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How Lucifer and his Bloodline become the Overlord Of Earth

Updated on June 9, 2014

Why Earth is being molested and rape, what Lucifer has to do with it?

In the not so distant past, Lucifer splashed down to Earth and was impressed, bewitched and in awe of the beauty and wonderful creation he has discovered and seen.

He immediately accomplished an extensive mapping on Earth's topography, conduct an extensive reconnaissance survey of all the diverse fauna,flora and fauna flourishing on the different regions, nook and crannies on Earth and deeply considers how he can benefit from it.

Then something caught his discerning eyes, he noticed a band of very tall thin humans tending the different flocks of animals on the planet. These very tall humans possessed a far advance mental faculties and psychic awareness, androgynous in appearance with the absence of sexual awareness.

The distinctive tall humans are immortals, possessed evolved souls, higher spiritual awareness, multidimensional with elevated mass consciousness and is fully aware to their true purpose and mission on Earth which is to be guardians of the living library..

Lucifer carefully study from a distance the guardians of the living library with utmost concentration, observing their work and how the animals responded well to their management, it looked like in all appearances that the animals and the guardians understood each other.

Lucifer after several musings, approached the guardians of the living library showing his most seductive and brilliant smile, conversing in mesmerizing tones using his most seductive voice, displaying his handsome countenance so he may win the friendship, trust and confidence of the tall androgynous humans.

When Lucifer was done talking with them, and became fully cognizant of the the over all intelligence and the hidden potential qualities possessed by the guardians of the living library on Earth, a deceptive and clever plan germinated on his mind, which is to destroy and mock the beautiful creation of God.

Lucifer round up the tall humans in a surprise moved. Some tall humans were trapped on Earth unable to escape when he changed the Earths magnetic field, frequency and closed the portals of the entry and exit on Earth. The others were able to escape and went back to Orion to report to the Creator of the latest escapade of Prince Lucifer. The rest who resisted arrest were killed and their souls are hovering on Earth gazing down on the plight and development of the human race. Those caught alive were transported into his makeshift laboratory in order to be processed for genetic tinkering which is Lucifer's secret agenda and plan.

The first hurdle that needs solution is how to dilute and degrade the genetic code of the guardians of the living library in order to shut down their higher consciousness.

Lucifer is a brilliant scientist and geneticist. Understanding the human genome would be an easy feat for him. He noticed there are bi pedal creatures roaming in Africa, possessing semi developed brains, ape like, hairy, stinking body smell and do not have a discernable verbal language. This ape like bi pedal creatures, drink water from a ditch, and engaged on sodomy.

In his makeshift laboratory along with his trusted assistants Prince Lucifer started the process of tinkering with the Human genome of the tall humans. He kidnapped a number of ape women to accomplish his mission of hybridization. .

If you remember Prince Lucifer wanted to deride God's creation through tampering. After numerous genetic tweaking and manipulations, Lucifer was able to successfully combine the DNA of the advanced tall humans with that of the ape woman, thereby producing a downgraded, diluted version of the previous highly evolved androgynous human beings..

The new hybrid human being has a 96% dormant DNA, Lucifer only give them 4% active DNA to function. Now he has his own version of what a human should be, docile, not so intelligent as the previous version, easy to manipulate and to frighten into submission..

His next plan is to create his own disciples that he could trust to implement his long term agenda. The first downgraded female version of the Humans is called Eve, and Eve got pregnant from the seeds of Lucifer.

Lucifer has now his own royal bloodline to carry his plan. Lucifer started the lies that only Kings and Queens or those descended from the royal bloodlines has the divine right to rule over the masses.

These royal bloodlines are of course his biological children sired from the different Earthling mothers he raped or copulated with to be the breeder of his seeds. So now you have a polygamous god trying to control humans through his children.

Lucifer then issued directive that his bloodline will only inter marry their own bloodline and must avoid the ordinary humans fathered by Adam to retain their genetic purity.

Meanwhile Adam copulated with Eve and begot ordinary humans which are the masses. Lucifer wanted to control the masses, and the most effective means and tried method to control the ordinary humans is to give them different religions to focus their mind with.

When people multiplied Lucifer taught them how to read, write and to survive in the wilderness. Later agriculture was introduced, and the framework for societal living for social order gains momentum. School of thoughts are established and under the influence, guidance and management of the chosen bloodlines as appointed by Prince Lucifer, the process of indoctrination begun. His chosen bloodline elite are to be the keepers of his secrets and hidden agenda.

