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Religion is Evil

Updated on May 28, 2016

How religion sow enmity and division between people, and how our actions affect other dimensions and frequencies throughout Universal creation? Find out.

Why do we worship and believe on an invisible God?

From childhood, we are brainwashed that there is an omnipresent, omnipotent, all powerful God who created us.

We are told God made us in his own image and likeness, gifted with endowed intelligence, beauty, soul and freewill.

And according to the Book of Genesis, the fall of man started with our first mom Eve who defy the order of God while caretakers in the Garden of Eden together with our Dad Adam. She disobeyed the commandment of God not to eat from the tree of knowledge, because of her transgression God banished our parents from Eden and consigned to live in the wilderness.

Her sin is passed down to all of us her children from the moment of our birth, akin to the genes we passed down unto our children, wherefore we must do a penance of a lifetime, worshipping God, following his commandments so we may be worthy and deserving again of his grace and mercy.

In order to please God and be worthy of his honor, there are commandments and protocols given to humans to follow according to the purveyors of all Religions worldwide. Popes, priests, pastors, Imam pontificate lies that they are ordained by God to exclusively rule and manage mankind similar to shepherds who gather and guide the flock in order to bring back into his fold (faith) once again.

Our parents were warned that only by the sweat of their toil, will Earth yield its bounty. The worst sanctioned was saved for last where God declared, because of grave offense committed by your parents ( Adam eat from the tree of knowledge) you are curse to die, which means we are all programmed to have a limited lifespan, all of us will suffer the inescapable fate of death.

In the middle of God’s musing, he gave us one shot to redeem ourselves, a gift of salvation for the final destination of the faithful and righteous humans on judgment day. God will harvest his own flock. The rest who will not make it to the chosen list will be put in Hell to suffer in an eternal life of fire and damnation.

God’s chosen flock will be transported to a place outside of Earth's realm, called Heaven, where death do not exist, sickness, tragedy, languishing in a life of happy ever after, together in the company of God and his angels.

What is wrong with the doctrine and concept above?

The concept of sin, resurrection, hell is manufactured by organized religions to subdue and control us.

In order for religion to subdue us, they must successfully frighten us into submission, and that is where the concept of hell is being spawned.

Eve did not eat anything from the tree of knowledge. The tree of knowledge is not a literal tree, it is the sexual knowing, where God caught Adam and Eve having sex. Lucifer tinkered with the DNA of an advanced androgynous tall humans that already existed on Earth whereby Eve’s gene is mixed with an ape woman roaming in Africa eons ago, the result was a downgraded, diluted human genome were 96% of our junk DNA is dormant and only 4% is program to function, his purpose is to mock God’s creation.

The human template is designed with a soul, but there is a rare kind of breed, like the psychopath, sociopaths, cold blooded killers walking on Earth sowing terror and bloodshed. Empathy, guilt and remorse are totally absent in their psyche, they are called organic portals.

When a person dies, his soul which houses his thoughts (energy) will transform into another form because energy can only be transmuted but cannot be destroyed.

God's commandments and one important omission.

The written commandments in the Bible commanded us to worship God, not power, or money, no other entity but Him alone. The rest is how we properly conduct ourselves in society, our families, children and enemy. No mention of any commandment of how shall we treat Mother Earth, the place which nurture, and provide us shelter, food and cure for our afflictions.

Why did God omit the commandment for us to love, respect and take care of Mother Earth. I do not believe God intentionally left off this important commandment, since God can view simultaneous timelines, by the way time is an illusion. Parallel universes are mirrors of ourselves scattered in different timelines. God did not include it in his memorandum because it is not God who handed the memo. The commandments are given to humans by someone besides the Creator.

The most likely explanation is that the givers of the commandment, planners, organizers and forgers intentionally pervert the true purpose of why man is created and put on Earth.

