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Retrieval of The Boy In The Alley

Updated on November 10, 2009

What Are Retrievals?

Depiction of a retrieval
Depiction of a retrieval
I got down on my knees
I got down on my knees

I'll Never Forget The Boy in the Alley

In the mid 80's I was reading Robert Monroe who wrote 3 books related to out of body experiences, it was either Far Journeys, or Ultimate Journeys where I came upon a description whereby it was later termed a retrieval.

Most often a retrieval is done to move a being out of a traumatic or otherwise highly emotional, perhaps a depressed state, and assist in moving that being to either what we can call the Light, or into the hands of guides, teachers, helpers who do the follow up work on the retrievee.

There are many nonphysical beings who work on this level, but in this case, the following description is to mean, a person who goes out of their body, within their energy body and does the work with this other energy body. We sometimes refer to it as a soul retrieval then.

For now, try to understand we are more than our physical body, and we are not confined to a physical body. Now, on with my first retrieval!

After reading about Monroe's exploits I remember thinking I really wish I could go to some of the places and do what he does. I had been having intense vibrations during my sleep which Monroe helped clarify for me, was my energy body leaving the physical state.

Not long after reading Monroe, perhaps some days or weeks passed and one night I came awake suddenly from a sound sleep. There was somebody in the room, but they were not physical. I heard as non verbal communication "Come with me! I will train you."

I did indeed go with her. There seemed to be some urgency about the situation. It was a first time for me, for something like this to happen and the usual vibrations were absent, and replaced by a great excitement that something important was about to take place for my spiritual growth. There was a sense of swift movement, like being in a dark current and being swept along with this guide. While in transport I remember asking a few questions, like who she was and where were we going, but the being only replied I would find out later.

We arrived over what seemed a large city alley. At the end of the alley I could make out the outline of a half dozen nonphysical helpers (NP's) they were standing around and waiting for me and the woman guide.

"He's there!" The guide spoke urgently again. Go and observe." I saw a teenage boy running through the alley. I saw two other teenage boys running ahead of him. Policeman were firing upon these children! I heard the shots. At least two shots were fired. It seemed the boy must have been hit in the leg, I decided as he kept going down while running.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, then I heard the boy cry out GOD HELP ME!

The sound of his voice seemed to reverberate through every fiber of my being as it was so gut wrenching, I began to look around for God, for surely God would answer such a cry that he had sounded. Then I watched the scene begin again all over; like a movie being played from the beginning again. Go in! the guide admonished; see what you can do for him!"

I was trying to figure out whether this child was dead, or this was a real time incident, and I got the feeling I should figure that out later. Something told me this couldn't be a real time incident or it wouldn't repeat like this. I hurried over as close as I could get to the boy and crouched down to eye level and began to talk in a calm, soothing voice. I had to hurry and get his attention, as if he yelled out again for God to help him, I was afraid I would start crying with him, and then that would be no help at all for him.

He seemed to notice me. That I was there, and then his eyes would seek out his buddies and I felt how badly he wished to escape with them, but they had to leave him behind when the gunshots sounded and it did indeed begin to look like the others got away, but this one did not.

Over and over I repeated he must stop running. I decided to tell him that he would lose too much blood by running, and it would be better to lie still for his life, and if he went to jail, he would get out and at least still be alive. It had to be his decision to stop running though and for a moment I wondered if he could hear me as I seemed to be talking a long time. I might have looked like a glowing figure to him as he was looking at me with such wonder for a moment. I told him I had faith in him. Although I experienced a lack of confidence in being able to persuade him to stop running and let the police catch him, I knew I might be the only one could get him out of this repeat drama long enough to get him "delivered."

Eventually he did stop running and the police did run up to him and summon the guides, who were to him, paramedics in his mind, and the guides were dressed appropriately and they brought in a stretcher as well. I saw a small crowd of bystanders and an ambulance.

The boy was hustled off to a hospital, in a dimension where we do have hospitals, learning institutions, homes and the like, on astral levels which are like a replica of the physical world we subsist within, only it's not could say it's compressed energy in the replica form of dense energy. For our bodies are energy, and we have more than one body that consciousness uses as a vehicle.

I heard from the woman guide, the boy had been repeating his death scene and was "stuck" in it. A retriever will get them unstuck, from the emotional glue of the trauma.

And the first question most folks will ask is why could not the NP's get the boy's attention to get him unstuck? I was told they had been trying, but that a person who still has a body is of a certain vibrational frequency that can be discerned by the retrievee as "real."

Many of these stuck ones, still think in physical terms and their belief system tells them they are still alive, and only physical is real to them. They do not believe there is an afterlife, or they think of an afterlife in traditional terms and had never conceived that it was possible to become so stuck, by believing that they could not die.

Of course, youth has a way of thinking in immortal terms. He was "living" it's just that he was living in his astral body and did not know death had come to his physical body.

In some cases a retriever will inform the subject they have left the physical body; died, in other words. But in this case, I was to enter his "dream" and others would inform him he had not survived the incident. He was in too much shock to explain the details to him at this point.

It was enough that I got his attention, as then I could bring to his awareness that there were helpers standing by; they had been there all along; he just had not been able to see them.

When I awoke the next morning I felt really good about this retrieval. I felt I had been able to help this boy. I knew he was well taken care of now. I knew I had social worker characteristics which I used from time to time, but this was the first time I used them in another dimension of our being. For clarification The Monroe Institute classifies this level as a belief system territory for nonphysicals whereby their belief system plays itself out, for it is always what you believe that is reality to you, on this other level.


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      thanks Mike and if u r ever inclined I'm fascinated to hear retrieval stories of others..not many talk about them as I suspect not as many folks do them or remember doing them as I formerly thought which means retrievers get a lot of painful skepticism thrown at them.

      Be happy Mike! all your gifts you give us will be multiplied unto you so u won't be depressed at all or less and less until your PP line is straight. PP stands for pain/pleasure and I hear from a good source we all have a jagged pain today pleasure tomorrow line, when we do the things we love to do constantly, I hear we can balance ourselves between the two worlds and life gets smoother.

      theres my 2 cents. seems we are running some hurdles these days, most of us. love, LR

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Fascinating article, Laughing Rain. Amen that we are MORE than our physical bodies and there are guides and helpers on the non-physical levels and realms. Soul retrieval is a very powerful phenomenon which I have been working with for many years. Dealing with depression for years made me seek something more than what the shrink's and therapist chair have to offer; not that they don't have their place. Great hub!