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Reincarnation - A Truth or Myth?

Updated on June 2, 2020

As a kid, I used to enjoy travelling a lot. At some places, I used to witness slum areas where very poor people used to reside. As a kid, I used to wonder as to why God is so partial towards human beings. Some are born rich, while others are very poor who even lack basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. Some are born blind, while some are deaf. Questions that aroused to me were, irrespective of religion, caste or gender, why are some people are born I such state, and not like other normal human beings. Have they done any wrong for which they have to go through such sorrow on this planet? I used to ponder on the possible causes for one’s such a state of being, or rather as to whether there are any remedies to overcome such differences/ disabilities.

All these thoughts were ruining my peace of Mind for quite some years. Resorting to the deep analytical study of the Scriptures for many years, and by the grace of my Spiritual Enlightened Master “P. P. Padmakar Maharaj”, spiritual wisdom secrets started revealing to me. The intention behind writing this article is to the save the humanity from the sufferings by sharing the true spiritual knowledge on this small aspect which is mentioned hereinafter.

Every wrong done, be it in the form of thought, action or deed is stored in the Sub-conscious Mind area of the human, right from the birth till our last breath. When we commit a wrong action/deed, irrespective of whether it was intentional or not, that particular action is stored in the Sub-conscious Human Mind. Immediately as per the Nature’s laws, the fruits of action are destined in one’s life, be it in this very life span or the next one to come.

A Culprit can be sometimes successful in winning a number of Court Cases and getting himself acquitted for lack of evidence or witnesses or by other means. However, one cannot escape from the punishments that are destined from the laws of nature. Now, the question arises, that if the wrong action or deed is committed when the person is old, does that action escape from the fangs of almighty in levying the fruits of action? No, not at all. Here we realize why reincarnation or past life exists.

All this explains the cause of sufferings which are seen at the time of birth from being extremely poor to being blind and so on. One can escape from the clutches of the humans-made laws and penalties/ punishments prescribed, however it is impossible to cheat the almighty on this count. The reason being, as said earlier, everything gets recorded in the Sub-conscious in the human Mind which is subsequently accounted for by the Almighty.

As such it is well quoted by Swami Vivekananda that “You are the creator of your own destiny”. No one else is, but you yourself is responsible for the state/phase he is going currently in this life span.

Earlier, Scientists were not ready to believe in the theory of reincarnation or past life. However, as of today, even the western Scientists have started to realize the authenticity of it based on the experiments they have conducted on human beings. These experiments included hypnotism on the subject (person), who was asked his name, address and other details of his past life, which were subsequently verified and found correct.

Even, if we are asked as to who was our favorite teacher when we were in first standard. There are 90% chances of us recollecting the data (Name of the teacher) from the Sub-conscious mind and revealing the correct name. This proves to us that, whatever is once thought of, or action done, is permanently deposited in the Mind. Non-remembrance does not mean that the required data does not exist. If hypnotized, this can be invoked.

Even the criminals today are given some specific drugs where the Sub-conscious Mind is tampered with to know the truth behind a particular committed crime. And in this way, some of the promising mysteries of the crimes are revealed.

Sub-conscious Mind travels with us in a subtle form in every birth we take, be it human or otherwise. To leap a little more on Spiritual aspect here, I would say that it is practically impossible for one’s liberation (Moksha) till all the fruits of our actions of all our births are exhausted. Well, how the fruits of action can be exhausted is completely a different stream of spirituality which I don’t want to mention in this article.

If sincerely, the truth revealed above is pondered and the values contained therein are inculcated, then at least we can expect a violence-free humanity with strong moral principals in the future years to come.

© 2020 Suraj Sangodkar


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