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Reality - Virtual & Spiritual

Updated on June 4, 2013

Intention & Perspective

The people who create virtual games do not do so with the intent for anyone to see God. Yet the virtual game world is the perfect example to demonstrate a little of how God works.

In the adventure of the virtual game world, there are many paths or options one can choose. Not only does the player have the ability to choose, but additionally, the player has available an array of tokens or gifts that they can choose to receive, or earn.

Furthermore, the player, through their character, is endowed with powers and abilities that are not as readily accessible in reality. Lastly, the player has the option of viewpoint. They can choose the aerial level view or the surface level view.

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The Right To Choose

How does this relate to the Kingdom of God? When you are a believer in Christ, the doors of access open to you. Everything is operated by faith, in fact, that is the currency of God's Kingdom.

In the virtual world, there is a creator just like there is in real life. The virtual worlds in each game didn't simply appear or manifest on its own; just as our environment and planet, and our solar system didn't either. For every world there is a creator, and our world is no different in this regard. And just like in the virtual world, life is an adventure, and you choose your path.

Just as in life, everything is about intention and the motive of one's heart. The creators of virtual worlds, whether in games, movies or video; all create their worlds according to their intention and perception.

Accordingly, in each world, there is a concept of good and evil, and the people, characters, or players have an array of options and the right to choose according to the paths, options and laws or rules for that world's game. God blessed us all with the right to choose our path, but provided a tutorial to this life game that informs us of traps and the end result of our choices.


The Manual


The Purpose Of The Manual

Just as in the virtual world, deception is implanted in the world as challenges the player must overcome. This is because without challenges, we would never fight our way to the next level. We just won't put in the effort to graduate.

It is incumbent then, for any and ALL players to take the time to seek out the instruction manual of the game to learn not only how to operate in that world; but also what powers, gifts and weapons are at their disposal.

No serious player waits on someone to tell them the rules, or how to operate in the game. They may seek a little advice now and then from a much more skilled player, but ultimately, if they want to reach that person's skill level and be able to win the game, they have to study the manual. They have to constantly consult the manual so they can learn how to fight the good fight in order to level up in the game and finish the race or beat the game.

God's Intervention

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The Spiritual World We Live In

It is the same in real life in God's Kingdom. God is the Creator, thespirit world is the reality, and we are the characters in the game. In every game you have to create an identity by a name, and sign in with a password.

The identity and name for access into God's Kingdom is Jesus Christ, because belief in Him and His sacrifice for sin gives us access to that Kingdom. It means that control of the person or character in this life's game (you & I) is given to Him, the Son of the Creator, and who better to have at the controls? He will intervene on your behalf as you walk through the spiritual world, providing for your every need.

The password is "FORGIVEN" and anyone who chooses to do so can sign in by accepting Him.
All of us in the spiritual world have the option to choose which entity we want to operate our lives under. There are two to choose from. Its either good or evil. Its either God's Kingdom or this earthly world whose ruler is Satan.

By not choosing God and entering with the right password key, you have already chosen. In the spiritual world, only those in God's Kingdom have the option of the aerial viewpoint. Do you want to navigate in this reality with no regard to the manual, a surface only viewpoint, and no idea of how to win the game? You decide.


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