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Angels, Saints and human souls

Updated on August 16, 2022

Imagining angels and souls in paradise

Paradise is a beautiful place to be enjoyed. Usually there are special happy events and therefore, many times a multitude of angels and souls in paradise come together to enjoy those events.
Paradise is a beautiful place to be enjoyed. Usually there are special happy events and therefore, many times a multitude of angels and souls in paradise come together to enjoy those events. | Source

Paradise for angels, saints and human souls

Welcome to our article (67), angels, saints, and human souls

We are describing here Paradise for everybody.

May God guide and help me to say the right things.

Dear readers, in this circle we are talking about two spiritual circles; circle 5 positive, Paradise for everybody, and circle 6 positive, the last circle before the earth circle.

I believe that for humanity to believe in the spiritual world, we must imagine how the spiritual world could be and describe it. So, this is our imaginary theory, this theory was born from learning many religious beliefs, folklore beliefs, and whatever we have learned during our life. Now here we are putting our beliefs together in a certain order that makes them follow logic reasoning. So, this is our description of the spiritual world. Anyhow, now let me pray God our Father, and then write about the fifth spiritual circle positive.

Prayer for the fifth circle positive (or paradise)

My lord God; Father of all living and spiritual things, I am praying you, to forgive me all my life sins, and to make me clean of all impurities that may affect my soul. I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive my sins and purify me, so that I can be worthy to write these religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe. Father hear my prayer, amen.

After praying our Lord God thus, this is how I see Paradise the fifth spiritual circle positive with my human imagination. With these beliefs in mind, I see many happy souls in the fifth circle positive, they are together with, angels, Saints and virtuous souls, in our human understanding we can call this circle paradise. Now, let me describe what these souls do, in Paradise.

Angels are happy spiritual beings

Angels are happy spiritual beings, they have a happy deposition and in heaven they play and sing to God the Father of all living things.
Angels are happy spiritual beings, they have a happy deposition and in heaven they play and sing to God the Father of all living things. | Source
Happy spiritual events make people and angels sing to the Lord our God in many ways, so this is also the main activities that happen in heaven, people and angels sing together.
Happy spiritual events make people and angels sing to the Lord our God in many ways, so this is also the main activities that happen in heaven, people and angels sing together.

The fifth circle positive

The happy souls of the fifth circle positive together with the angels are singing; prayers to the Lord God and they sing thus:

We praise the Lord our Creator since he created us like him.

We praise our heavenly Father since he has let us be near him.

Blessed be God our Father since he helped us understand him.

We pray and adore you benevolent God of Heavens and earth,

We will forever adore your holy name.

Since you have let us come here to paradise,

We feel you have blessed us in your name.

This is how I imagine the fifth circle positive is: the fifth circle positive is what is known on earth as paradise, and every living person who lives on planet earth wants to come here when they die, especially those who believe in the afterlife.

Anyhow, throughout this fifth circle just like in the fourth circle there are angel’s cantors who lead groups of souls to sing praises to God, and there are prayers and other games all done in God’s name, you see, in this fifth circle reside the souls of those worthy dead people, who during their life on earth, they have lived their lives according to God’s will, and they have respected all life and all living being.

Starting from the Saints, since they are the highest in importance in God’s eyes, and therefore, they have been placed closest to the angels at the boundary of the fourth circle, they have earned the highest place in paradise from their constant belief in God, because they did God’s will during their lives even when it was hard to serve God, they always prayed to God and they did good deeds.

Then there are the souls of the martyrs and the honest religious people, they may be allowed to become guardian angels one day since they know how to live on earth.

And then there is a great multitude of souls, which have lived their lives according to God’s will, or they have become religious during their lives, so that after purifying themselves before and after death they have been able to ascend to paradise.

This is how we see the fifth circle positive that we can call paradise.

Now, let me say a prayer for guidance, to write other things.

Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul, and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So that, I can write my religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


Some needed explanations

Here I need to explain that, if we could see the spiritual life forces of the universe, we would see them as glowing bodies that move around in the universe. Therefore, we would see that in the smallest bodies of life energy go to the farthest places, away from the central life force of God, where they wait for their tasks to be fulfilled, so, most of them end up in the sixth circle positive.

But in rare occasions, there is an exception to this rule, there is a wanderer, which is a glowing body of life bearing energy brighter than the rest, the wanderer comes straight from the central life force of God, and it may have great powers and a mission to accomplish, like the mission of Jesus Christ Son of God Most High, who is the greatest man that ever lived on this planet earth; this is also the way that God sends his prophets and other important spiritual people.

What we have described is part of the positive life-force of the universe, and we call this life-force God, and we believe that God is the life giver of every living thing.

