still all about survival. There wasn’t a lot of room for trying to improve the world for the betterment of all. We were amazed by ourselves. By "me". It became so important for us to be recognized as a single identity. Me. I have a name, I have a mind, I can think, and I can argue with … others… who are not me... about the different perspectives we all see in this physical world.

We were all physically different. Some of us were weaker than others. In our earliest struggles to simply survive, we learned about the cruel aspects of our world; starvation, disease, death, and pain. We learned about the hunter and the hunted, and that the strong dominated the weak. We learned to defend our own belongings, and we definitely learned that those of other tribes were not "we". We became us and they.

In those formative, early years, while we were simply learning the basic skills to survive, we learned there was greater protection in numbers, and so we stayed in groups. In tribes.

All forms of life instinctively look to the sky


Somewhere inside, we knew what we were, we just couldn't put our finger on it. We looked instinctively to the skies for aid, not realizing that we ARE the aid. We are the physical hands of the ethereal.

So as we in our physical forms gazed instinctively up to the heavens, seeking for answers, we also gazed hopefully down at ourselves in the same fashion.

Instinctively, we looked to the sky for answers. Religions formed, and all religions, if we look at them, have the same basic truth at their base. We try to build a collective of souls that work together. They were all inevitably skewed, because by becoming physical, we focused on our individual selves. And mostly, in the beginning, the focus was on survival.

By experiencing the act of surviving, we knew that the physically stronger had more power; they dominated over the weak.

So we chose to follow our strongest. A priest, a chieftain, a king; We made them into some kind of leader who was physically and mentally strong and capable of keeping us alive. In return, we gave them the power to make decisions for us.

This has been a key point to our survival since we first walked on this earth. Man or beast, we have learned to follow a strong leader so that the weakest of us can be kept safe in their shadow.

We looked to our leader, and our leader looked instinctively to the stars of the universe. Instead of seeing ourselves as the hands of God, and tapping into the energy of our own higher self, we looked to the heavens as a stronger, dominating, omnipotent power. We looked askance to God, and prayed to God for favors, and came to believe that the most frightening forces of nature were the wrath of God.

God became He, She, They, and sometimes even I. Somehow it never has occurred to us that God is really We.


God was the ultimate leader. God became He, She, They, and sometimes even I, but it never occurred to us that God was really We.

Our leaders learned to enjoy the power they were given. Religious leaders learned that they could dominate using superstition and fear. They promised us eternal happiness if we did what we were told, and they promised us eternal damnation if we disobeyed their rulings. They promised that God would answer the prayers of those who followed faithfully, and punish the sins of the bad.

Irony. As we, as energy, gazed down at ourselves, we who were physical, were gazing up at ourselves, pleading and begging and sometimes demanding answers. Why was their child allowed to die? Why is there so much rain? Why do I feel so sick and weak? Why was the harvest so poor this year? Why are you punishing me? We’ve been good! We’ve been good! We gave you a goat!

Still, even with all this miscommunication, we are able to connect and tap into each other, the physical and the energy, and every so often, one of us would come along who had a stronger sixth sense, who had the sensitivity and intuition necessary for communing with our higher selves.

Religions instinctively tried to form into one, because there is only one truth, and that is that we are the ones responsible. For everything. We are the ones who are supposed to answer all the prayers and fix all the wrongs and make everything better for everyone. We. But religions diversified, because our prophets and messiahs and shamans tried to teach and spread the truths they learned, while the strong and dominant blended this information to enhance their own agendas. We spent a lot of time hurting each other for not believing in one religion or another, but this isn't what we fought and killed each other for, not really. We fought and killed each other for physical reasons; power and dominance. Survival of the fittest. We still did not understand what it is we are.

Do we need all this to make us happy? Really?


At some point in time, we invented a thing called money. Some cultures never knew what money was and didn’t understand the concept, but those that did became wealthy, dominant and strong. Before long, money was the standard to rate the value of all things, whether it was a possession or a service. It became the standard to rate the value of life as well. Today, everything has a price, including the earth, and human beings have a value dependent on their skills.

Over the centuries, we wrote all these different beliefs, stories, and rules in stone, and taught them to our children. We lived and breathed them and created traditions for our cultures and built our societies around them. We made it a standard to raise certain people above and leave the rest below. It was all based on primal survival.

There was a need for it when we first walked this earth, while we were learning to survive. But now, we have learned to survive; we can do it to complete perfection. Now we can discard the old outdated ways, and get to work on what we are really here to do.

We are in the process of it. We have enhanced life, and cured disease. We are learning ways to eradicate deformity and disability. We have developed better food, clothing, and shelter.

We have the capacity to answer all the prayers that are screamed into the heavens, if we only understood that it is our ears that are meant to hear it, and do something about it. Right now, the majority of humanity bases everything it is worth on money, and will offer no compassion or solace to anyone or anything who doesn't have monetary gain.

Is this what we were meant to do? Does it make us happy?


Money IS the root of all evil. It's stopping us from becoming what we are really supposed to be, and it's making us make and do things that are detrimental and harmful to life. The path we are following now is going to lead us to destroy all that we worked billions of years to create, because we have not been able to bridge the gap from ethereal to physical. Every new, physical life is born with a new, empty brain. the memory of what it is we really are, where we came from, and why we are here simply does not cross over, and we can only work with the information we are given by those who have already established what we are to think. Today's society. And they will teach it to us. Very thoroughly.

We have to remember what it is we are, and we have to change what we value. We have to be willing to experience some physical discomfort, and we have to be willing to physically work. We have to be willing to give up all these luxuries we have that really aren't necessary. Oh, I'm not saying all of it. Part of happiness for all life is to be able to have and do whatever silly things you might desire. But we don't have to glut ourselves out on it. We need to put everything back in balance, and we need to care about all of us, the whole, plant, insect, animal, human, earth and universe, because we are all part of the whole.

Even now, after all that, I'm still a little leery about stating my three word sentence. But if there ever was a time for us to stand up for ourselves and take up our own responsibilities, it is now.

We Are God.

— Victoria Ratcliffe


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