Humans are created to become the caretakers of this planet, not to be its oppressors

The abuses experienced by Mother Earth under her handlers (humans) is shown by her tenacity to lash and fight back against her abusers, as shown of the erratic worsening weather conditions happening worldwide, which give birth to the vicious cycles of flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides and tsunamis.

Religion and the new age movement are exposed for being bogus. It is created to control us, to amass riches and to instigate wars. To control humanity and destroy existing cultures for furthering the agenda of the creators of religion is the reason for War.

Religion is created to sow division and enmity between humans through faith. Only by understanding our past, can we avoid to re enact the cycle of planetary devastation and endless human carnage spree that will drive us to extinction and doom.

Mother Nature is a very important component in our survival. This is the only home and legacy we leave to our children, and our children’s children, your religion left this out. We are all responsible for what occurs on Earth.

Earth's diverse species of fauna, flora does burst forth a bountiful harvest, resilient but with a fragile ecosystem and bio diversity, continuously feed by the sun’s rays, which sustain Mother Nature to manufacture food for our sustenance.

Fast forward into the present timeline, what have we done to Mother Nature?

We decimate forests, mangroves, jungles to feed man’s insatiable appetite for money and greed. We molest and rape coral reefs to build those century old churches and financed our burgeoning numbers. We pollute the rivers, tributaries, oceans, lakes and seas with our filth and toxic chemicals in the name of industrial revolution and modern living.

We are 7 billion on the planet, and continue on multiplying like rats. What do we accomplish so far that made us worthy in the eyes of our creator?

Man in his arrogance plays with nuclear weapons and made Earth his testing ground, thereby producing a chain of chemical reactions that permanently ripped off the fabric of space and time.

After the Bombing of Hiroshima, what did your religious leaders do? They commanded us to pray and ask for divine intervention, other religious fanatics pushed the panic button, announce this is the end times. Do they preach social awareness and the dire consequences of our indifference to the plight of our planet? No, religious leaders are busy enriching their coffers, amassing wealth to further their agenda.

If Lucifer wanted us to become his minions and assuming he will successfully convert us to be his flock of ardent followers, how will he be able to continue his evil carnage on Earth if Earth has been reduced into radio active decay?

We reaped what we have sown because we are program to be uncaring by our religion based on the premise that : Earth is the habitation of demons, and it shall perish away. Religion indoctrinated us of another place Heaven, which resulted in our innate attitude to destroy anything perfect and beautiful, to the point where we nearly blown ourselves into vapor and dust.

A child indoctrinated with religious views will grow up a religious bigot, strongly convinced his religion is the one telling the absolute truth. Religion is similar to an infection once embedded in the brain, the existence or possibility of alternative versions of the truth fell on deaf ears.

Souls who are release upon death and unaware of their true purpose on Earth cannot move on to higher dimensions, trap in a cycle of never ending reincarnations on Earth

Each of our individual soul is housed within an avatar which is our body, (our body, one head, two arms, two legs, bi pedal) is our signature template in a 3D world. Our body is a vessel, a temple of God, meaning we are what we eat, what we do, what we project into the world.

For decades we pollute the environment with the most toxic chemicals we can make, thereby contaminate the very fabric of our existence. Our indifference to Mother Nature and her plight resulted in many unspeakable diseases and mental madness, the end result of our foolishness is mutated genes and damaged DNA.

We slowly and irrevocably destroy the human genome with our actions, we are self destruct entities. What will happen to the soul that inhabits a genetically damaged avatar?

The problem with religion is that it fails to address or purposely deny the important link of Mother Nature in our Existence.

Religion will lose its power and relevance in our lives if we shall disconnect from its sphere of influence, it cannot thrive if they do not have control over us..

Who created the Bible and Christianity?

The Bible comprises of two divisions, the Old Testament was compiled in 600 BC, written by Jews scribes and rabbis. It is a hybrid book, a blend of the Old Judaism religion and Babylonian idolatry, occultism, astrology and human sacrifice.