But we must keep in mind that in the whole universe, there are positive and negative forces that must balance each other, to make their existence possible. Therefore, since God is life, God is also order and God is also goodness: So, to balance this force there must be death, evil and chaos; because to exist there must be two opposing forces.

These two opposing forces by their nature stand far apart; so, there must be a dividing neutral point between these two forces to exist. And this is where our planet earth stands in the universe. So, we happen to be like the dividing fence between good and evil.

Anyhow, in the universe God is the positive life force, and the life giver of everything; so, God is life. Now we happen to be at the very edge where God’s life-force reigns supreme. And on the other side of us we have the negative force which can become evil, and in its chaotic way can destroy many things.

Now let me talk about the positive life force. Some of us will call this life-force, our Lord God, others our Heavenly Father, or The Holy Trinity, others will call this life force Yahweh or Jehovah, and others Allah, just to say a few names that I know.

Now we want to give a discerption that most people can agree with; so, in the beginning God applied His Life Energy, on a few molecules of mother earth, in this way God created the first few cells of life on earth, and mother-nature took care of this created life. Therefore, everything that is living on earth today has come from God, and mother-nature takes care of it according to God’s will. So, mother-nature works in conjunction with God.

Now I must go back to write about circle six positive.


View of our beautiful blue planet earth

We believe that our planet earth is within this belt of life bearing energy of the universe that makes life possible on earth. You need to read the entire text for a better explanation.
We believe that our planet earth is within this belt of life bearing energy of the universe that makes life possible on earth. You need to read the entire text for a better explanation. | Source

The sixth circle positive

Let us describe this Circle No: 6.

May God of the universe help and guide me to say the right things.

Let us talk about the sixth circle positive, which surrounds half of our planet earth, as we will explain in these articles. Now, let me say a prayer to God to help me.

Prayer for the sixth circle positive

My Lord God who are in heaven I pray you to forgive me all my life sins, so that I can be worthy to write this religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe. I pray you to help me see with my imagination what I must write in this sixth circle positive. My Lord God hear my prayer and help me, amen.

After praying thus, I imagine that there are lots of souls and angels in this sixth circle positive beside earth, and a lot of these souls are also praying to God thus:

We pray you God our Father to have mercy for us.

We are here waiting to be called upon to do our duty.

We pray you Father to give us strength to serve you.

We pray you Father, God of heaven and earth, because you are our spiritual Father, since you have given us life. We believe that we are going to live our life on earth, and at the end of our earthly life will come back to you. So, Father give us the strength to live our life per your will; let us understand your ways and teach us how to live our lives, so that we may become better souls at the end of our earthly life and be worthy to come back to you. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord: Father hear our prayer and help us, amen.

While the souls pray, the angels of the Lord look after them since they are there to help and guide the souls to do God’s will. I need to say that this sixth circle positive is the most important circle, for us people of planet earth, because in this sixth circle most of God’s life bearing energy are selected and kept, they are kept waiting for their turn to live on earth.


Where is the sixth circle positive?

Anyhow, this is my imaginary spiritual universe, and the sixth circle positive runs parallel with circle sixth negative. Anyhow, these two circles, together with and including our planet earth, which is situated between these two circles form a large belt of God’s life bearing energy in the universe. So, it is between these two circles that our planet earth floats through the cosmos of the universe.

Within this combined double circle there are lots of individual bodies of life energy, starting with circle sixth positive which has prevailing positive life energy on God’s side, and then a mix up of life energy of all shapes and forms in the Centre, and as it gets closer to the negative side it becomes more and more negative, and it becomes negative in the negative side.

Therefore, we must assume, that the sixth circle positive being side by side with the circle negative there is no real boundary; so, where the sixth circle positive ends the sixth circle negative begin, it is where our planet earth floats through the cosmos of the universe, between these two circles of life bearing energies.

Now let me try to explain why this happens, the positive units of life energy are attracted by the positive side, and the negative units of life energy are attracted to the negative side.

In this sixth circle there are lots of units of life bearing energy floating around, they are waiting for their chances to come down to earth and live a life, or another life again, since there are religions that believe in reincarnation. So, these souls are waiting their turn, and when they get that chance, they will try to improve themselves, if it is possible by doing God’s will, because that’s a good way to move higher up in importance in the spiritual world, and then they would be allowed to move up in another circle, that is situated closer to God’s central life force, which is within the universe of God’s life energy.

But for those glowing bodies of life energy to come down to earth and live a life is not easy, because they must first be allowed to find a way which allows them to live a life of near equal value as they happen to be in their present state.


