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A Little Catholic Penicillin for American Culture

Updated on January 2, 2012

Discovered accidentally by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928, Penicillin is what many in the medical field refer to as, the first miracle drug. Today, there are different forms of penicillin designed to treat bacterial infections such as, nose and throat, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Penicillin has also been used in the treatment of prostate infections, and certain sexually transmitted diseases.

The antibiotic-wonder works by breaking down the bacterial wall of a given infection. Penicillin accomplishes this by directly infiltrating the contagion.

Since Penicillin is itself a fungi derived from bread mold, the infectious wall allows the antibiotic to subsist within it as (what scientist call) a substrate attachment.

Once attached to the bacterial wall, however, Penicillin begins dissolving and weakening the wall's resistance and ultimately defeating the septicity.

In like manner, American culture is in dire need of an antibiotic-wonder, a heavy dose of cultural Penicillin.

Everywhere one looks one finds evidence of cultural plague and disease. From sexual promiscuity among teens and even "preteens," to widespread disregard for the unborn, to acceptance of un-natural relations between members of the same gender.

As Pope Benedict XVI recently stated while in Uganda, we are in need of "A deeper Catholic culture."

Yet, it is not merely Uganda, who has seen a rise in homosexuality, that should heed those words, but America as well. For America is steeped in a culture where 12% of all internet sites are pornographic and where a male first views such pornography at the age of eleven.

Indeed, it is time to build a "deeper Catholic culture." It is time for us as Catholics to act as cultural penicillin. It is time for us to infiltrate and subsist within those insidious walls and bring them down with the teaching of the Catholic Church (discovered purposely by Jesus Christ in the year 33 A.D.).

Let us dissolve those walls with her teaching on sexuality. Let us weaken those walls with her teaching on the sanctity of life. Let us pulverize their resistance with a straight shot of Catholic Penicillin.

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God bless.


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