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Reclaiming Your Mastery

Updated on May 7, 2011

We were all Ascended Masters…once. We have just forgotten. Each of us volunteered, at our soul level (so you can’t blame it on God!), to incarnate on Earth at the low vibration we are currently enduring in the 3rd dimension. Living, experiencing and learning during each of our incarnations on Earth is fulfilling a contract with our soul and with All There Is. You can think of this as one big experiment in which we can freely experience the good along with the bad, as one needs the other to illuminate their differences. Believe it or not, many Beings in the cosmos have been watching us and hold us in high regard for our Divine Service. All who reside on planet Earth now are at a great historical crossroads, in which we are being given the opportunity to remember and to freely choose to return to our Ascended Mastery…or not.

One of the effects of the lowered vibration of 3rd dimensional existence is a feeling of separateness. We feel cut off from our God, from our Divinity, from our Oneness with all creation. Matter in this dense state has particles that are closer together, which limits the amount of light it can hold. Since this Light IS All There Is and this Light IS Love and Truth, we can surmise, then, that as long as we keep ourselves in a lower vibration we will have only minimal access to knowledge about higher realms and about where our soul originated. Lower vibrations make it physically and spiritually very difficult to hold onto the amount of light needed to manifest these truths in our conscious awareness. You can see how natural and easy it would be to forget who and what we really are. This is not to say, though, that we are unable to raise our vibration to allow more Light into our Being. However, prior to the new energies of a higher frequency arriving on Earth in the last decade or so, it would have taken many lifetimes of dedication and discipline to accomplish what we are being given the opportunity to do in this one lifetime – to prepare for our own Ascension. In general, humanity is now raising its vibration. We are awakening to the remembrance of all that we are and realizing our Mastery of the Light.

An Ascended Master is one who realizes their Divinity and embraces it. In order to understand this statement, we also must have an understanding of what Divinity is. In its simplest definition, Divinity is anything that originates and proceeds from God, the Prime Creator. You, then, are Divinity, as is all creation, because every Being comes from the same Divine source. Divinity is eternal and never changes – these words also describe God. Since God is Love and Light, our Divineness consists of only Love and Light. To find our own Divinity, it is essential that we go within our self. When we embrace our own Divinity, we hang on to it tightly, we absorb it into our consciousness and integrate it in all areas of our life. Once we have perceived and appreciate our own Divine nature, we are then able to recognize the Divinity in others.

Ascended Masters have certain qualities that permeate their entire Being. They constantly seek to remain in a state of harmony with all of creation and all of nature, distancing them selves from discord of any kind, as discord creates destruction. You might witness them blessing instead of cursing those that choose to cause harm. They seek out the truth and can easily discern truth from lies and deceit. Ascended Masters unceasingly strive to incorporate more Light into their Being and continually Love without conditions, as they recognize the Light, expressed or unexpressed, in all others. It seems as if nothing bothers them, including what others say or do or even the chaos and crises unfolding around them. They abide by total acceptance of all that is and do not judge the journeys of other souls.

I suspect that I’ve made it sound as if Ascended Masters are in a state of perfection and you might be thinking that this perfection is unattainable for the average guy. Let me assure you, that is one of the lies we have been fed here on Earth by those that wish to control us and keep us “in the dark” about our true natures. Perfection is attainable by absolutely anyone and everyone, especially now that the doors are opening to Ascension in this lifetime. That, of course, doesn’t mean you don’t have to devote yourself to attaining it, but in the end it is yours if you just start by deciding to reclaim it.

Some Techniques for Rediscovering your Mastery

  • Set the intention to restore your Mastery, and then each and every day consciously, and with every fiber of your being, recommit to that goal.
  • Raise your frequency and fill your Being with more Light – see my article, Preparing for 2012 by Raising Your Frequency (see below for link), for various techniques.
  • Go within and find the truth of who you really are – see my article, Ancient Wisdom of Going Within (see below for link).
  • Love yourself, forgive yourself, accept every part of yourself and realize your own power to create your own reality.
  • Meditate and reflect on what it means for you to be a Master.
  • Call upon the Ascended Masters, Archangels, or your own spirit guides to assist you along your journey. Some Ascended Masters are Jesus (Jeshua), Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Master Paul the Venetian, Lord Serapis Bey, Lord Lanto, Master El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi and Master Hilarion.
  • Learn what your unique talents are and consider how they can be used for the good of all. Do something in service to humanity, Mother Earth and all creation. It could be as simple as sending Love and Light to individuals or areas that are in need.
  • Surrender to the Will of God. Learn to let go and let be. Remember, you can only change yourself and how you choose to react. Release control of everything else. The Serenity Prayer is a simple but powerful message…

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and Wisdom to know the difference.

  • Align your mind with the Mind of God. Tame your ego and let it take a back seat…acknowledge that your ego is not the real you. Listen to your own intuition and guidance. Learn to discern the difference between truth and illusion.
  • Live from your heart center. Practice gratitude and loving with no conditions. Appreciate the beauty all around you.
  • Purify your thoughts and feelings. Use affirmations to transmute negativity and negative energies to ones of Love and Light.
  • Dedicate yourself to healing and liberating yourself from all burdens, mental and emotional traumas, and etheric scars from this and past lifetimes.
  • Believe that you can create your own reality. Believe in Heaven on Earth. Believe in your perfection and your immortality. Believe in miracles.
  • Learn to live in harmony from all levels of your Being. Refrain from thinking, saying, doing, eating, seeing, breathing, feeling, etc. anything that would change your natural vibratory action and disconnect you from harmony and Light.


In the words of Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bey, as channeled to Aurelia Louise Jones in her book, The Seven Sacred Flames, “…if you are really serious about ascending in this life and if you apply all the Laws of Love with absolute constancy and perseverance, ‘you can do it.’ With our help and with the help of your I AM Presence and your Higher Mental Body, nothing is impossible. In fact, it is not only possible but most desirable for your evolution that you do not stay behind in the 3rd dimension very long after the Earth’s Ascension around 2012.”


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