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Restoration A Process

Updated on November 5, 2011
i an eagle
i an eagle

Restoration A Process

From broken spirit to life from Jesus

the love of God comes to me.

changed in an instant from blindness to sight

from lameness to life

from broken to repaired, restored

from captured to one set free

healed in one second as He breathed on me.

time is meaningless as life begins at the beating of His heart,

His words, His Spirit hovering

He looks and sees that it is good,

it is very good!

who can know Him, hold Him, contain Him?

He makes the clouds His chariot, riding the wings of wind

He is wine, and bread, water and wind in timeless existence

He created it, He alone discerns

what barriers hold Him,

who builds a dwelling place for Him?

He is endless upon endless of everlasting love.

words are not enough, experiences are shallow,

imaginations too small to describe this awesome God.

He comes to me, words on His wind, words of wind

wind words hovering, creations breath in every whisper

slowly, gently Fathering me with living words of fire

passion, love, electrifying my heart and spirit.

suddenly rushing wind of presence filling my space,

piercing me through and through.

i am helpless sails on a ship, i let go

the unseen engulfs me

i am saturated, breathless,

i am and I AM.

Now i'm an eagle high upon a perch,

i catapult with wings out and out and out,

stretching as far as i can

i want every breath of wind,

riding, gliding, soaring,

i pour myself into this joy.

effortless updrafts lift me higher

i want to live in these moments forever.

my whole purpose in this life is His joy

He always has new winds, new heights,

new life, new objectives.

the winds i knew a second ago are gone

i wait expectantly, ears open, eyes focused

day after day with intent, to fulfill His pleasure

i was created for His delight.

it is written, "In His presence is fullness of joy

and at His right hand are pleasures forever more."

(Feb.05 L.)


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    • Saintatlarge profile image

      Saint Lawrence 8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you both for the comments.

      Much appreciated.


    • rdlang05 profile image

      rdlang05 8 years ago from Minnesota

      Amazing Poem.

      "i am and I AM." --Simply Beautiful.

    • Presigo profile image

      Presigo 8 years ago from Spokane, Wa

      Thank you, this post says more to the spirit in man than any debate could ever flesh out, this is truly beautiful and speaks directly to our very human need for God !