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Why would you kill God? ( For the love of money).

Updated on September 16, 2015

Why would you kill God? ( For the love of money).


Why would you kill God? ( For the love of money).

Why would you kill God? ( For the love of money).
High cholesterol.

Domestic violence.
Broken homes‎.

Lack of eduction.
Government controlling the natural resources of the earth.
The masses getting minimum wages keeping them in slaved
from generation to generation.

How do you break the cycle of poverty.
Be wise with every penny.
Invest today in a better tomorrow.
Be aware of what thoughts dwell in your mind.
Plan and materialize your dreams.
What ever obstacles stand in the way of your happiness?
Eliminate them if possible.

What are we fighting for?
What is the value of a human life?
Does repentance truly erase sin?
How does one break a habit that is detrimental to their survival?
What happens to the soul when we stop breathing?

Does the life force (energy) ever cease to exist?
Who do you turn to when all else in life has failed you, God.
If love is not enough, perhaps monks are already in a state of Nirvana.
How does one silence doubt?‎ Question.
What is the true religion? Love of self.

When one is reckless, and the mind is troubled, you lose sleep.
How do you count your blessings, when you cease to learn from your mistakes.
A broken heart, stems wisdom‎.
What is it that you seek?
What you sow you shall reap.

Fear calculates our desires, for ultimately we are trapped by our deepest motives.
The light reflects reality as it exists good and evil, none is more supreme.

What is a grave sin? A dying dream.
A man born blind, lives wholly in the present.
A woman born deaf, hears no lies.
A child that is dumb, conspires ‎mischief from experience.
The gift of life is painful and joyous.
The righteous have walked the path of wickedness.


‎Why would you kill God? ( For the love of money).

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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