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So You're a Capricorn

Updated on July 18, 2012

CAPRICORN (THE GOAT) 22nd Dec-19 Jan

Capricorns are earth signs and their rulling planet is Saturn. They make natural leaders, whether managers or politicians. They are confident, ambitious, hard working, strong willed and generally successful. Like the goat of their sign they will leap over obstacles or butt them out of the way, but they can also sometimes act on a capricious whim, and carelessly risk throwing everything away. However, they also remain calm and collected in difficult situations. They tend to like tradition and order, and have a 'correct' way of doing things, they are deliberate, determined and practical; given these qualities, Capricorns often excel at mathematical or scientific professions. They are sometimes considered to be cold and distant because they are good at controlling their surface emotions; this can make it difficult to become close to them, but they are loyal and loving to those who are. They are also very good at understanding others needs. At emotional extremes they can be overly serious, melancholic and depressive.


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