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Updated on February 14, 2015

Krishna & Chaitanya: Two Life Times

Sita Thakarani, daughter of Sri Nrishinga Baduri, in a prior life was connected with Krishna, in the house of Nanda and Jashoda, in an amazing way. She provided child care advise and helped Jashoda take care of Krishna. In this lifetime She was known as Purnamasi, the mother of Sandipani Muni, grandmother of Madhumangal and Nandimukhi and a disciple of Narada Muni. Many say She is Yogamaya.

She appeared in the lifetime of Lord Chaitanya, who is considered by many to be the incarnation of Radha-Krishna in one body and form. Lord Chaitanya started the modern Sankirtan Movement when He appeared in Bengal about 500 years ago.

Sita Thakurani married Sri Advaita Acharya in Phuliya Nagara. After the ceremony they lived in Shantipura. He also had a house in Navadwipa where he performed various spiritual tasks, taught spiritual truths and conducted kirtans.

Right before Lord Chaitanya's advent, Sita was asked by Her husband to go to the house of Jagnnatha MIshra and Sacideva with all kinds of gifts for the child which filled a big basket. Sita saw the light surrounding Lord Chaitanya and recognized Him as an incarnation of Radha-Krishna whom She had known in Gokula. He was given the name of Nimai. She gave the parents many ornaments and garments as birthday gifts. Sacideva and Sita are considered to be incarnations of the Divine Mother. Sita blessed Nimai: "May You be blessed with a long duration of life." After this visit She returned to Shantipura. She returned many times to the household to help care for Nimai and to teach Sacimata how to take care of the child. Sita offered Nimai new clothes on His first birthday. She rendered loving service to Krishna in two life times. This is a rare gift to be able to serve God in two life times in such a unique way.

Vishvarupa, Nimai's older brother, took sannyasa and left home. Jagnnatha, Sacideva and Nimai grieved his departure from the household. Advaita and Sita came and consoled the couple. Sita and Advaita helped take care of Nimai at this time.

Eventually Nimai went to Gaya where He revealed His true form and purpose to the devotees. When He returned He started the Sankirtan Movement in the household of Srivasa Angan. Advaita and Sita came and were the first to worship Him as Lord Chaitanya. In Navadwipa He performed kirtan past times for the devotees. Eventually Lord Chaitanya took sannyasa and went to Vrindavan. Sita spent four days with Sacideva to help Her deal with this separation. After four days Lord Chaitanya returned to Shantipura. He fasted four days and then took the prasada cooked by Sita Thakurani.

A great festival happened after Nityananda, Chaitanya and Advaita discussed in Sri Advaita's temple the idea of doing a kirtan festival. Lord Chaitanya said to Sita, "Listen, Sita Thakurani, we shall extend invitations to all different Vaishnavas who live nearby. Let whoever hears the sound of our song, resounding through the air, come and join us. We shall invite one and all."

After this Lord Chaitanya entered sannyasa and lived at Jagnnatha Puri. Advaita Acharya and Sita Thakurani visited Him once a year along with their son, Achyutananda. Her other sons, Krishna and Gopala, became followers of Sri Chaitanya, too. Sita's sister was Sri who is the manifestation of Yogamaya.

Sita had disciples and was a guru to many female devotees in the Sankirtan Movement including Jangali. Virabhadra, the son of Nityananda and Vasudha, wanted to become her disciple. She sent him back to Jahnava Thakurani, his stepmother, the other wife of Prabhu Nityananda. Jahnava was a spiritual teacher after Nityananda left the Earth plane and was well known as a gifted cook and teacher. Vishnupriya Devi was the wife of Lord Chaitanya who supported His teaching and Sankirtan Movement. She was involved as a leading devotee along with Sita Thakurani after Lord Chaitanya entered sannyasa.

Sita worked in and outside the home, was a child care advisor and a guru in Her own rite. She helped to spread the Sankirtan Movement which eventually encompassed the whole globe. She had been blessed with experiencing two lifetimes with Radha-Krishna. She was among many great women who spread the music of the Sankirtan Movement around the world. Her skills and abilities as a homemaker and teacher were valuable assets to the movement. Whatever abilities and gifts you have please share them so that others can become great human and spiritual beings. On this Valentine's Day render loving service to someone you love. I dedicate this blog to Pandit Jagmohan Persaud for his birthday who is rendering loving service tonight in Guyana conducting a Ramayan katha.




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