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Real Saints are unassuming in nature!

Updated on October 3, 2013

Saibaba in his teens; Sai Institutions; The cross!

All that glitter is not Gold!

Like all other commercial establishments, many consider spirituality as a 'capital' to invest and reap rich harvest. Due to such commercial minded people (so called saints), the names of many real preceptors gets tarnished. Off and on we read and see many unsavory news items about certain 'god man' who consider spirituality as a thriving business. Much harm has been done by the actions of those pseudo preceptors. It is normal for the human psyche to stamp all who adore a title of name and preach spirituality as bogus people.

In today's world, there always exist imitations for the real things. If you take 'diamond', there is a market of imitation diamonds which do not cost much as the real diamond but retains some of the properties of diamond. Likewise in place of gold jewels, there are covering jewels which are coated with a thin coat of gold plating.

Even in the Bible, there is a mention about false messiahs. Even in liquors, there is a category called spurious liquor which claim the life of many innocent people. Hence for each genuine piece, there is an identical duplicate piece manufactured by cheats in business. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to find who or what is genuine and what is imitation? We have fake currencies circulated by touts in place of genuine one. Also lot of fraud is committed by creating a fake debit card or credit card and those touts siphon money from the bank accounts of gullible public who are innocent of the ways, the touts employ!

In the present day computer environments, the threat is all the more serious. There are separate training institutes about hacking a computer or introducing spyware etc through the net. Though the net is a blessing in one way, it is infected with lot of virus and malware. How we can protect our private information and accounts is really a tough proposition.

Hence imitation, copying, duplicate has become universal in all the affairs of man as well as administrators. Though lot of research is going on for securing the net against virus, those who spread the virus have become immune to the threats of antivirus programs.

Now, let us turn back to our original theme.How can we identify a genuine saint? Yes, it is not that much difficult. First of all, they are unassuming in nature, shun advertisements about their activities. When ten people adore a saint, there will be few people who sling mud at the reputation of those genuine saints. When Sathya Saibaba has announced his identity and mission, none has believed him fully. But there are several people who thronged to his place and started praying to him when Sathya Saibaba was hardly a teen of fourteen. He relinquished his parents, brothers and announced "My devotees are waiting, I no longer belong to you! He was just out of school, and he was not interested in the mundane education, the schools offer. He had come with a mission and he has to embark!

Even his brother was septical about him. He never believed him and said, "May be it is some deep melody that affects the mind of his younger brother or some thing has possessed him. Spontaneous materialization of holy ash in quantities did not convince the school teacher brother. He has written a lengthy letter to his brother warning him about the dangers of public interaction. He thought that his brother will get educated and seek a good government job!

From the beginning, Saibaba was never interested in pomp and showmanship. He was humble to the core. Even in those days, none can identify him as he was attending the shools along with other boys. He played with them and he underwent the frugal life of a villager. He took only 'ragi porridge' and took the same for lunch for his family could not afford rice, vegetables and rich dishes. He had only one set of dress for the school. In the evening, he will wash it, dry it and keep it below some box so that it will be in shape for the next day. The shirts and trousers had many holes due to frequent washing. Since he could not afford a second pair, he closed the holes with thorns plucked from some plants. This is how Saibaba has led his life during his school days.

To cure him of his mental illness(?), his brother and parents took him to many doctors in the vicinity. But no treatment could cure his madness of spiritual wisdom, he possessed. Even he was taken to extortionists who tortured the boy in several ways to the consternation of the family. His head and face grew out of size due to the cruel application of some balm in the eye!. He could not speak. Tears were coming out of the slit of eyes continuously. He accosted his sister to come near and made signs to bring a particular herb available nearby. When the juice of the herb was applied, he was cured. The magician who tried to do all this has become angry but the parents pacified him stating that they will bring the boy after sometime, paying him sumptuously for the service he has done!

Many years later, when Sathya saibaba has become famous for his spiritual vibrations and curative powers, the author of his biography asked him, "Why he kept quiet, when he was tortured? Saibaba told him, "Whatever this body undergoes, it never affects the real me! To show the world that every one has to remain patient when things go awry, relying on the Divine! Hence i kept quiet and never used the divine powers for my personal protection or cure.

Even in the later years, his diet consisted of a little ragi gruel, that too for satisfying the devotees. He said, i need nothing. I can ever remain active in spite of taking very little food. In fact, the food do not give me energy. I give energy to all the elements. Even when he sustained multiple fractures, and the doctors advised him complete rest for three months, he was walking with the aid of students from the very next day. He said, "so many are waiting to see me. They have come from many parts of the world. If i disappoint them, they will become sad. Ever since His mission has started, he silently undertook many schemes for the benefit of poor villagers. The educational institutes which offer free education, the super speciality hospitals which gives free tertiary care to all and the drinking water supply scheme neglected by even by the governments for many decades are clear examples of his love towards all. For more than sixty years, every day he moved among the people who gathered there. He consoled many with his loving appearance, creation of holy ash and sometimes he effected instantaneous cure to chronic diseases like cancer etc.

From the beginning, Saibaba has insisted not to advertise the events in newspapers. He said, "when a father presents his children with gifts, will he advertise them! It is pure love which makes me to give. Receive and be happy. Adhere to truth and righteousness in life. This is how he has mended many broken hearts throughout the world. He cautioned them, "Do not spend money for undertaking this tedious journey to Puttaparthi from far off places. Think and take the name of god of any form or name. I will answer them instantly. To those who have never basked on his love, this may sound blasphemy. But the devoted knew about the efficacy of his words.

several times, i recollect the life of Jesus and His crucifixion. How he has tolerated the acts of vicious people. He had the power to alter or stop all this. But he submitted himself meekly to their atrocities and proved to the world that the soul is immortal and raised himself from the tomb on the third day! Yes, they are unassuming in nature!


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