Heavenly signs comets

In most religious circles Comets are a sign from heaven, so who is to say that really they bring also some special life energy, one has to remember that when Jesus was born there was a comet in the sky.
In most religious circles Comets are a sign from heaven, so who is to say that really they bring also some special life energy, one has to remember that when Jesus was born there was a comet in the sky.
Angels choir singing in heaven
Angels choir singing in heaven

Angels and souls

Angels and souls in an heavenly setting
Angels and souls in an heavenly setting

Angels and human souls

Angels and souls of sixth circle positive

Anyhow, in this section in the universe, formed form these two spiritual circles, our planet earth floats between these two circles number six. Planet earth takes with it, the angels of God who have been sent to help us, and their task is to keep life running on earth per God’s will. What I am writing here-under, it has been taken from folklore stories that I have heard when I was young.

These angels of God, have been send to help regulate life on earth, they are divided in separate groups, one group is there to select and send life-bearing-energy on earth, so that those souls or glowing bodies they select can live their life on earth; another group is to collect the returning life energy at the end of their life journey, and to evaluate them at their return, so that they can decide in which part of the universe they may belong; and another group who are the guardian angels is to help people live their lives on earth according to God’s will. This religious theory is what people are being told in most religions, and this is what we have been told.

Now, if we look at these groups of glowing bodies, the biggest and brightest are the angels in charge, while they guide the whole operation; next are the angels worker or helpers, and next are the guardian angels which are the councillors and the messenger of God; they have no power to do anything important themselves, but they help the other angels, and they are the only spirits allowed from God to enter and to leave the world of the living on earth, and their duty on earth is to council the soul of a living person, so that such a person may have a better chance to live according to God’s will.

After the guardian angels, in importance and brightness are the souls of people which are waiting for their turn to be born on earth; the angels in charge together with the guardian angels take great care of them, because they are the most important life-bearing-energy that the angels send to earth to regenerate new human life. In this circle there are lots of less bright and smaller glowing bodies, which are the animals and insects, because anything that’s living needs the life force from God to live, even if it is only one single cell of life, this is because God is life and anything living is part of God.

Most people believe, that life on earth is run from mother-nature, in conjunction with God and with the help of God, they have created the existing life on earth; and to keep this life going at the best possible level, three entities are required to create a new life: two of these entities are supplied from mother-nature, a male and a female of any specie, which are able to start a new life going, all they have to do is to follow mother-nature given instinct.

Then at the birth of a new human being, when the newborn takes the first breath, a unit of god’s life force enters the new human body, and a complete individual is thus formed. The unit of God’s life-force that enters the new human body at birth is intended to be like God’s own seedling, and it is hoped that it will grow in a parallel way, like the person that has received it; so that, at the end of such a person’s life it will be richer, brighter and wiser than when it started life on earth. Therefore, when that person dies and the soul becomes free to return to God, it could be better than when it started. The angels of God will be judging that.


Souls before birth

In the folklore beliefs of souls, it is believed that, to be born on earth a soul must go through a process and then cross a barrier, but when this soul crosses the barrier it will forget everything, so, the souls will not remember where they come from, and will not remember if they have lived another life. Then the soul is ready to become a person, and when a newborn child takes the first breath, it will enter the body of the child and become God’s own seedling.

The angels in charge of the life-giving group take great care of the souls in circle number six positive, and they make sure that only the most suitable souls are sent to earth to become people. The other life-energies floating in this circle may be allowed to become animals, but whatever they become they have always be near the same value as they are within the circle: So that, a large glowing body may become a large animal, and a very small glowing body may become only an insect.

Therefore, the task of the angels in circle number six is thus divided:

Group one is to select and take care of the most suitable life-energy units within the circle, who can become good people, then they get them ready to give this selected God given life-energy to the newborn babies, hoping that they will live their earthly life according to God’s will, and therefore, they become worthy to move up the ladder when they return, and enter paradise, after being accessed by the angels.

The angels of group number two, collect all the people souls when they return after their death, then they will have to evaluate them according to their deeds during their life on earth, and if they have done good deeds, they believed in God and followed his commandments, they will be given a better place in circle six positive, or if they have been exceptionally good and they are free from sins they may go to paradise: But if they have become worse during their life on earth, then they have to move to a lower place in circle six positive, and if they have been bad during their life on earth and they are sinful, they must go to circle six negative, since they have become negative, and this is where the negative force will decide what to do with them.

Then there is this third group of angels that are the guardian angels, they don’t have any power to do anything, but they are the helpers’ who help the angels in charge in circle six positive to get the souls ready, and when the souls are ready, they are send to earth to live their earthly life. Now because the guardian angels are the only angels allowed from God to come down to earth, one of these guardian angels will be assigned to follow one of these souls and council it to live according to God’s will, in the hope that it will become a better soul.

Dear readers, this is how we imagine these heavenly things that make life possible on earth are. I believe that I am close to the truth.

Anyhow, what we believe is what counts most, so, let us believe in what we have always believed, it is easier to live that way. Now, this article has become too long, so, see you in our next article, where we are going to describe the, Nature of the universe and earth; see you there.

May God bless us all.



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