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Religion is the #1 Justifier of Murder

Updated on February 18, 2017

Ritual Sacrifice

Most people are so stubborn when it comes to religion because simply they are right and everyone else is wrong. Religion gives sane people the right to kill people for their own selfish reasons. Some religions practiced or still practice ritual sacrifice of humans to gods. Anybody with a brain would question how by simply killing a person that would bring about fertile ground or rain but with religion it suddenly makes sense. Religion is the number one reason for justifying murder, God or Gods tell are telling you to do it so why not!

The Aztecs may have murdered as much as 20,000 people a year in ritual sacrifice! For more Information watch the video below.

Slavery Brought To You By Religion

People living in tribes were viewed and in some cases are still viewed as savages or fools for believing in their own unique religion. When Europeans came across people living in Africa and South America with differing religions it was always their sworn duty to preach their religion to the natives. It was okay to view the natives as lesser beings that had to be educated, and really that’s where racism started. If you think about it if Africans in the 1700s were Christian then the Europeans who later founded America might not have enslaved them because they would have stopped and thought “hey they’re just like me.” It’s alright to make slaves of people with different religions because they are not like you.

America Founded on Religious Freedom

Remember America was founded on freedoms such as religion. Protestants came to the New World, in an area that would later be known as New England to escape religious discrimination. Even among the broad range of Christians and Muslims their has been fighting among the different branches or sects. Protestants fight with Catholics and Methodists and so on. Mormons also faced discrimination and because of this they sought freedom in America.

The Crusades - Centuries of Religious Wars

Most people think that the Islamic religion with its suicide bombers is the religion responsible for the most deaths of any faith. Yet the Christian religion is also to blame for the Crusades. Although there are no official number of those who died as a result the fighting between Christians and Muslims the probability is that millions of people died. Muslims wanted to spread their religion through out the world, an indeed succeeded in converting places like Egypt, which was once mostly Christian to Islam. In terms of sheer numbers of individual deaths it would seem that various forms of Christianity and Islam are the religions that are accountable for the most deaths of any religion. Jews were also involved in the Crusades and died along with Christians and Muslims. Muslims though believe in justified warfare in the name of their God, called Jihad. Various Christian doctrines never preach violence an indeed advocate just the opposite. Christians mostly just wanted to defend themselves against the onslaught of Muslims who wanted to kill them, and indeed about 66% of land where Christians lived had been taken by Muslims.

In the Middle Ages in Europe churches, or the Church, such as the Roman Catholic Church, had more power than actual country or political leaders. In fact to keep their power the Church would not teach people to read so they had to go to services so as not to face punishment. These people believed that if they didn’t go to Church they would burn in Hell. This is a scare tactic, veritable terrorism, used by the Roman Catholic Church to remain in power. Only when people learned to read the Bible for themselves did the Crusades really end. Some Christians fought in the Crusades as a form of self-punishment for their sins.

The Holocaust

With all due respect to the Jews the Holocaust was a lame attempt on the part of Adolf Hitler to blame Germany’s poverty on one religion. There was absolutely no credibility to the Jews causing the defeat of Germany in the first World War. Still the psychopathic tyrant needed a scapegoat and their was already anti-semitic sentiment in Germany. Sadly at least 6 Million Jews, or about 66% of all Jews in Europe died as a result. When the Nazis were defeated some members of the Christian faith actually helped them to escape into South America.

People claim Hitler was an atheist, but why was he looking for religious artifacts. In the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Hitler had Nazis searching for precious religious artifacts and that was true in the real world as well. Perhaps Hitler believed these artifacts would actually give him some sort of power over other humans.

Atheists Kill Those Who Are Religious

Even those who are atheist and reject any religion have killed those who practice religions. Atheist dictators of the world see religion as a threat to their rule because is disrupts the conformity and unity of the people they rule. They only want their ideas to be spread and so they kill those with different religious beliefs. So in reality even those who on the surface are not killing in the name of any religion are killing those that do practice a religion.


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