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Relationships are Bonds

Updated on September 6, 2013
We need the adhesive only God can give
We need the adhesive only God can give

What connects us?

Relationships are the connections, between or amongst God and people, which entail interaction. It takes more than one individual to establish, maintain, and make a relationship work.

A relationship with God is the highest type we can ever desire to have, and spills over into each, and every other kind we endeavor to have. It takes the unction to function in every relationship.

The developmental stages of all relationships, are dependent upon a solid foundation, a foundation of trust and acceptance. There can never be a relationship without trust, and acceptance. All of us at one time or another have had a bad relationship, and usually instead of examining why? We might tend to scapegoat, and build walls of defense to keep out anything, and anyone that we sense will cause us unnecessary pain, or discomfort, or which reminds of us the pain we have endured. The natural types of relationships are physical and sensual until God comes into the picture.

Walls represent barriers that only acceptance will be able to penetrate
Walls represent barriers that only acceptance will be able to penetrate

Walls are hard to penetrate

In defense of our selves, we build wall, after wall to protect us from further hurt, instead of spending that time to heal.and reaching for the ointment needed for those wounds. We build barriers to keep certain people out, when we should be using this energy, and time to build lasting relationships.

The thing to bear in mind is that every person is different; each person is an individual, even when we determine that there are similarities in character. Similarities in character are not enough to deem everyone the same. The cause of their types of behavioral movements may be due to identity problems, spilling out pain, that occur when people don’t know who they are, and the pain someone else has inflicted, or caused them is carried over into the next relationship.

People copy other people instead of using that energy to become who they were meant to be. God’s love is penetrative, it has to be allowed to bring out what we have walled and fenced in, the real you and me.

Love is the structure of every relationship. Once you have allowed love entry into your life to rule and reign, you have made love your supreme standard by which you live.

Oh, what a love!
Oh, what a love!

Only love can penetrate walls

I don’t believe, or perceive that it is possible to stop loving someone once you have resolved that you do love him or her. You may not like the things they do, say, how they act, or their behavioral patterns, however, this is where acceptance gives the relationship its strength, but to stop loving them is impossible, because the nature of love is really eternal.

All relationships are dependent upon (Agape) the love of God, which is the highest form of love; and the generator of love on a natural plane. Eros, is the love between a man and a woman. Storge, is the love we have for family, Philos, is the love we have for friends, and none of these can survive productively without the love of God.

The love that God is, and has umbrellas these other forms of love. They cannot function to the depth of which they were designed without God. God is love. There is also a deceptive link we click onto, and embrace when we enter into any relationship without God.

Most of us in immaturity or adolescence fall in love. We fall in love with the concept, or idea of love, but ideas don’t always have experiential value. Or we delve into a feeling of love, that is solely emotional. Love is not an emotion, but affects our emotions. I cannot trust my emotions to feel love whenever it is feasible, then when it isn’t opportune, to discard what I thought I felt, and file it in my memory as a file in cue for deletion. God is love, and love is God.

For the most part, this is the primary and greatest reason why, the world is in the shape it is in today. People don’t take the relationships they enter into seriously experientially. People hurt other people and it goes on and on, it spreads like a plague wounding as it passes through. It multiplies sorrow upon sorrow that hardens hearts acting as a protective shield, to resist being hurt again. The next time anyone comes along walls and defensive barriers are erected. Mental walls which make it virtually impossible for anyone to penetrate. Reasoning barriers that give us every reason why we had better not allow this or that person, to penetrate the barriers we have built. Emotional walls that cry out, I am hurting.

It is a vicious cycle, because the time we spend on this type of building of walls, is a waste of precious time, energy and thought. We are moving away from being healed by these actions. Instead we should be crying out heal me; Lord, I am asking You to heal me; Lord, heal my emotions, heal my heart, heal my entire soul, heal my body, heal me on the inside, heal me through and through. You are Jehovah-Rapha the Lord our healer.

Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed. Are we experientially walking in our holistic healing? A broken heart is an ache only God can address, and heal thoroughly. Have you ever given it any thought to God’s heart? Wow, say it backwards it still spells Wow! The magnitude of love we stumble upon in our own lives, is not an accident, or coincidence, we are destined to comprehend, and understand what love really, and truly is, and what it means.

Don’t give up on any of your relationships, pray and ask God for the answer, and antidote. It is not over until God says so…...Love never fails, because God never fails.


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