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Recurring Dreams and Reincarnation

Updated on May 3, 2021
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Kimmie (aka KD) has been writing published novels and online articles. She is also an artist and owns her own art shop through Redbubble.

Dreams or Realistic?

 Since I was little, I always wanted to believe that reincarnation was true.  It made sense to me, because after death, some of the angels in heaven would want to come back to Earth and try to live a better life than the last, or experience something completely different.  Then when I was a teenager, I was confused about religion, so I didn't know if I wanted to continue to believe in reincarnation.  During my twenties, I started believing reincarnation again, because I kept having dreams about me living in the late 1800's.  They kept coming back and the stories were getting longer and stronger.  I got to know what I looked like and my family at the time.  They were nothing like the family I have now.  Their personalities were different than each other.  I kept wondering if this family really did exist or was it my imagination going crazy.

The Land

 The family came from England and first settled in Canada and then New Hamshire.  I don't know why NH, because I never went there.  Well, I haven't been to Canada either.  The kids in these dreams loved hanging around the east coast or close to the east coast of New Hamshire and they would either go swimming or just hang out and socialize near one of the lakes.  The area where the family lived had tons of trees...tall trees.  Some of the grass was tall, and some of the weeds were visable.  People did a lot of walking on the dirt paths to the shop or to school.

Of course, I had to do some research on the internet to see if the images of New Hamshire were the same as what it looked like in the dreams.  They were very close.  It became very eerie to me.  I have been trying to figure out how I had an idea what NH looked like then.

The Family

 The father was a retired soldier.  This man did treat his children as if they were his own team of soldiers.  He was heavy-set and had white hair and a long mustache.  He was a bit older than his wife.  The father damaged one of his legs during one of wars he was involved in, and spent the rest of his life limping.

The mother was a very easy-going person and let her children be themselves.  She loved being a homemaker.  The mother had dark colored hair and was petite.

The sister of the mother was young, and she lived with this family.  She was a sister figure to the her niece and nephew.  Sometimes the kids forgot that she wasn't their big sister.  The aunt also had dark colored hair.  She did help the parents to keep the children in line.

The older brother was a soldier in the Spanish-American war.  After he returned, he was a quiet person and did not like to talk about his experience during that time.  He only became a soldier because he wanted to make his father proud.

The younger brother didn't have any interest in fighting in wars.  He lived in his own world and was sensitive and gullible.  Many people around his age walked over him by making him into their slave.  He was talked into doing their school projects and doing their own chores.

Then there is the sister - a twin of the younger brother.  This was me....I have been guessing.  She was more into her love lives more so than her own family.  When she was a little girl, she promised her mother and herself, she would protect her twin brother from the people that would treat him badly.  When she met her first boyfriend, she started neglecting her brother.  She discovered it was too late to be that protector when he died at a young age.  The rest of her life, she lived with that guilt. 

Ending Thought

 I know that this sounds pretty crazy to you, but these people kept flashing back into my head every now and then, and they seem so real.  It feels more different when I am writing my other stories.  The characters feel more made up.  What do you think?  Do you think that this story really exist or is my mind making this up?

What Is Your Story?

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