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Restoration is in Need

Updated on November 13, 2011

When Jesus walked on this earth, He came to save the poor, to show them the way back to God the Father, many people at that time were doing their own thing, as they had lost the way to God, God made laws for the people to follow.

All through the Old Testament, the first books of the Bible, where all the history of the children of God had gone through, with disagreeing, wars and battles being fought over land and cities.

And many were choosing to go their own way, they found other ways to worship and that way was not to worship the true God.

At times God would let nations be destroyed by others, and some nations would be placed over others, but they still did not want to take notice of God and His laws.

As time went by the people were getting further away from God, God knew that for the people to come back to Him something had to happen.

Right through the early books of the Bible it does tell of what will happen, and that God will send a Savior to earth to show the way back to Him.

Jesus, God's Son came, and during his life on earth Jesus was able to do many things to show the people right from wrong and to show the way for the people to get back to God the Father.

Jesus taught that there was only one way back to God, as by this time many other ways people thought that they had found, as over time the devil who had been tossed out of heaven had been trying to get people to worship him and not to worship God.

So, when Jesus came to show the people that the only way back to God was by Him only, Jesus did say that He was the way and no one can go to the Father except through Him. John 10:7-9. this was the teaching, Jesus did not come to change the law of God but to help the people to see that the blood of goats was not enough for the forgiveness of sins that the people were in.

Jesus went to the cross full of our sins, he rose again back to life and was taken up to heaven, so that we can have eternal life with the Father, as Jesus said that we need to ask for forgiveness for the way that we have been, I mean the way that we have been away from the Father and the teachings that Jesus came to tell and show us the way back.

While Jesus was here on earth many did turn away from their sinful lives and began to follow in His teachings, and through that they were able to help others to turn away from their sinful ways.

Now since when Jesus was taken up back to heaven, many have tried to change the teachings of Jesus, so now there are about 400-600 different so called denominations now in the world, I wonder when Jesus comes back what will He think of this, as when He was here there was only one true teaching, the one that He was teaching which was and still is the truth, now many are teaching false ways in these times.

The true Jesus Christ of the living Word the Bible will soon return to this earth, but this time as King of kings, Rev. chap.11:15, At the sound of the seventh trumpet, loud voices were heard in heaven, they said,"Now the kingdom of this world belongs to our Lord and to his Chosen One! And he will rule forever and ever!"

Over the years many people have fallen away from the laws of God they have not taken much notice of the Ten Commandments.

In Psalm 72:1-4 it says that "He will judge with righteousness, He will save the children of the needy and will break in pieces the oppressor".

May God help all of us be willing even now to get back to the true Chirstianity of the origional Christians and of Jesus Christ Himself.


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    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 6 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Thank you Ps, I have part 2 here as well. God gives I write, and I obey, pity more are not the same, but it will be one day. "Come Jesus"

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      What a wonderful well written Hub Raymond Tremain!!! Voted-Up!

    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 6 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Thank you heart4theword, well this is pt 1 pt 2 coming very soon, yes when many come to realize this sooner the better as we all need to come to our Lord for eternal life.

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      How better to relate to the people of this world...but to have The Spirit of God, walking amongst us in an earthly body. Jesus did pay it all, that we would have a choice to have a more intimate relationship with God, without anymore animal sacrafice or rituals. Thanks for sharing your love and passion for what Jesus has done for us:)