Upon the introduction of Religion, people were indoctrinated to worship God and make daily offerings for the bountiful gifts and harvests derived from Mother Nature. The genealogy of the priestly line started as the anointed leaders and proprietors of the temples of religion. These priestly line taught the masses how to please God and cower on his wrath, and they also emerge from the loins of Prince Lucifer, as usual.

Secret organizations and societies were also hatched and scattered in strategic countries and territories under the auspices of Lucifer and his bloodlines to make way for the esoteric teachings and principles that is restrictive and not available for the masses. The secret teachings are about architecture, astrology, divination, pedophilia, mind control, sorcery, occultism, human sacrifice and alchemy.

The purpose of secret societies is to harvest intelligent hybrid humans for the purpose of fulfilling Lucifer's secret plan which is rebellion.. Among the job descriptions is to be leaders of the academe profession, religious organization, non government NGO's military industrial complexes scientific circles, space travel, global banking and mind control. Bribery and coercion is applied if those chosen to lead the masses will not submit to the yoke of the powers that be.

Who is Yahweh of the Bible?

Prince Ninurta is a warrior Prince ,lord of the Air, brother of Prince Lucifer, he is the original Yahweh of the Old Testament. Ninurta is the leader of a separate successful human experiment gifted with the most intelligent brilliant minds, endowed with artistic faculties and empathy. This breed of human experiment are called Jews, but the original identity of these people are obscured, lost in the mist of time and antiquity.

The Jews you know at present are not the real Human experiment led by Prince Ninurta. As you have deduced by now Prince Lucifer successfully infiltrated the human experiment, dilute the genes, inserted his own bloodline hence we have faked Jews holding powers, committing atrocities on human kind.

To identify the real Jews, observed if he has a brilliant mind, possesses empathy and is not into sucking the lifeblood of his neighbors. If the Jew you find is what I mentioned above then you are very lucky indeed because you just met one of the 4% of the real Jews walking on the planet today.

Meanwhile the bi polar God, suffering anger management issues with a bad lust of human blood sacrifice in the Old Testament is not Prince Ninurta. He already left Earth to attend to important matters involving galactic war brewing in the the other sectors of our Universe.

The Yahweh God you encountered is Lucifer, who successfully posed as Yahweh had duped the Jews of the bible, as usual Prince Lucifer is brilliant in his infiltration method and scheme.

History is written by the victors, hence the written history we read, unearthed in Sumer, transcribed and translated is not the correct version of the true accounts of the turmoil beginnings of man. Even way back, Prince Lucifer has doctored, edited and perverted the true teachings and records to further his own end. His rebellious nature knows no bounds and he saw us, as his ultimate weapons to be used against the Creator.

Why is Lucifer has this obsession to destroy everything on Earth?

Lucifer has been sentenced to be quarantined on Earth because of his previous crimes of rebellion instigated on the other sectors of the galaxy.

Lucifer sees humans as his collateral asset, in case the rest of the good guys will come back and liberate Earth from his dominance and spell.

Lucifer wanted to use human fodders in case he will fail in his epic battle conceived in the not so distant future. What will the creator do, will he force his way together with his arresting officers to serve the arrest warrant to Prince Lucifer in the presence of billions of humans that shall perished in the future Armageddon?

Since his fall as a consequence of his numerous rebellions and wars engineered in other sectors of the galaxy, Lucifer is in a contemplative state of mind, nursing a bruised pride and a wounded ego of his brief victories and defeat of the battles he fought outside of Earth.

How to free his trusted minions from a dark star and convince other races to join on his plan for the ultimate battle is what occupies his mind. The mission is how to free his warriors imprison in another dimension using the over souls of the guardians of the living library, but was not totally successful. He is obsessed on how to exact revenge on those individuals responsible for his imprisonment on Earth. To trap everyone from not leaving Earth he closes the portals on Earth, so that earth will be off limits from outsiders and could not be entered or access from other frequencies and dimensions of the Universe.

So now you know that Prince Lucifer is suicidal and he will bring us down with him if we shall continue to patronize his visions and plans..


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    • profile image

      john januz 

      7 years ago

      nice true

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think you are right about the Bible's lack of substance on protecting the environment. But is that really surprising?

      Most Christians believe this "world" is transitory and the real goal is heaven, which is eternal and unchanging. So anything that happens here has no real long-term effects. In my opinion, this is part of what makes religion so dangerous; it sacrifices the present for an unproven future.

      Great hub and welcome to hub pages!


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