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Reading the fortune cards, so do you tell the client the whole truth or not?

Updated on May 14, 2016
Morrdor sharing her gift at
Morrdor sharing her gift at | Source

Do psychics tell all the truth, or hold back?

I have read fortune cards for many years, but did not decide to go professional, until a few years ago. Money was short and although I used fortune cards to guide my own life, I had never thought of helping others. I had an awful lot of call-center experience, which came in handy, as a self employed psychic I suddenly became very busy indeed. Most of the callers were ladies or gentlemen with relationship problems, but not all of them, as some people purely ask questions about business or money. Without the calling person's participation a level of understanding can not be reached, as there does have to be some sort of mental sharing for the reading to proceed. If a person is very angry, this is not a good basis for a reading, or a stable platform to receive life changing answers. In order for answers to come forward, or the invisible element to step forward some respectful calm is required. As the answers unfold into the cards, it is not a controlled action, but one of trust, as I do not know myself what will be revealed, until I read the cards aloud. Things revealed are not always what the client, or caller want to hear. The nature of the messages can be distressing, or the total opposite to what the caller intended upon receiving. I would often ask, "Would you like to hear the negative information?" To a psychic all information and that would include negative information can be perceived, as positive, but to a non psychic some readings equal only tears. An ending, is also a beginning, or a move forward, but for the client it can be the end to all dreams. I do not want to shatter a person's hopes, so delicacy is always required. A client could call for advice about their husband and think everything is perfect, but the cards scream of infidelity, so should the psychic reveal this information? If a client appeared unstable, I would leave out warnings of deceit and only offer forward the positive formations, which would enable the client to stay afloat. I myself had various warnings about a person I loved and I chose to ignore the warnings, but later the truth of this reading came fully in to play. I had chosen to ignore important content purely because of my heart's involvement. So, this is the psychic's cross, or dilemma to reveal or not to reveal? The power that channels through a psychic can be awesome and make the job well worth while, but demand is so great that loss of my physical voice is what I ended up with. As a psychic, I was daily in ore of the accuracy of my own readings and pleased with the flow of compliments. A small 2% percent of callers were mentally ill, or suffering from depression and my heart goes out to them. As a psychic, I often became verbally abused for giving forward negative information, but I knew this would literally save them or make them aware. So, do I tell the whole truth? No, I do not, unless really sure the person can handle the information. The example of someone I have been working with for a while and a mutual trust has grown between us. Do I read for the famous? Yes, I have done, but I can not divulge who because I signed a legal paper protecting their individual rights.

Read for free at the British library!


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