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Regular Meditation: What Are The Benefits

Updated on June 1, 2011

Regular Mediation Vs Spontaneous Meditation

I know there are many out there who have tried meditation one or two times, and felt that it wasn't working. I also know of many others who have even given up to a week to practicing meditation, only to miss any strong indications of results. I would like to point out, that there is a large difference between spontaneous meditation and regular meditation. You could say that meditation is like education, the more you practice, the more results you see. If you only practice here and there, or only for a short period, then you probably won't notice any of the results, as they will be minute compared to what you can see over time with regular practice.

So when you read hubs and articles that talk about the benefits of meditation, keep in mind that it's not an over night thing. A person doesn't sit down to meditate one day and find that they are healthier, more abundant and happier. They continue to practice meditation over time, and this is when the best results are noticed. I can guarantee you it is this way, because I have tried both ways. Spontaneous meditation can be great if you already meditate on a regular basis, but it doesn't do much on it's own. The best way to gain results from practicing meditation, is to set aside a regular schedule of time to meditate.

Less Emotional Build Up

When your mind has some time to unwind and be clear, it is easier for necessary emotions to go through their processes. This might seem like a down side at first, but once the emotions you've been holding back, have a chance to get out, you'll feel a thousands pounds lighter. The more this is allowed to happen when it needs to, instead of later after you've bottled it up, the easier processing your emotions becomes.

When your emotions are taken in and let out in a healthy manner, they don't build up as much or as often, which leaves you freer to use your energies else where. Not to mention, when you don't have tons of emotions built up and blocking your flow, you are much better able to see the right opportunities in your life.

Better Attitude

The first focus of meditation is to clear your mind of all thoughts. This simple process is one of the most difficult challenges that any human can experience. It is so difficult because we allow our minds to run so rampantly throughout our lives.

So when we take the time to regularly clear the mind, we leave room for new, better more genuine thoughts to circulate in our minds. When we do this, we also make more room to see the positive things that are going on all around us, even if that wasn't our first intention of meditation. When this happens, our attitude naturally improves. When our attitude improves, the rest of the world starts to look that much better. Which motivates us to continue meditating and creating in the world around us.

Attitude is everything

Easier Manifestations

When you clear your mind, deal with any built up emotions and start to see the world as a better place, it makes it much easier to manifest your needs and desires.

This is often why people will meditate before practicing magick, seeking their goals through the law of attraction or when they practice yoga. When the mind is clear, it has the opportunity to focus whole-heartedly on what it wants, which makes manifestations clearer and easier to procure.

When this happens, you'll see the things you want come into your life sooner. Whether that's better health, great wealth, happier relationships or more inspiration.

Improved Physical Health

The spirit, mind and body are all connected. So when one receives positive attention and care, the rest will follow in suit. You might not notice it at first, but once you have taken the time to help your mind and spirit through meditation, your body will naturally come into alignment.

When your body, mind and spirit come into a positive alignment, you'll notice your health is subtly improving. Your immune system will get better, your fatigue level will get lower and you'll have a greater ability to handle the physical challenges of the opportunities you take.


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I'm seriously into meditation, and I liked your hub very much.

  • ChristinS profile image

    Christin Sander 

    7 years ago from Midwest

    I totally agree that people need to learn patience and persistence in order to gain the full benefits of meditation. This article is very useful and informative.

  • Danette Watt profile image

    Danette Watt 

    7 years ago from Illinois

    Great explanations on the benefits of meditation and especially how they do not come overnight. I think too many people in our society want instant gratification and to be instantly identified as "experts" when acquiring deep knowledge of something takes time. Voted up and useful.


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