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Riding The Wave Of The 2012 Winter Solstice

Updated on December 13, 2012
SaraGardner profile image

Sara lives in Finland creating a new lifestyle after stage 3 cancer, and is now researching alternative approaches to recovery from trauma

When you can see what you currently perceive as “right” and “wrong” in the same unbiased manner that you would perceive “right” and “left” then you have stepped into the new dimension.

When I expand fully, way beyond just mind, I step out of all conflict…..

Then the mind flicks in and says “Oh, now I’m superior” because it knows that it has seen and recognised more than the other separate minds.

But by this very action of seeing myself as superior, which can only be achieved by being separate (being superior requires “others” to be inferior), I flick right back into my isolated mind and the expansion is lost.

This cycle is the same as an in and out breath, it requires no conscious effort.

Now in this new paradigm we can hold both states in mind at the same time; we expand to incorporate them both together in the same moment of perception. Instead of seeing ourselves as an in-breath or an out-breath we see ourselves as Breath.

Before we had the simple parable of truth, the blind men each describing different parts of the elephant and arguing about which was “right”. Look it up if you are not familiar with it.

Back in the old energy I expanded by stepping back from the elephant and observing that all things were true and our perception of old fashioned “right” and “wrong” merely depended on where we happened to be standing…which piece of the elephant was in front of us.

In the old energy I recognised that there would always be an aspect of me right up by a certain piece of the elephant believing that I could see all and there would always be an aspect of me standing back and observing the bigger picture. I experience myself as this higher observer by sitting quietly and not attaching to mind.

In the new energy I can take this one step further and notice that even as I stand back and observe the real nature of the entire elephant whilst recognising myself as one of those also experiencing myself as believing in just one “right” piece of truth I can also expand my consciousness still further and recognise that even as I stand back looking at the whole elephant and observing myself next to it, that right behind me is the same side of the elephant.

This is not a different elephant in a new dimension (although effectively it is) this is the same elephant. As I observe myself being up close to the elephant I also know myself to be right up close to the elephant.

Isn’t that the same thing?


As I look out from my eyes I am observing from the human and as I perceive from the back of my head I observe as “spirit”. I use the word “spirit” because it lends itself to being able to experience and perceive in ways beyond pure human experiences.

These are my human experiences:

As the human I am small.

One of many.

A tiny cell in an organism or an atom in a cell.

As MIND alone, I believe I am the ALL. This is where the world ends. (i.e. the ego mind)

As BODY I am separate. There are lots of us and we are all separate.

As BODY/MIND/SOUL I perceive the ALL inside.

What lies inside us is another way of seeing what lies outside.

Even as we are observers of ourselves right up close to the elephant we can now also in the same moment be aware of ourselves right up close to the elephant.

There is a portal that we can step through.

In the old energy we might have seen this as a pinnacle of experience, something like the Holy Grail.

But when we see something in that way, as the Ultimate end point or goal we find that when we step through/into it, then it’s like arriving at what we thought was West only to bump into our very own arch-enemy who set off in the completely different, opposite and contradictory direction of East.

Thus the previously flat world becomes round.

When the top scientist finds the ultimate truth of reality and peers into his scope he will see the spiritual guru staring right back at him. Finally, they will recognise that it was the same thing that they spoke about but they just used different “languages” and “senses” to describe it.

No matter how far out I expand into the heavens to find the Ultimate Oneness I will always find myself right back in the smallest perception of my body. They are One and the Same.

Right now, our vision of life will open up to a new dimension which will change the way we perceive reality

Just for a while during the transition through the portal, i.e. the cross over of a 26,000 year cycle, as benign as the autumn and spring equinoxes signifying the cross over from days with more light than dark to days with more dark than light and vice versa, we have the opportunity to consciously experience straddling both sides of the portal with the One Mind and Body.

Why would we do that?

1] Just because we can

2] It’ll be awesome

3] It’ll be the best rollercoaster ride beyond all imagination

4] Because we can….I know I repeated that but it is worthy of repeating

Remember that I am explaining the unexplainable using words.

If you don’t get it then it doesn’t matter

If you are not interested then…why and how did you even get this far?


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