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SFERO Conception: Of the Rules on the Formation of Occasions

Updated on June 9, 2009

Translated fragments

Author: Sergey Kronin

Open Temperological Institute
Published in Moscow, Russia 2006
ISBN 5-902713-04-8
Translated fragments

(Translated fragments)
SFERO Conception is a modern socio-cultural direction which brings together idealistic and materialistic outlooks, reconciles and finds the balance between them. Conception is aimed at the achievement of independent personhood under given conditions of modern civilization. It paints a structured picture of a world in a clear way and defines place, role and mission of a man in the world evolutionary process. It’s important that SFERO states the rules of great generality which correlate with any scientific, philosophic and religious tradition. SFERO Conception not only helps to understand each of those traditions but also reconciles them.
Many of our readers will find SFERO Conception interesting for the reason that it throws the limelight on the practical formation of their own positive way of living and thus creating of their own reality. The given principles open up new vistas for everyone to manage their own lives, give the sense of the powers which allow everyone to build their lives according to their own views. Above all the book gives complete answers to the career and private questions that make modern man worry. It makes understandable the actual effects of the way things happen as the man becomes more conscious of self. 
Conception answers the most urgent question of the modern humanity that concerns the return to the lost harmony of inner world and social activity by the revival of a wholeness of the human being able to bring together active social life and perfect inner world…
It may be said that SFERO gets to the heart of the mystery of “projecting mechanism” of own “inner world” to the outworld. Moreover, the book doesn’t only shows that everyone has this ability, projecting of Self is continuing regardless of whether a man wants or not, knows about its rules or not.


Part 1
Chapter 1. Myth about the Becoming of a Man

1.1 Of the causes of the Earth’s creation
1.2 Human
1.3 Human as an Essentiality
1.4 Roots of mysticism, rituals: and the energy.
1.5 Way of a modern man becoming: acquisition of “Divine gifts”
1.6 Third “key of Gods’ anger”
1.7 Fundamental mechanism of time functioning
Chapter 2. SFERO Conception
2.1 When the spring of vital force is being exhausted
2.2 In search of new springs of vital force
2.3 Time of self becoming
2.4 Recognizing self inside self
2.5 Place where the rivers of life are flowing from
Chapter 3. Multiple reality
3.1 World of Earthly Spheres
3.2 Structure of the Earthly Spheres
3.3 General task of the physical world
3.4 What kind of life is above, the same is below
3.5 How the real world appears.
3.6. Earthly game of unearthly worlds
3.7. Dark hunting.
3.8. Going towards the flashlight of a Beacon.
3.9. Summary
Chapter 4. Coming back home
4.1. Breaking the “bewitched circle” of commonness.
4.2. A “trap” of negative outlook
4.3. World as a mirror of materialized anticipations.
4.4. Destination of the “lighthouse”-Sphere
4.5. The fatal help.
4.6. Fundamentals of the Light Spheres’ Mode of Life
4.6.1. Being an individuality
    1. Showing individuality
    2. Being individual means to acknowledge individualities of others
    3. Individuality is a harmony, not the anarchy.
    4. Not to copy but to create, fantasize.
    5. The moral of individuality is showing of self
    6. Free Individuality
    7. Inward mode is a fundamental of outworld.
    8. Being individuality means responsibility
    9. Being individuality means to enjoy life
 4.6.2. The power of positive mind
    1. Positive mind: not to resist, but co-operate
    2. Stop “thinking” and start “reasoning” 
 4.6.3. Harmony as an active law.
 4.6.4. Situations of the objective world: the point of confidence
4.7. Under the aegis of the Gates
4.8. Sphere of the sky color /summary/
Chapter 5. The Metaphor of the Islands World
5.1. People who form the world
  5.1.1. A Legend
  5.1.2. Live core of the World
  5.1.3. Holistic people.
  5.1.4. Festival of Harmony
     1. “Pyramid Day»
     2. “Day of Eternal Dance of Life »
     3. “Day of Wakening of Life”
     4. “Day of Creation”
     5. “New Form Day”
     6. “Exhibition Day”
     7. “Filling of Feelings Day”
     8. “Day of Structure and Rules”
     9. “Day of Purpose and Will”
    10. “Accuracy Day”
    11. “Fastness of Reason Day”
    12. “Day of Showed Reality”
  5.1.5. Social Structure of the Island
  5.2. The Open Island
  5.2.1. Top of the Island
  5.2.2. Palace of Life
  5.2.3. Palace of Harmony
  5.2.4. People of Knowledge
    1. A Man of Outlook
    2. The Philosophers
    3. The Technologists
    4. The Emotionalists
 5.2.5. Creators
 5.2.6. Life of highland plains
 5.2.7. Border 
 5.2.8. Traffic-Controllers
 5.2.9. Professionals
 5.2.10. Giants
Chapter 6. When the inward knowledge will show the way
6.1. «Private!»
6.2. The principles which open the Gates.
 6.2.1. Confidence and harmony
 6.2.2. Awaking own motives
 6.2.3. Releasing emotions and feelings
 6.2.4. Own core in a world
 6.2.5. Unity of meanings
 6.2.6. Creating own harmonious world
 6.2.7. Being enjoyed by own creature
Part 2
Chapter 1. Time of self becoming /main positions/

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Position 1: SITUATION
 1.2.1. Situation is a Personality
 1.2.2. World is talking with the man by situations
 1.2.3. Any situation is an answer for the man’s thoughts. 
 1.2.4. It is forbidden to struggle with situations
 1.2.5. Every unmade decision requires stronger will 
 1.2.6. Will is needful for consciousness 
 1.2.7. Unambiguousness of decision 
1.4. Position 3: POWER OF INTENTION
1.4.1. Competence to throw away irrelevant things
1.4.2. Inward patience
1.4.3. Competence to wait
 1.5.1. Freedom and joy are inside the inward world of every man.
 1.5.2. Distortion of inward world is mirrored in outward reality
 1.5.3. If a thing is absent in mind it does not exist in reality
1.7. Position 6: MAN’S RIGHT TO OWN CHOICE 
1.8. Position 7: OWN MORAL OF A MAN
Chapter 2 Code of applied laws for ordinary life
2.1. Short view of common position of principles
2.2. The way of development of mind consciousness 
2.3. Axioms of World Harmony
2.4. Fundamental qualities of a man
 2.4.1. Value 1: value of feeling of confidence in world and being in harmony with it.
 2.4.2. Value 2: value of consciousness
 2.4.3. Value 3: value of own emotions, feelings 
 2.4.4. Value 4: acceptance of own core in a world 
 2.4.5. Value 5: delight of own creature
 2.4.6. Value 6: own world 
2.5. Interdictions
2.6. Conclusion

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