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Reading Palms - the Conical Palm

Updated on March 31, 2012

The Conical Hand


This hub is about people with conical palms. It will tell you about their basic characteristics and the best way of reading palms for people with conical palms. There are three other shapes of palms (square, round and spatulate); and to be able to use this particular part of palmistry, you may want to learn about these shapes as well.

The shape of the palm indicates the basic personality of the person you are reading for. The shapes of the fingers and other landmarks of the palm will support or modify this basic personality.

What is a Conical Palm?

A conical palm is widest at the base, just above the wrist, and tapers upwards, being narrowest at the base of the fingers. As a shape, it is the exact opposite of the spatulate hand.

The ancients called it "conical" because it's shaped like a cone.

About the Person with Conical Palms

The person with conical palms is a dreamer and an idealist and a visionary. She has great ideas. She sees things not as they are, but as they could be.

This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the circumstances. From one standpoint, she has the vision to help the world grow and change and become a better place (and since the world is always changing, visionaries are always needed.)

On the other hand, since she sees what could be, it can be very frustrating to her that people are not always ready to just change to this "better future". since most people don't share her vision, it takes longer for them to see what she sees, and consider change.

Some people with conical palms are psychic, but all of them are dreamers....

She may be a visionary of what could be, but she often has problems connecting with the basic needs of daily life. Unless tempered by other features in the palm, she can be poorly grounded and even impractical.

In love, the person with conical palms may idealize the one she cares for. She may only be able to see that idealized beloved; or she may become sorely disappointed when he falls short of her expectations.

To identify the shape of the palm,

· Put the thumb in neutral. (Align the thumb so it lies along the edge of the palm, with the end of the thumb lying along the base of the index finger.)

· Look at the width of the palm just above the wrist, at the bottom of the fingers, and halfway in between. Which one is widest? Which ones are narrower?

· If the middle width is the widest, the palm is round. If the top is widest, it’s spatulate. If the bottom width is the widest, the palm is conical. If they’re all pretty much the same, that’s a square palm.

· If it’s hard to see this by eye, you can measure the widths with a ruler.

Reading for the Person with Conical Hands

When reading for the person with conical palms, it's well to advise patience and prudence to her.

Tell her that people with conical hands are the explorers and scouts of the world, and that it's their job to explore "the unexplored countries" of the future for the rest of us. Remind her that not everyone can see things as clearly as she does, and that it may take time for the rest of us to catch up to her. Tell her to be mindful of this, and that she needs to be patient with the rest of us while we catch up with her and folks like her.

Remind her too that, while she's focused on her dreams, visions and untapped futures, it's important to keep at least one foot firmly planted in the present. She needs to take care of her present while she moves forwards into the future, and this is not her natural focus.

A Final Look at the Conical Palm

So who's the person with the conical palm?

  • Dreamer.
  • Idea person.
  • Visionary.
  • Agent of change and growth.
  • Possible impractical.
  • Frustrated with a world that doesn't always see the possibilities

Once you see things from her viewpoint, you'll be in the position to give her a reading that will help her.

The Other Three Shapes

To learn more about the other three shapes of palms, please see these hubs too.

· Reading Palms – The Square Palm

· Reading Palms – The Spatulate Palm

· Reading Palms – The Round Palm


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    • Catherine Kane profile imageAUTHOR

      Catherine Kane 

      6 years ago

      Shawn, thanks for commenting.

      The traditional view of the itchy palm is money coming in, but that tends to be more folk lore and is not strictly speaking a part of palmistry.

    • Shawn May Scott profile image

      Shawn May Scott 

      6 years ago

      I am interested in palmistry and some of the folklore that surrounds it. When someone has an itch on the left palm what does that mean?


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