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Random Discussions With Random People

Updated on October 11, 2019
Beata Stasak profile image

Beata works as a qualified primary school teacher, a councillor for drug and alcohol addiction and a farm caretaker for organic olive grow.

Random discussion with random people today I would like to share with you.

Fridays are usually for many of us time when the working week has finished.

We go out places to mingle with our friends and sometimes even strangers to feel part of community we live in. It is joyful time, the most of the time and also time to share opinions and beliefs about the world we live. Three questions popped from nowhere on our pub table last night and we all pondered the answers while sipping on our favorite beverage.

Our friendly freshly arriving from Toronto mentioned the demonstrations that still go on in front of hospitals about stopping abortions. There were many religious representatives in the crowd as abortion is against their religious beliefs and men were in prevalence there that night as he could notice. Protecting life is always important, someone chipped in but it is always men who decide if abortion is right choice for women or not? What about those women who are raped by men and taking advantage by men because of their temporary or permanently disadvantaged circumstances when they are physically or emotionally or mentally unable to make the right decision for themselves? What about shame those women go through to this day as it is only their fault and their alone to get pregnant when not married? We all came to conclusion around that table, our fellow men and women if men were ready to take responsibility for their action before or after or even refuse to have sex or take advantage of females in those circumstances mentioned above there would be no necessity for debate if abortion is right thing to do or not!

One of our elderly ladies mentioned how her hospital room where she spend lots of time these days.

Her room is always full of religious folk of one religious institution or other who try to persuade her that in her illness only God can save her .

All she needs to become the member of their flock because the head of church will pray for her and for a little weekly donation to church she will be saved because maybe she got so sick because she abandoned God but if she finds the way to him, he may find the way back to her and save her. She asked that priest, am I doomed and abandoned by God because I have cancer? He said, maybe because she doubts the existence of God he may forget her. Do priests have no cancer because they do not doubt existence of God? She enquired. He said, they do. So you just pray for them and they get better? She asked. No, he said they are priests so they go to private clinics paid by church to get better. Our lady smiled at this particular priest and said to him, I admire your belief and I know you want to do good but for me personally if God is real or not is not the question I need to ask myself. What I have to ask myself is, how can I live everyday with kindness. Because if you kind to your fellow human beings around you and do kind things without asking something in return and if you kind to animals and nature around you too, the existence of God is irrelevant. You say if I pay to church, the church prays for me and God may heal me, I say to you this, the best I can serve God if there is one to take care of myself and keep my soul clean, my body healthy as I can and my mind active so I can live my life to the best of my abilities every day and take responsibility for my life as I should. When misfortune comes in any shapes or form, I am responsible for finding the way out and keep swimming in the river of life until the day I can’t anymore. We all carry God’s message inside of us and can choose to live to this message without relying on religious institutions all around the world. They are man made and may serve some but not all of us and religious heads of these institutions should accept it. We agreed with our lady friend totally and picked up our glasses to her.

The last question was about climate change if it is man made or not.

Someone mentioned that one clever cookie at his work mentioned that the climate change is happening on Mars too so why do we care?

Our friend asked him, do you live on Mars right now or you plan to move there if you are so concerned about weather patterns there? He told his coworker if we took care of planet as the old indigenous tribes around the world always did and took little or only what we necessary need and gave back more than we take we would be still in our sustainable stage of healthy planet. Progress is good but not greedy progress at any cost. People have always found the way how to improve their lifestyle and live more comfortably, better and richer but somehow in that blind race for profit and goods we forgot about the most important thing that keeps us all alive, our planet. If we try to progress sustainably from the start, the question if the climate change is man made or not would not be here? Instead of theorizing if climate change is real or not and wasting our energy on it we should all concentrate on cleaning of our spoilt soil that is attacked by salinity and chemicals that growing food in it becomes hard. We should concentrate on cleaning of our waterways that are full of waste instead of fish because time comes our water will be everywhere undrinkable or we will have not enough of it. We should clear our air so we can all breathe the clean air that is unnecessary for life. We should look for the ways to make our energy we need for life clean and green because there is the only way to go forward if we do not want to die slow death walking backwards because it is just more comfortable and still more profitable than trying something more sustainable and healthier and better for us all.

We all clink our glasses and realised that many questions we ask today are not questions we ever find answers too but maybe we do not even need to because we know what we have to do and that is all that matter at the end no?


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