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Reconciliation Spiritual New Era

Updated on August 15, 2022

Reconciliation of the universe new era

Welcome to our article (62) Reconciliation of the universe new Era

May God guide and help me to say the right things.

Dear readers, this article is to link our religious writings to the spiritual universe. Anyhow, these articles have been written according to the spiritual beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation, and part of them we have learned during our lives.

We believe that most of the spiritual life that we believe must exist, anyhow, in the following articles, we will be talking about Gods and angels and souls and other spiritual things, and those things that we haven’t said before.

Now, this article seems to be at the cross road of our religious writings, as it is in the middle of everything: so, in this article we will be talking about, Reconciliation of the Universe, what we would like to achieve with these religious writings; The dawn of a new Era; Some prayers to protect us from the forces of evil.


This could have been the last chapter

Dear readers, I thought that this article could have been the last chapter of our religious writings, when I wrote it the first time; a bit like the end of the Bible, where the angels of God sound the last trumpet; but then we became aware that we have only written part of it, because we need to write about the spiritual universe.

You see, we need to describe God life forces energies of the universe, and then, we are going to write about the negative life forces of the universe to complete our cycle. So, instead of being our last chapter, it is going to be the beginning of a new Era.

You see, God life forces energies of the universe never end, as they go around in a full circle forming the life cycle of the universe, so, in reality they do not have a starting point, as they never begin because they have been there all the time and they will never end, as they go on forever. Anyhow, we would like to write this article here, before we start writing about the spiritual world. Because what is going to follow is our vision of the spiritual world. So, after writing about, God of the universe positive life energies, we are going to write about the negative life force of the universe, and about the abyss.

Anyhow, remember what we are going to say hereunder.





Anyhow, I believe that if humanity accepts out theory of ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’, it can turn out to be the beginning of a new Era for mankind.

Now, let me say why I am writing these articles, I feel within my heart that God is guiding me, and ‘Reconciliation of the Universe’ is only a small seed that God allows me to sow in his name, and I feel that this seed will grow and bear beautiful fruit with time: But if it doesn't, then there will be somebody else that will sow another seed like mine, and then another somebody else, because religious things need to change; as you can see for yourself there are several religions that use God as their servant; anyhow, if my religious theory fail, then there will be another one again, until mankind becomes good enough and sees that God is only good and hates to see his own life destroyed, because above all I believe that God is life.

As I was saying, this article could have been the end of our religious writing, instead it is the beginning of a new Era, So, let us talk about this new Era.


The dawn of a new Era

I believe that we have reached a stage, where we can say that this is the beginning of a new Era. Therefore, may God help me to say the right religious things in this article. I feel that this is the beginning of a new religious Era. Therefore, we hope that these religious writings are going to mark the beginning of a new spiritual Era, and new religious ways.

Anyhow, we are writing here what we feel is right, therefore, let me tell you during your lives seek God whenever you can, and if you do that, then God may reveal Himself to you, and then you’ll be able to know the truth, and it will give you the chance to contribute your part to the present knowledge of religion. But if you are not able to contribute anything it doesn’t matter, because if you search for God enlightenment, at least God will make you feel better for it, because you may feel his presence from within your soul.

Whatever degree of religious awareness you may reach in your life, even if it is not high, it will be better than nothing at all; and it will help you live a better life.

Now, let us explain it in a different way; you see, if you take a person with good common sense, and if that person stops long enough to think about it, that person must conclude that there must be a God because there is life.

If you do not feel sure about your beliefs, you can read the Bible and other religious books to find the answer to your religious questions. We admit that the Bible has faults the way it has been written, but in there you can find lots of good things too, and if you are a good observer, then you will reach your own conclusion, or the same conclusion that we have reached, which is that God will help only those people that believe in him, and that contribute to the welfare of mankind.

Anyhow what we have written is one possible way, and there are other ways, to be found, and it is up to mankind to find them. However, what we have written, we could say that it will be the dawn of a beautiful new Era, where God will be closer to us if we search for him.

So, I’ll say to the religious people and wise men that will come after me, be prepared for the dawn of this new Era, even if this future God is different from the God that our previous generations have taught us; so that God will help us see the truth, you can write it down, if you feel it is worth writing it down, because everything has a beginning, and Reconciliation of the Universe is only the beginning of a new Era, and here we are only writing the first chapter and it may not look so important now. But if you keep writing another chapter and then another it will slowly grow bigger and become more important. Just think about it as this new Era is upon us already.

Dear readers, within these writings is shown the way we must take if we want to find the way to God and to Eternal Salvation.

Anyhow, I believe that God is life. But now I believe that I have said enough in this modified article, so, see you in our next article, Pre reconciliation of the universe.

May God bless us all.



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