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Equipment and Tools Used in Ghost Hunting

Updated on August 22, 2017
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Macallister has been a paranormal investigator with Riverbend Paranormal since 2016.

There are many types of tools to use while ghost hunting. Some people like to go as big as possible with lots of cameras, DVRs, and the most high-tech voice recorders. While other try to keep it simple and use things like pendulums and a simple flashlight. No two investigators investigate the same way. Anyway you chose is a way to make contact with spirits if they want to communicate.

Voice Recorders

Voice recorders are used to record the session and pick up any sounds or voices that may not be heard by the human ears. Voices or sounds that are heard on the recordeing that aren't heard by humans during the session are called Electronic Voice Phenomenon. (EVP) When bgining an EVP session, it's best to go through and have each investigator say their name, so when you listen back to it later, you are able to recognize the voices of the people there, from a potential EVP.

Video Cameras

Video Cameras are also use to record the sessions. They pick up visual as well as audio. They can also be set up in spaces and rooms and left on to record while investigators are in a different area. They can also pick up EVPs and visual phenomenons.

EMF Meters

There are many kinds of EMF meters. EMF meters measure electromagnetic fields. (EMFs) Spirits or ghosts can sometimes give off electromagnetic fields that can be picked up by an EMF meter. They may also be able manipulate the energy around the meter to answer simple yes or no questions. One type of meter is a K-II meter. These should be used with caution and the understanding that other things like cell phones, outlets, and power lines also give off EMFs.

EDI and Mel Meters

And EDI meter and a Mel meter both measure both EMFs and temperature. The EDI also has a geophone which detects movement that may happen. (I was recently informed that Mel Meters are now also being made with a geophone in them) An EDI will set off an alarm at any measure of EMF, significant change in temperature, or significant movement.

EDI Meter
EDI Meter

Temperature gauges/thermometers

It is thought that ghosts use the energy from the air around them to communicate and that can create cold spots. A tool that is commonly used in investigation is a temperature gauge. When using a temperature gauge to determine paranormal activity, you are looking for a significant decrease in temperature of around ten degrees or more.

Spirit Box

A spirit box is a device that rapidly switches stations on an AM or FM frequency. Spirits can use this to communicate through. The user must be sure to listen to direct answers to direct questions, because you will be able to hear some words and voices as it changes stations.

Digital Cameras

One big part of Ghost hunting is taking a lot of pictures. A digital camera is a way to take many pictures quickly as well as having access to them right a way to examine evidence, or look for apparitions and orbs.


A pendulum is a stone of the end of a chain used to make contact with spirits. You give the spirit the directions for yes or no (EX: a circle for yes, side to side for no)Then start asking yes or no questions. No two pendulums are alike with how the move to communicate, and are usually better used by the owner.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods are easy to make and easy to use. They can be made from a simple metal coat hanger (or you can buy them) and are use by holding the handles and asking the spirit to cross the rods for yes, and separate for no. They are also used as a way to find water, or focus on a point that may have a lot of energy that could be a potential spirit.

A flashlight

Flashlights a re used to find you way through dark hallways and stairwells of the building you're investigating, but the can also be used at a way to communicate. If you take the flashlight and unscrew the top just enough to turn off and set it down, a spirit might use the energy in the air to attempt to turn the flashlight on and off as a way to attempt to answer yes or no questions.

Ouija Boards

This is definitely a controversial topic in my paranormal group. We have members who are adamantly against using Ouija boards, and members who are all for the idea of using one. I fall into the group who is for it. The boards are simple. They have the words yes and no on them along with the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. A group (preferably three or more people) place their fingers on a planchette with an eye and ask the spirit questions. The idea is the spirit will manipulate the planchette to spell out answers to the questions. Many believe that these boards can open doors to bad realms or invite in negative entities. In my opinion they are no different than any other tools used to communicate with ghosts.

Pen and paper

As simple as it gets. Right? I don't know many investigators who use this, but when I was younger communicating with with the spirit who was once (and maybe still is) attached to me, this was how we communicated. My mother wouldn't let me have a Ouija board *THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS AUTOMATIC WRITING*

You simply barely hold the pen between your thumb and pointer finger and press it gently against the paper, ask the question, and allow the pen to move freely and see if it starts to move. It's best to ask yes or no questions in my opinion. But you can ask for things like a name, or years they lived.

© 2017 MacAllister Bishop


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    • Moonlight Owl profile image

      Sarah Sweet-Lensing 7 months ago from Haslett

      Nice article! I've been looking in to getting a Mel Meter to start doing some invstigating, I've read great reviews for them.