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Revival Bound or Joy Unleashed

Updated on March 8, 2022

Prepare for Rain

The new joy in my life is coming from the clouds. Literally, I have completely changed my strategy for life. Clouds float, No two are alike and they always let the sunshine come through somewhere.

Clouds hold rain. Rain, when it falls, nourishes the plants and changes the atmosphere. Does God send the rain? I have done an experiment for over 5 years now. When it looks like rain is about to fall and I have any reason that it should not fall, I ask God not to let it rain in a particular place for a particular reason. He always listens to me and it does not rain there. Except twice in that period of time. ( I probably asked him not to let it rain about 50 times) Quite good odds I would say.

One of the two times it rained, I asked Him why he let it rain and the first time He said because when you performed in the park in the rain, you set an example for the men and women who were watching you and the other pastor whom this rainstorm affected. (Reallly, if you ask me I can find the whole detailed story in print. I sent an e-mail off to a website that told this singing in the rain story.)

The second time I was in a parking lot trying to hook up a trailer that I was to take to the ministry site. The rain came down like a waterfall. My clothes were soaked, my truck seat was soaked with me in it and I was cold. God let me know that people who sleep outside and have only a blanket to keep warm get caught in these downpours quite frequently. They then have to function for hours without being able to dry off or change their shirt or even sleep on something dry. I learned about empathy that rainy day.

Now then back to the clouds, so clouds float and no two are alike. Everyday is different than any other. Nothing should be routine, the way to keep it fresh in your mind is to be presently in the moment. Clouds change shape every minute, the wind blows and they change. We can be metamorphic like that. Keep your interest piqued by letting Gods love flow through you every minute. When I clicked the mouse to start this sentence, I felt the joy of my fingers doing exactly what I wanted them to do. Amazing that we take this accomplishment for granted. There is a wood grain appearance on the pull-out shelf of my computer table. It is absolutely beautiful. No two grains are alike. It is like a fingerprint. Can you imagine that out of 7 billion people on this earth not one has a fingerprint like the other.

Floating and soaking up rain to release on the next unsuspecting person or flower. I prepared to go to Port Aransas and camp out but I had not been camping in over 10 years. I could not remember what to take with me. I left the worry in Gods hands and I did not worry. Someone called and said I heard you are going to camp out at the Revival you are putting on. Yes; Well, I have a tent and right now I am at Sam's and I am buying you tent stakes and tent poles for the tent. Wow! OK, May we come by tonite and leave them for you?

Absolutely, come on by and let it rain!

Why yes! Of Course. No worry, (what would i need to put the tent and stakes and poles in? A bag of course, a quite large bag. She brought that too.

She said God told her what to get. She was soaking up rain. It was released on me.

Two nights before I was to leave, I thought momentarily about the need for fuel for my truck. I was downtown at ministry Under the Bridge and one of my assistants called me on the loudspeaker. When I got to him he pointed at someone and said; You will never guess where this couple is from. I said Houston? (because that is where we are) No! he said. Corpus Christi! Well that was quite a coincidence, wrong there bucko, the word is divine appointment. They were going to a restaurant he had visited once before and they were going a direction that he never goes. They saw our little sign that says; "Church-Everyone Welcome" and they came to check it out. (10 pm at nite.) an area that they were not even familiar with. I am going to Corpus in 2 days. We exchanged info and when he was leaving, he gave me $40 cash for what else but fuel for my truck. Hmmm, another cloud collecting moisture droplets and looking for an unsuspecting person to shower it upon.

Not only that but he and his medical colleagues have been praying for revival for several months now. They have prayer meetings in his medical doctors office every Wednesday.

Look, tonite is different than 2 hours ago when I started typing this story,

The calendar on my wall is being fanned by the ceiling fan and when it extends away from the wall it makes the picture of the clouds above it look like the wind is blowing. Its like a picture with real wind. Its like a picture of a freshly baked pie that smells like a freshly baked pie.

This story has so many more clouds to be transformed into rain.

When you come back to read the continuation, you will have soaked up some moisture yourself and you will drop it on some unsuspecting but well needed soul.



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