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How To Rebuke The Devil and Become A Christian

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Devil Is A Liar


Don't Be A Wolf Caught In Sheep's Clothing


Recognizing Satan’s Deceptions

We as a whole and as individuals must rebuke Satan in order to be true Christians. We must rebuke the devil as Jesus did by what He said in Matthew 4:10 .Many of us proclaim to be Christians yet, don’t walk the walk nor talk the talk. When a person decides to walk with God, Satan immediately intervenes. He starts to throw temptations in the path. When that is seen, rebuke must be initiated immediately as well. Make no mistake; Satan’s deceptions are very tricky and slick. It is difficult to recognize his tactics.

Don't Let Satan Show Up In You!

Break Old Habits

We must build strong mentalities and bodies in order to dominate the forces of evil. A strong mind is built by positivity. We must be as positive as possible in order to overturn adversities in our lives. Do we want to be controlled by bad habits of desire and feel like we can’t help or overcome them? No, we must break those habits by rebuking them. How often do you do something and regret it afterwards or even later.

To Please God Is to Please Ourselves

Observing and obeying God’s commandments and instructions shall lead to satisfaction. We shall be relieved of sickness/illness, diseases and pain. It is not a matter of trying to be perfect but a matter of being obedient to His Word, the scriptures and the Holy Spirit whereas being under good control for happiness and success.

The Righteousness Of God

We must operate daily under the auspices of God‘s righteousness and therefore avoiding or minimizing costly mistakes. Priorities must be appropriate. Lives should be lived according to the Will of God or God’s Will. According to God’s Will is the most significant way to live. It is essential for us to do so. We are all products of God’s creation whether we want to believe that or not.

We Have Choices To Make

It is we who decide our fate. If we live according to our own ways then we are choosing to live according to the wiles of Satan. When we rebuke him and choose to live according to the Will of God then we also rebuke sickness/diseases and curses from our bodies and lives.

God Spoke The Universe Into Existence

God said, let there be light and there was light and so forth. We also have the right to speak goodness into existence. If we speak badness then that may come into existence too. Don’t ever say, “I have a headache.” Say, I must find a way to make my aching head go away and it will.

You Can Be Your Worst Enemy

You may have heard that phrase before. Many times, we know not what we do to ourselves. We allow Satan to do we he does to us through the environment, through food and through misunderstanding. The Bible says, “For lack of knowledge we are destroyed. Hosea 4:6 (NIV)

His Thoughts Are Greater Than Our Thoughts

Jesus thinks more of us than we do ourselves. For one thing He thinks way ahead of our time. If we are now Christians then all we need to do is look back and see how far we’ve come. When Jesus sacrificed for us, He knew what He was doing for us at the cross. It is up to us to benefit from that. What we think of something for our benefit, Jesus has thought of something better for us. Living life according the will of God is not easy unless; taken seriously like death.


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    • WordlawMinistries profile image

      Wordlaw Ministries 3 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Lady Guinevere, The answer is yes! Rebuke the devil from self so that God will exist inside the mind, heart and soul. I agree with all you said. We're on the same track. God bless you!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      Really?! First commandment--no other God's before you. Jesus said that we are Gods, each and everyone of us. he also said that God's Kingdom is within us....put no one else before you. What you sow you shall careful of your own devil or Satan in that....what you do will come back to you.....BE CAREFUL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR DEED AND THE EMOTIONS THAT YOU PUT BEHIND THEM....that will come back to you. Love your neighbor as you do yourself and do unto others as you want them to do to you....all things that Jesus said.

      Love ya!