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Religions of Today, and My Views

Updated on November 27, 2017

Maps of the Sinai penisula where this terrorist attack took place

This is the map of the Sinai peninsula, the attack of this Mosque took place at Bir al-Abd, which is in the northern part near the Mediterranean Sea
This is the map of the Sinai peninsula, the attack of this Mosque took place at Bir al-Abd, which is in the northern part near the Mediterranean Sea

Today, I am asking myself, is God an illusion?

Welcome to our article (115) Religions of today, and my views

Dear readers, I should say that even though I am a believer, I have my doubtful moments, therefore, I am asking myself, if God is an illusion that humanity has created for various reasons. This state of religious beliefs and doubts seem to go on for a long time, switching on and off depending on what is happening around us.

So, to explain myself, let me say what I think about religions, since I see that there are too many religions in this world, the followers of these religions they all believe that their religion is the right one, therefore the other religions must be wrong, or only part true. They never think that they can all be wrong, because no religion has got it right, you see, in my old age I start thinking that religions could be (or are) an illusion, that we the people of this world want to believe in this God as our father, that would guide us and could help us if we need help. We believe in that because it makes us feel better, you see we have a God that would look after us, and isn’t that wonderful?

I believe that, we the people of this world, we are all a bit mad, in the sense that we want what is good for us, so, when there is nothing that we really like, we start wishing and dreaming about something that is not there, but it would make us happy if it was there, this wish may take many forms, one of this is the wish to have a god that would look after us. Of course, in this case of wishing to have a god, there are many other things that would influence us, we want to know where we come from, why we are here on earth and many other things. All these things put together, they make up just the right excuse for us, so we can believe that there is a god.

Anyhow, while I am writing this article, I am also trying hard to believe that there is a god that looks after us, so, I don’t want to admit that God might be an illusion that we have created ourselves, because that sounds horrible.

You see, sometimes I have these up and down of faith, I believe that a lot of people have these up and down of faith and we end up just the same way we were before. There are times that I cannot help thinking that I am a believer, because I have written so many article about religion and God, of course my articles talk about God the way I see God, or the way I wish God was, but never the less I am a believer that believes in God. But today I am so frustrated that I want to admit that God might be an illusion that humanity has invented in the past, because of these needs that we feel within us. So, I am debating this issue with the intention, of finding a way that I can reconcile myself and believe in God.

Of course, here I should say, that I wish God really exists, in such a way that God can connect all existing religions together. I am saying this because of what has just happened in Egypt today, the 25 of November 2017, so let me explain.


This is the Mosque where the attack took place and some victims

The Msque in this photo seems so peaceful, nobody could ever think that things like this could happen in these places of worship, but the have. Militants Kill 305 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt’s Deadliest ...
The Msque in this photo seems so peaceful, nobody could ever think that things like this could happen in these places of worship, but the have. Militants Kill 305 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt’s Deadliest ...
Most worshipers at the mosque were Sufi Muslims, who practice a mystical form of Islam that some extremists consider heretical. Some victim's of the attack in hospital
Most worshipers at the mosque were Sufi Muslims, who practice a mystical form of Islam that some extremists consider heretical. Some victim's of the attack in hospital

The Egyptian horrible terrorist attack

While I am writing this article something horrible has happened in the Sinai Egypt about 305 people are dead, because of these religious fanatics that respect nothing, who believe in these religions that allow people to kill each other in the name of God. There are a couple of links here that will tell you more about it.

Militants Kill 305 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt’s Deadliest ...

There are no words to describe all this, we can only say that what is happening is completely insane; and in my personal views this should not happen in religious circle. Therefore, I ask myself this question, what is wrong with religions today? Because what has happened has religious links, or at least religions are being used for an excuse to kill other people that don’t agree with you.

Anyhow, let us describe the best way possible what has happened, starting with a link to this horrible news, and then some comments straight from the Internet news.

News about Terrorist Attacks

(I quote from the news)

At least 305 people, including 27 children, have now been reported dead following an attack by Islamist extremists at the al-Rawdah mosque in Egypt on Friday.

According to officials, the 25-30 militants arrived in SUVs with wielding machine guns and then positioned themselves at the Mosque's entrance before firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

Authorities add that the attackers also brandished the black flag of terrorist group ISIS..

(End of quote)

So, when these horrible things happen, where a group of people shout “God is Great” (=Allah is Great”) and kill some other religious people, which happen to believe in the same God, or sometimes a different God, one has to consider the role of these religions. So, because of what has happened, one should ask oneself, if there is something wrong with religions and what could be done? Now that I have said what just has happened and how it is affecting my religious views, I am going back to talk about my doubts about religious beliefs. Because I start to think that God might just be an illusion, since nothing seems to work peacefully.


My doubts about to role of religions

I should say that after this happening, religious beliefs and issues are even more mixed up than before. Therefore, we might assume that God does not exist, so, God is an invention of our human mind. Because if God really existed the way that He is supposed to exist, God could not and would not let these people use his name in vain, and kill other people that worship him, you see, it does not make sense, we the people live a life of illusions.

So, let us talk about it. Most people do not desire to know the truth, because it is not convenient to them, they like to live most times an illusion, because they cannot help it. Most times they accept the unreal instead of what is real, you see, most times we cannot distinguish one from the other, this is what I believe that is happening in religion circles.

Having said all this, one should search for the truth, even if for us it is not easy sometimes to see the truth, as I have said just here above.

My own personal views about God are that God could exist, but the descriptions of God, may only be partly correct, therefore, they are an illusion that have been written to fulfil our desires, to fix that, we should be looking for a God that can embrace the entire world, if we can find that, then, we might be able to find peace and harmony on earth. I hope you see what I mean.

We will continue to discuss this issue, in our future articles, because I believe that today we have said many complex things, and it would be good if we give it a rest.

May God bless us all?

© 2017 Francesco Menchise


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    • Oztinato profile image


      10 months ago from Australia


      No I didn't say religion is made to control people.

      I said certain evil people try to use anything they can to control people. Hitler for example tried to pretend he was religious in order to control people.

      The true purpose of religion is to enhance people's character and to prepare them for life after death.

    • Frank Menchise profile imageAUTHOR

      Francesco Menchise 

      10 months ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Oztinato, thanks for commenting, I know that you see religions is something that have been made to control people, I agree with you there. Then, if we use the same method we can make religions better, in such a way that the control is beneficial to all humanity.

    • Oztinato profile image


      10 months ago from Australia

      Religions change and evolve over huge amounts of time.

      Evil people try to use religion or money or anything to gain power over others. Anything can be used as a weapon including an idea.

      Even a marshmallow can be dangerous if a murderer choked someone on it.

      The theory is that what happens here on earth is an illusion to test our resolve or faith. Apparently the after life is so radically different and uplifting that the events here on earth are paltry by comparison.

      This has been testified by near death experiences of a hideous nature where victims report an otherworldly experience of bliss while their bodies were involved in some painful disaster etc.

      Recently scientists proved that heightened consciousness exists after someone is brain dead.


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