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A Bit of Relief around Belief

Updated on April 9, 2008

I've recently been working with a friend/mentor/business partner on a simple yet powerful course he has created around beliefs. Beliefs are a broad and fascinating subject. Most fascinating to me is the notion that "beliefs" are simply habits of thought. And of course our thought is that our belief is true and right!

Yet often it's our very beliefs that sabotage us on the road to our dreams. It might be time to change our habits of thought and really start believing in ourselves!

I love the statement about beliefs found at Wikipedia, "The relationship between belief and knowledge is impossible." It's so true! And it all gets convoluted quite quickly when you start questioning whether or not one can ever "KNOW" something. Try it for yourself... state something that you know to be true. Now answer the question, "How do you know that?"

Take the response to that question and question that... then keep drilling down and down and down. This exercise can get uncomfortable quickly for anyone over the age of 3 or 4 -- (or perhaps especially when the question is being asked by a 3-year-old? ;-))

You will discover that you eventually reach a point where you simply left with, "Because I Know!" or... if you're willing to to tell the real truth... "I don't know." BAFFLING!

And if you're the kind of person who really needs to know, and to be right, you could be in some trouble here.

Now where does this leave us with beliefs?

Several years ago this friend of mine, the one who created the course, turned me on to a new meaning for belief. It's so liberating and empowering that I simply have to share it with you. (And given the real possibility that we make all of this stuff up anyway...I invite you to consider this 'new' thought for yourself)

The word belief is made up of two parts. Be is the first part. The second part of belief is lief, which comes from the Indo-European Leubh, which means...

LOVE. Be love.

What if that is exactly what belief means? What if instead of having to know for a fact in order to believe in something, all you had to do was love it? What if when you believed something you simply loved the notion?

Imagine how this could change the messages we send our unconscious mind! Imagine for a moment how many people in the world don't make goals, don't have a vision, have stopped dreaming, all because they just don't believe it's true -- in the conventional sense of the word-- that it, whatever it is, will ever work out for them?

You've possibly heard of the Harvard research project that years ago revealed that only three percent of the U.S. adult population had written goals. Do you suppose the other 97 percent would be more interested in writing down their dreams for the future if they knew they didn't have to have unshakable belief that they could and would achieve them? They just had to be in love with them -- they just had to fall in love with their goals and dreams?

WOW! It dawns on me that the happiest, most successful people in the world are people absolutely head-over-heels in love with their vision... and it is that, more than any knowledge they hold... that has been the key to their success.

Today I invite you to get clear about your life purpose and then fall in love with the vision that arises... Be love it, Believe it, Achieve it!


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    • johndilbeck profile image


      10 years ago from Murphy, NC

      Hi Mary K,

      I love the idea of being in love with our dreams. It makes acting on those dreams so much more fun - and probably more effective, too.

      It also sounds much easier than working on a goal.



    • julieannevanzyl profile image


      10 years ago from Gold Coast

      Great story Mary K. I've always loved reading what you write!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I like what you said about falling in love with the vision. That inspired me to create an affirmation magnet with, "I am loving what I do." Blessings.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey Mary K. This place is cool. I was able to rate the page as a non member - no problem! :-) Now if this gets posted, you will know that non members can also post a comment. LOL Great article too by the way!



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