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Religion: A Man Made Tool

Updated on April 20, 2012

Religion is just a term used to establish in belief of what one group dictates as being the "right" or "proper" way to live and what they believe is morally acceptable.

The Truth...

There are only two types of belief. Belief in religion and belief in God. Now, you may say, "But I don't believe in God or any religion"... That is a religion. Being an atheist is a religion by definition. An atheist is someone who commonly believes in no form of God, has belief in evolution, believes there is nothing that happens prior to birth or after death, and also goes by common law of what it right or morally acceptable. Just because a "god" is not present, does not mean the idea of one isn't there. Religion is merely a tool used to control people. In religion we find man made rules based off of God's rule,which it spiritual morality.

What is Spiritual Morality?

It is the moral values we were given in our creation. We have the ability to look at something and determine if it is of good nature or bad nature without ever being taught this. If one chooses to go with the bad or evil action, one will either feel good or bad from it the outcome. If one feels bad, and wants to correct the bad thing they did, that is the love inside them. As we know, God is love and love is God, this is how God is everywhere and knows everything. He is in each of our hearts. He knows us more then we could even imagine.

Religion is a Tool...

Don't for one second believe God made religion. Religion confuses people, draws people away from Him and has people living the wrong lives. Religion was designed by man to have control over men. Much like when Satan wanted as much power as God, human sin/flesh also wants power and control over everything. Religion is what was used before we had mass amounts of science everywhere. Now, people are being controlled more commonly by evolution theory, the medical world and technology. This still, however, doesn't take away from that fact that religion destroys our spirits. It makes people feel better then others, makes them buy or wear certain things, makes them pray to angels and statues and objects, and it is still one of the biggest profit houses in the world. It not only draws people in, but pushes people further away from God.

On the other hand, it makes things that are evil more appealing to thows who don't believe in their Creator. A person who does not know God will believe anything. A person who seeks God under man's creation, will lose Him just as well. It works much like the entertainment industry and Science. Both cause you to spend money on things you don't need, both cause you to worship objects and not God, both cause you to lose your own being and become materialized junkies who not only focus on what makes YOU feel good. but only focus on only pleasing and idolizing yourself.

I urge people to break free from religion. Break free from control. Live for God not the man made religions of the world. Jesus taught us nothing of religion. Read and learn the bible by your own heart, not the heart of mass religion. In this day and age, nothing is what it seems. You may be controlled by a religion and not even know it.


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    • f_hruz profile image


      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Your hub is a good read, along with some of the comments. It points out a few problems people are facing while trying to cope with reality and the laws of nature.

      It is quite an undue jump of understanding the limits of rational thought by knowing as much as possible about all the many natural processes which take place constantly, from the time this universe first started, way before humans ever existed and rational thought was ever documented, to the present moment, to require some deities of sorts to have guided natural processes to this point in time to have such an absurd view of nature and the objective human ability of examination of natural events of all kinds, to require some divine body to manage nature, when we have not even learned how to think of nature being the supreme law maker, and not some absurd, man made god(s)!

      Franto in Toronto

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 

      6 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      It is common to see that many of us have forgotten the God in his true essence. We have started worshipping many Gods and dieties leading to various superstitions. There are hosts of people who take undue advantage of gulible persons who believe in such superstitions. Such persons are cheated or even robbed of their money or valuables. There is a thriving business industry which runs because of our superstitions and blind faith in dieties. Fear of retribution of the dieteis on the gulible persons also helps such a business.

    • profile image

      The redundant 

      6 years ago

      I have decided not to beleive in anything that requires submission to any form of beleif, men of common beleif in whatever god system, have trough this species existance killed other groups that did not share their beleifs. Great work by the way. In truth there is freedom and even greater responsability.

    • goagirl profile image


      7 years ago

      An interesting hub and it echoes some of my own thoughts about religion and God. MilesArmbruster points out that God commanded 'specific religious activities' - but one has to remember that everything we have read or heard about God has come by word of mouth from other people, and in the Holy Books of every religion, that word has been passed down, sometimes the meaning has been lost in translation, so what we are getting is half-truths or even untruths. I'm sure that the historians or those people who passed down the stories of the great books were well-intentioned but it must be remembered that they weren't necessarily academics and one has to question their objectivity and the validity of their 'truths'.

      One doesn't have to be part of a group or an institution in order to believe in and worship God, or in order to live their lives by His moral code. One simply has to be, silently, with God. There should be no prizes or awards for being so publicly.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Moses was a religious leader that people followed. He called priests and other leaders under him as God directed. This is an organizational structure with set beliefs and inspired leaders at the head; in other words, it is a religion. Christ did a similar thing when he was on earth: he organized the twelve Apostles and taught and established doctrine and principles, which they taught to his followers after he left. I agree that some religions confuse people, but religion can be a vehicle to help people come to God through established teaching and ordinances.

    • liftandsoar profile image

      Frank P. Crane 

      7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Right on MIlesArmbruster. You have described what some traditions call the regulative principle of worship. Namely that God alone has a right to determine how He's to be worshiped. To the degree that churches ignore that principle they become what li3rittles seems to be describing. I woudn't call it religion. I'd call it an unfaithful church.

