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Regaining 'Soul'

Updated on June 7, 2014

What is "Soul"?

"Soul"... what is it and does everyone have one? Some believe in the existence of 'soul' where still others--do not. Let's, for the sake of argument, pretend that there is such a thing as a 'soul' and continue with that assumption for the sake of this article.

So then, if we are moving on with the assumption that we all have souls, then what is a 'soul'? There are many who could attempt to 'define' what a soul is, but none probably would come to an agreeable consensus. However, let us go with this loose definition for the sake of our discussion here. Soul is that which we feel, experience and gauge our everyday lives with, it deals with issues of morality, conscience, truth and depth of character. It also deals with our personal religious or non-religious affirmations or beliefs. All of these make up what we all have as a part of our personal characters or personalities. So then, let us with these facts now, figure out how to 'regain' that what some may have at some point in their lives 'lost' due to some form of mental, physical, emotional or other health event that possibly threw you off course into something you were unfamiliar with; maybe even a little scared or uneasy or nervous about.

Steps to getting 'On Track'~

First step would be to try to identify what it was that pushed you off course. Was it a life experience such as the loss of a job, or was it the loss of a loved one too early? Maybe it was the experience of a great health issue that devastated you and those you love, or possibly you or someone you know suffered an emotional let down or problem that has side-swiped life in general. These things can be devastating, and most would dwell on the negative and wonder things like, "Why me?" or "Why is this happening now?" Maybe the focus shouldn't be so much on the 'why' and instead, the 'why not'? We can all easily look at things as a punishment or a course of action that just tends to happen to particular individuals that is sad and continuous. However, why not look at it in a light of learning and experiencing? Yes, the event itself may not be pleasant, and it may be that it happens quite frequently to a particular individual; however, maybe that person is supposed to learn something or, be an instrument in helping someone else learn something through them while they go through that experience? Regaining one's soul and healing any hurt they may be feeling takes a lot of self-awareness and with that self-awareness, one can begin to know and understand their own motivations for the things they do or things that occur when they are present.

Many of us take time and spend energy and other resources on getting to know those around us on many differing levels. Why is it so hard for many of us to do the same and more to get to know our own selves in the same manner? I say that it is hard because many are under the impression that because it is our own selves that we already 'know' ourselves and don't need to do any 'self-analysis' on any regular basis to get to know our personalities even better than we already do. If quite a large chunk of the population in any given region were to take a self-analysis questionnaire, my guess is none would know how to respond to half or more of the questions available through this testing. Specially if there was a time limit given. If they had endless time to finish, they might be able to finish it at some point with most of the questions answered.

In the pursuit of regaining our souls, one would need to get to know their personalities to a level where with a little time and energy put forth to re-evaluate their own morals, feelings in depth, religious beliefs (if any), personal conscience and other faculties of one's character; they would be able to see what areas need to be addressed in order to heal and regain their soul. They would be more true and truthful in their dealings, capable to handle those trials that come their way, as well as get through all and any experience they are called on to go through as an individual.

Second thing, after taking care of the basic stuff; make a plan to continue maintaining this more healthy and vigorous soul we are gaining back. What good would it do to regain one's soul just to lose it again? So, with that in mind, we need to also construct a plan with which we will be able to maintain this precious soul of ours so that we will be able to continue having it at our will to handle the daily short term and long term joys and trials each of us come across on a daily basis. This plan needs to be something you personally can accomplish, either with a little bit of help, or on your own; depending on your personal situation. Things like knowing your limit on stressors, or what types of things you will tolerate, and what things you absolutely won't as well as what things you need to have in order to make you happy and content and how often those things need to be incorporated into your life to accomplish this. Knowing all of these things can be very helpful in regaining one's soul back to a healthier 'you' in the long run. After all, isn't that what we are all striving for? The picture of 'health'...I know I am; and I hope you are also!


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