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Religion and politics : The Nigerian Arena

Updated on July 2, 2013

Politics and religion: the Nigerian Arena.

It is known that some religious sects are against elections in that they do not vote during elections. The most notable of these are the Jehovah’s Witness. I once had a chat with a Witness on the issue as I wondered how the world would be if we do not elect people into various offices to govern a state. He claimed that the kingdom of God will come on earth when we stop elections. That is God will establish his own Government and leadership.

In as much as some sects expect the kingdom of God to be established on earth yet the theory still vary as to how and when such kingdom will be established. This is because some people do not belief God will destroy the world he created while others belief that a new earth will be established after the old one is destroyed.

The witness also went ahead to say that God appoints kings to rule as was recorded in the Old Testament of the bible. Then again, one can ask how or who will pass the message across to the people as most people no longer trust prophets, where they still exist. It is because of the above idea of Christians not taking part in politics that made me wonder how the world would be if Christians do not participate actively in politics. That is if the expected “good family” fails to serve the society, politically, who will do and how will good things come to the people? Then again, some people can recall the situation when the church had the power and the suppression of knowledge and freewill by dogma.

It is lucid that one does not need to belong to any religious group for one to lead rightly as has been proven by some leaders/men that left their names on the sand of time. However, it is surprising that despite the increasing number of churches and religious movement still corruption is still the order of the day in countries like Nigeria. Does it mean that the corrupt politicians do not belong to any religious group? No! They are members of various religious group and most of them make huge donations to their settings.

Since we know that support of corruption is not part of any doctrine, does it mean that the corrupt politicians do not live up to the expectations of the religious groups they belong? It is no doubt that the Nigerian politicians belong to various religious sects and as such they should try to represent the image of the sect they belong though Judas may persist within the religious sects in form of false members. The main point in this write up is that those Christians that understand the need for a better society and do take part in politics should try and represent well so that others can learn from them and, at the end, all glory will be returned to their creator.

It is a shame that man religious sects exit in a country like Nigeria, and many people now belong to the various sects yet corruption has not been checked. It is time for the religious in politics to ensure that the right people are in the right places and the religious leaders should do more to encourage their politicians on the need of accountability among others. Yes, it is also known that bad things happen, even, in the churches where most people look up to for exemplary life/leadership. If that is the case, does it mean that all hope is lost?

No! because the writer still maintain that one does not need to belong to any religious sect for one to do the right things but religious men and women are challenged to lead by example especially those in African politics, most notably Nigerian politicians.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      I think your conclusion said it all in that some known to be good people seem to change once given a political office.

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 4 years ago from Philippines

      There is much hypocrisy in religious institutions regardless of their denomination. Here in the Philippines, some leaders of large congregations can deliver the block of votes of their followers which can make the difference between winning or losing an election. Politics and religion have been woven inextricably together since the dawn of mankind. The "divine rights" of kings are now being conferred by religious leaders to politicians.

      We would like to believe that the use of the pulpit encouraging their followers to vote for a particular candidate was the result of deep reflection and insight on the part of the religious leader. Sadly many decisions on the choice of whom to vote for office is arrived at for pecuniary and self-advancement considerations.

      Unfortunately, good men and women shy away from politics, or if they do enter into it, are caught in it's web where "idealism" is soon replace by "reality"