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      MilesArmbuster -

      My God is the Holy Father and Creator of everything. He requires that we know Jesus Christ, accept him as our savior and repent of our sins. We are not doing this based off of good deeds or rule. We already broke the rules, therefore, what is done is done. The only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ. No commandment or sin will keep us from our Father.. Only denying Christ will.

      That is my beliefs anf where my faith lies.

    • MilesArmbruster profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere on the journey

      This is an interesting hub, but it makes me wonder who your God is. Most of the major religions testify to a God that commanded specific religious activities and practices as a demonstration of faithfulness and obedience. Ancient Pagan religions required sacrifices as demonstrations of the people's relationship to God. Jews were required to sacrifice at the Temple as proof of their love for God. Every God of every religion prescribed prayers and reading of Holy Scriptures, as well as certain behavioral standards and even giving money. All of these activities were necessary to have a relationship with God, all of them proved and demonstrated that the people believed and were faithful, and all of them were, by definition, religions - established by God. What I wonder it, who is your God who doesn't require any religious response from you. Does your God require nothing?

      The funny thing is that most people see the purpose of religion as what adds clarity. By way of example, after Jesus died, people didn't know what the church was, or what the church should do. So Paul wrote first and second Corinthians - these books define the church and its specific religious practices. For a Christian, we only understand how to celebrate "The Lord's Supper" properly, because Paul described the proper religious response in his letter. Paul also described the gifts of the Spirit, how elders and deacons should behave, endless details of the Christian religion. We certainly would not want to conclude that what Paul said "was designed by man to have control over man." All of the "religion" that Paul described was done to put an end to confusion.

      It is possible that some religious activity that you have seen is bad. That is because ultimately, people practice religion, and some get it wrong. But you say that, "religion destroys our spirits," "makes people feel better then (sic) others," and "makes them pray to angels and statues and objects." Hmmm... again, I suppose that is possible, because some people, as I said before, get it wrong. I have been going to church for decades and I have never once been encouraged to pray to anything but God Himself, especially NOT angels, statues or objects." My church teaches that I am a sinner, and that I am no better than anyone else, that I should love my neighbor, put his needs first, and that because of the grace of God, my faithfulness to my religious activity demonstrates that I really love Him. In the end, faithful and humble service to God lifts my spirit, it doesn't destroy it.

      Here is what I am curious about: Who is your God? How do you have a relationship with Him? Who decided the way that you relate to Him? If God didn't decide what your relationship would look like, how did you decide the proper way to relate to Him?

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate the feed back. I still, however, feel that man and only man made "religion". God never established it. There's God's way (the truth), and everyone else's way (religion).

    • liftandsoar profile image

      Frank P. Crane 

      7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Amen, Lone77star

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      @ii3rittles, an interesting take on the problems with religion. But I disagree.

      Religion "can be" merely a meeting of like-minded spiritually intent individuals who wish to live a life closer to God.

      God helped to form religion when he had Aaron, his sons and the Levites cater to the spiritual needs of Israel after it left Egypt.

      The real problem with religion is ego.

      In fact, ego, is the real problem in any human activity. Ego is "of" this world. It is all about this world. Ego is the essence of selfishness. It is the sense of entitlement to be right and superior or to be viewed as good in the eyes of others. The Pharisees were full of ego because they lived by the letter of the law to be seen as good in the eyes of their peers, but did not understand the spirit of the law.

      Religion isn't bad. What men, under the drugged influence of ego, do to religion is what is really bad. From ego has spawned the murder of the Cathars, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the burnings at the stake, the Salem witch trials and modern terrorism.

      Where two or more people come together in His name, you have the essence of religion -- a group of people bent on spiritual reawakening.

    • liftandsoar profile image

      Frank P. Crane 

      7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      I think it's a bit of a broad brush you use in describing religion. Of course, it is true that religion can be used in very pernicious ways. And it has. I for one, would be loath to speak too strongly about religion when, in fact. there is a religion which God would approve. "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world." James 1:27

      "Religion" is a neutral term that describes a system of belief. That system may be good or bad, healthy or destructive, true or false depending on how closely it reflects the teachings of Scripture. My religion is Presbyterian because I believe that system reflects faithfully the teachings of God's Word. My sister's is Baptist, 'cause she believes the Baptist religion to reflect God's Word more accurately. We are both Christian because our faith rests not on our religion but in Jesus Christ, who died to bear the penalty for our sin.

      Some, not all, reject religion not because it is itself wrong, but because it places certain expectations upon its adherents. But in such cases has not the rejector created yet another religion? - his own?

    • madmachio profile image

      Nathan K 

      7 years ago from Kansas

      Interesting.. But I will say I'm happy in my religion. It helps me through every day. It guides me when I need it.

      I lived a life without it and found nothing but selfish misery and lack of hope..

      I will agree in a sense that alot of religion is used my man to control. There's no better way then that. BUT! It's not God's fault that He gave religion to man, then man took it and used it for his own means.

      Good hub. Made me think!


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