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Catch It and Release Grace ~

Updated on February 18, 2016

Many people live in our world with fear and sadness, especially when they distance themselves from Christ. They may be afraid of experiencing something beautiful that they can't understand or currently relate to and so they unwillingly choose what they know. They begin to give into that fearful state of mind, that life, as they know it will drastically change. Here is the truth, it will. The amazing thing is this change that they fear has been predestined by God. He has planned all the curves and all the straight lines in your life. So we can stop and live for the moment in Joy. Because He even supplies the dots in between.

We all fall into the trap of acting on impulse. We may choose something and then regret it. We may act hastily and then question it. We may possibly place ourselves in danger's path or expect the worst. We get caught in a downward spiral rather than catching the up- lifting breeze of angel's wings.

Each time we share our emotions we have allowed ourselves to be just a little vulnerable. Sadly, we are a people that when things are going well, we are together onboard and joyful with each other. This sharing of vulnerability, however, causes us to become uncomfortable and again judgmental.

We have all done this at times. We decide the release was too great and it made us uncomfortable, and so we go to that place of comfort. We start talking about someone as if to say," that would never be me." Somehow, if we do this it protects us from their reality.

It is not true that it would never be you or me. It is just so darn scary that it could be you or worse yet, it might be someone you love. With this as a concern, we boast even louder than usual stating things like, “Can you believe that? Or did you hear about so and so or I hear they are in trouble?” Do we stop and immediately pray for their peace? I think often we don't. We sometimes retreat to our inner circles and cocoon ourselves from being enveloped in the situation. Why? I again do not understand. We are all broken and bleeding in some way. No one is greater in Gods eyes each and every trial is as important to the individual and to HIM. So rather than running to our corners should we not be trying to stop the bleeding? Is this not the first line of defense in life-saving measures?

So coming face to face with someone else’s reality puts us on the defensive. Believing someone else’s reality is almost impossible. We see people post stories of undeniable pain or realness, all over the Internet. At first glance, we are connected emotionally and our hearts are pumped up to respond and help in a tough situation. Given time if we pay enough attention to someone’s reality we try to or actually find holes in their depiction. If a story is given to the media and is basically good, they will dig until they can erode enough to find some raw iniquity. They, the media, when given something bad will sensationalize the pain or sadness of the saga if you will, they pummel it and practically choke everyone involved so as to make them bleed a bit more for the public's amusement. People are not left to grieve or explore solutions, they are left in a negative twist and the wound is made deeper. We the people not in the media, do this same process to a lesser degree. People seclude themselves when under a microscope for the lack of a better solution.

It is not that we enjoy this process, but rather we have been brainwashed to some degree by society. We thrive toward the negative. How wonderful would it be if we could put as much attention and dedication toward the positive or solution based outcomes? How much more willing would you be to show the real you if it was always met with positive reactions and functional solutions pointing you in the direction of God's GRACE?

Recently I shared a story with some young people about releasing. I described those times when something has happened that has pushed each of you off track so to speak. Trying to describe visually how we all have moments of release when something has shaken you to the core and you just need to let it out a scream. We have all had these moments when the tears came so readily and we had to stop them mainly because we could no longer breathe. Then, as you stop, so you can, at last, take a breath, you are so stuffed up you hold your nose and puff your cheeks out, hoping to clear your airway. When you finally get clear you cycle again with a release of more sporadic crying and breathing. You begin to hear the little voice inside you that says STOP, you need to breathe. So you start to breathe and cry and breathe and cry and then suddenly you STOP. Slowly you calm yourself and answers gently start to come. You finally catch it, the realization you are SO VERY NOT ALONE. You feel a little desperate, but you are ready to listen in the quiet, long enough to get a hint of what to do next. This is where you catch it, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the guidance of your heavenly Father.

Is it possible that when you finally reached your release point and then share it, that someone else has just begun theirs?

Let me answer that. It's obvious, as we all experience our realities in different cycles. Therefore, someone is always experiencing a release and someone is always in need of a hug.

It's not as important to understand their reality, for we all have realities that change. Some physical pain, some emotional, some loss, some gain, but each of us will be able to use it for the greater good if given support. It is more important to know how to treat others with the Grace of God. He allows us our moments of brokenness. He then lets us catch a whiff of Him and a caress of His spirit. He reminds us also in His word that He sent His son in the form of a man so that we could relate to His humanness.

We should really try to catch it, some of this GRACE God shares with us. We should then share that GRACE with others. They may have just been crying and spasmodically releasing and are now in the clearing of their storm. What if they're not? What if they are right in the midst of their storm and we start judging them? This may push them so far away, they never catch it! I have no right to keep this grace from others because there but by the Grace of God Go I.

Read more Grace in the NIV Bible:

Ephesians 2: 8 NIV (we are saved by through faith by grace is a gift of God)

John 1:14 NIV (The word became flesh, full of grace and truth)

2Corinthians 1:2 NIV (Grace and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

Colossians 3:16 NIV (Let the message of Christ dwelling among you... Singing to God with Gratitude in your hearts)

~ Let's keep our eyes open ~ perhaps someone is hurting, lost or alone. We could show them some Grace or just a smile, maybe even a Hug ~ if you're so bold ~ Their reality is not yours, so you can't fully understand it. God allows revealed knowledge in His timing. The reality of knowing THE GRACE OF GOD may save them, and it is for everyone, so share it! ~ Peace in your stages

Phil Wickham song ~Grace

© 2011 The Stages Of ME


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Sparklea ~ So sorry for your daughters pain and yours as well ~ I will pray for you both ~ time heals and God is carrying her through this time ~ God Bless you both and may your daughter feel the warmth of jesus and the healing touch of the Holy spirit during this season. Keep shining your light for her ~ hugs

    • profile image

      Sparklea 5 years ago

      THANK YOU for your inspiring article. God handles EVERYTHING. My daughter recently lost someone very close to her...a horrific, tragic, automobile accident. She has been crying constantly, and she is having a very hard time. My heart aches for her. I can only allow the Christ in me to just be there for her, hug her, and stay in touch. I send her emails titled, "Mom Check." In cases like this, one is speechless. Thank you for sharing God's grace, may God use you more and more each day to inspire others. Sincerely, Sparklea :)

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      I wrote this for all those struggling at this time of year ~ you are Loved ~ May God's Grace Rain Down on you :)

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