The New Testament (the four synoptic gospels) is compiled and edited by spin doctors (political campaign managers and planners) of the Roman Empire in 325 AD. The writers of the synoptic gospels (comprises birth, the life and death of Jesus) is not written by his disciples who only knew Aramaic language, the international language during the time of Jesus is Greek. The author named Saint Luke is a Roman doctor. The identity of the author of the book of Revelation is unknown, John is a pseudonym.

Christianity is the brainchild of Roman Empire, the purpose is to unite all pagan religions into one umbrella while the Roman Empire continue to expand its sphere and influence invading countries in Asia and the Middle East more than 2,000 years ago. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus which is forgiveness of sins, love, and resurrection infused with pagan practices, inclusive of the repackaged tale on the life, death and resurrection of the holy trinity( Horus, Isis, Osiris: Sargon, Semiramis ,Tammuz.: in modern parlance : Joseph, Mary, Jesus).

The teachings of Jesus became popular and many people were converted into Christians.

It is easy to identify whether your religion has relevance in your life or its purpose is to control, turn you blind and catatonic of what is happening around you. I encourage you to patiently and exhaustively trace back the history of its inception, the life of its founders and you can judge the merit of your religion through its actions or deeds.

Christianity is founded on millions of blood of the countless heretics who refused to vow and be converted to Roman Catholicism whereby the Roman Catholic Church committed a mass genocide against the millions of natives living in South and North Africa, Asia, Africa and in Europe during the middle ages and steal their land.

Judaism is guilty of human sacrifices, read the Old Testament and you will be encountering a bi polar God with anger management issues or Lucifer depending on your take and how far you have done your research.

Islam is created by the British Monarchy and Vatican to control both sides of the equation, thereby control the outcome of a conflict and war.

To go to war in defense of your faith, is sanctioned by Islam, and a reward of 72 virgins in heaven for suicide mission or to sacrifice your life in the name of your religion

You do not need religion to identify right or wrong. You only need empathy to do what is right.

We start by saving Mother Nature from further contamination. Can we forego our luxurious, ego centric existence by trying to live a simpler life free from the trappings of modern convenience?

Religion taught us to worship an invisible God, but we keep on destroying Mother Nature not knowing that Mother Nature is God

Our deeds will affect our environment may it subtle or a deep impact, one thing is certain our actions, decisions good, bad or irresponsible creates a ripple and a chain reaction that will affect all of us.

So how can we be separate beings if our action vibrates on other lives? Religion says we are separate souls responsible for our own salvation. But we are not, each one of us is a facet of the Divine, we are inter connected beings, what you do to the least of your brother will come back to haunt you. It is the law of Karma, our actions mirrors the kind of persons we are.

If our social orientation would have been different and we are brought up to think that we are ONE big creation, then we shall be extra conscious how our actions affect the plight of other people and our environment. That is the purpose of why we are here, to assist each other to evolve, elevate awareness and transcend beyond our individual differences, personal greed, selfish agenda and petty quarrels.

We are stuck on Earth because Lucifer put a lock grid on the Earth frequency, humanity is trapped in a 3D world which can only access the visible spectrum of light. When shall we decide to unplug from our collective prison called the matrix if we continue to kill each other and destroy Mother Nature?

Humanity is a special experiment created by the Creator/ Creatrix put on Earth to govern and be her care takers. Our genetic make up is program to evolve and transcend beyond our present physical limitations. We are endowed with intelligence, an avatar, and a soul. The plan is for us to evolve naturally, develop a collective consciousness and mass awareness that our collective thoughts and actions vibrate and affect all other frequencies and dimensions in the Universal creation. Our thoughts are reflections and mirrors of ourselves. We are not separate from Mother Nature, we are connected with her as one giant organism. If we try to destroy Mother Nature, we are also trying to destroy ourselves, we are One with Earth each sporting an avatar or different ships or vessels that houses our souls.


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