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The Code that the Aquarian Lives By

Updated on March 13, 2013

Behold the Water Bearer!


The first time you read anything astrological, you say:  “Where did they come up with these animals and humans?”  And then your next logical question is “How do these characteristics transfer some kind of meaning to the adherent?”

What do the characteristics of a scorpion, or a horse, or a goat or a lion tell us?  Then you read what those animalistic or humanistic characters and they communicate something to you.

The Personal Process of Embracing Your Sun Sign

In the case of a Ram let’s say, the images are bold, violent, energetic, youthful, challenging.  Each person can come up with their own images.  This tends to be a personal subjective process.  These images, like a bag of treats, can hold many subjective, and even somewhat contradictory tendencies.  But because these images are quite defined and “agreed upon” by nature itself, these figures become solidified over time.  Being hung with the deadly Scorpion appellation can make most people dread, some people proud and others just much confused.

Cancers who embrace “Moonchild” and don’t like the “Crab”

In my years of counseling, I have found that “stumbling” over these images causes problems and misapprehensions.  Of course this ancient art did not generate these images for our entertainment.  So when the Cancer embraces Moonchild, she also might be missing some meaning because she does not get the Coding in back of the Symbol.  It might be more profitable to more completely focus on the Code, instead of the symbol.  After all, what does a pair of fish going in opposite directions really tell the average Pisces?  Isn’t there a Code that can be more enlightening?   The answer is “Yes”.

The Reverse Engineered Coding that like a Laser Beam, Can Shine on your Soul

In each of these “reverse engineering” articles, I will focus on the larger code above the sun sign symbol, which in actual text will give us clear meaning, and thus a path to success, above the descriptive images the sun sign gives us.

What is the Aquarian Code?

The Aquarian is the beneficiary of an array of qualities which charm and bemuse and befuddle their loved ones.  The Water Bearer is humanistic and personable, but often quite cold upon examination.  They love to be thought of as having the world view, and the “big picture”.  These “Reverse Engineering” articles are written to nail down some of the pictures that seem to contradict or create confusing images.   The Aquarian can zero in on you with laser like intensity and then forget your name as you say good bye.   That does not make them insincere, it just reveals that their mind is often somewhere else, but their heart is always “kind of” right.  They can represent themselves with true honesty because their heart is truly nearer their awareness than their head is.

Fixed Air

Aquarians are accused pretty continuously of being stubborn and unmovable.  Those words are actually too harsh.  They are fixed, however.  Fixed is a more technical word from astrology and since the Aquarian is often casting their sight and their plans in very far off neighborhoods (Airy), it is easy to seem as if they are “stubbornly” holding (fixed) to nutty concepts (air).  The fun thing about the Aquarian is that they are always bemused that other people take the opinions that they do.  But that’s OK.  They do well inside their own skin.  They have themselves to keep company, and they are not vicious, and seldom give in to recriminations.  There is always the next day.  This is the Aquarian approach, and unless the other person is “hung up” with some personal issue, forgiveness and a new day can be found.

Fixed Air Winter

Because of the Winter, the Aquarian feels the cold breeze on their shoulder.  This makes them look at the horizon, and not just make snowballs that won’t form.  The Winter makes the Aquarian think.  A certain coolness of outlook and embrace of the bigger population makes them feel both distant of personal warmth, but kind about the human outlook and its bigger problems.  As you can see the packaging of these three code words gives a rationale, in fact a reasonableness to the Aquarian that other signs cannot grasp or hold onto.  When Abe Lincoln endorsed the Emancipation Proclamation, his critics said, he was not that concerned with slavery.  It is not useful to argue that question when he was dealing with what the proclamation would do for the whole nation and the fate of the Civil War.  It is these kinds of issues that the Aquarian can deal with.

The Aquarian Rationale – Easier to Understand

You can end your self-doubt; even though you seldom do.  Why do I say that?  The places that your head takes you, and the subjects that you dare to deal with can sometimes just make you dizzy.  You wonder:  “Why do I think this way.”   “Why can’t I change my basic approach?”  You should accept the cold winter winds, the unchangeability that you are stuck with, and the subjects that you insist on thinking about.  But don’t be too cock sure.  Don’t be too impersonal.  Back down and don some humility.   All of these things will help you with your friends and loved ones.  Forget about the fact that people sometimes doubt you.  Deal with your heart so that you can live with yourself honestly and cleanly, and then you won’t have to deal as harshly with yourself as your friends might.


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