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(9) Posers & Fakers & Devil Hand Shakers!

Updated on September 22, 2017


"he Is in the Next Window Watching You!"

Spirit in the window!

I was angry! Very angry when I took these photographs! I was completely exhausted from the constant evil demonic attacks in this house against Twig and myself. At the time of these photographs, I knew "who" and what was causing them to occur. I stepped outside the apartment building-good and plenty mad-and I began to snap photographs-in daylight-not caring WHO saw me.

This was somewhat of an "In your face, I am done with your bologna and guess what I am going to do with all off these photo's? I am going to EXPOSE you!" This is an original cropped picture. Do you see the face in the middle window? I did.

I was looking at the original and realized that I saw some type of a face in the window staring out at me. I showed it to Twig, who had regained his eyesight by surgery. I cropped it up closer and this is the photograph close up. I continued to crop and as you will see in the pictures while changing the lighting around only too make out exactly who was staring out at me and what I was seeing more clearly.

I was not mistaken as I continued to crop the photograph of this spirit, closer, and closer. I gasped when I saw the full picture! The clear definition of the eye, the Polish round nose and the mouth of what seems to be a young pre-teen boy. He was warning me! He was pointing his bloody finger to the adjacent window which was part of the same apartment. I almost thought I heard a voice whispering and warning me as I stared at the photograph....

"He is in the next window watching you."

Strange Claws On Screen Door

These prints were left on the outside of the screen door.
These prints were left on the outside of the screen door.
Handprints left on my screendoor
Handprints left on my screendoor

Hand Prints on My Door?

Twig was on the computer one early evening with his back to the sliding screen door. He explained what had happened to him as I arrived home from work.

"I was talking to someone on the computer when I had the distinct impression and feeling that someone was staring at me. I turned around and there was this skinny man, extremely skinny, standing on the patio staring at me from the screen door. He was wearing black baggy clothes but I could see that he was skin and bones. He was extremely tall."

"He took off running from the deck and I jumped up and ran after him, out the patio door. It took me about five minutes of running around to realize what had just happened. I ran around the house and then looked out the front way and saw no one. There was no way any person could get away without being seen. I than realized that this was an apparition and not a live person."


A day later I had been standing outside on the patio smoking when I glanced at the screen door! Oh my! This area of the screen door was marked with clearly defined hand prints and I was shocked because I had just recently cleaned it. Look at the size of these hands!

I screamed for Twig to come outside and we both stood there startled staring at these really creepy hand prints on the screen. I had just moved to this new place and I had cleaned the windows and screens front and back so I was assured that they were not there before.

I asked Twig if this apparition scared him? If it was bad spirit? He said yes it scared him because he thought it was a real person standing there and then it scared him again because he realized that he had just chased an apparition. Other than the initial shock of this sighting, he said that he didn't get a bad feeling from this spirit though he felt that the prints on the screen looked demonic.

I looked at the screen for a long period of time actually every time I went outside. When I moved I left the prints on the door for the next tenants to see and wonder about. The hand prints were quite strange and even more interesting to me was the way the right hand print looked as if someone was trying to pull themselves up from the ground but too weak to have the ability to do so. The left hand print is so intricately defined and right down to the joints showing up. What is with these abnormally long fingers as well as the long somewhat bent fingernails? Creepy. What am I supposed to know from this? Clearly God wanted me to see this was allowed. What type of demonic force has the ability to manifest in such ways?

Sorcery & Tarot Cards


Because I have been taught much wisdom from the Lord in regards to the Bible, my stance of these hand prints has changed. These are demonic hand prints for sure. He has allowed me to understand that Angels do not come and do such things but Fallen Angels do. They were mimicking and mocking the holocaust victims. I did not get to see this apparition so I only have the hand prints to discern.

Some people have explained that those who have the ability to 'see' can cause these entities to gravitate to them for help. Could this be possible? My spirit says that this is not true. I just know what I see and I know what I feel when I see them and they have been mostly bad feelings since childhood.

I read the Bible and Jesus's word tells me about 'testing the spirit' with my gift of discernment. When I originally read this in the Bible long ago I remembered reading about this word discernment and I thought that it meant the spirits that I see. I was told later by someone that it means testing the scripture. I believe it means both.

Jesus tells us in the Bible that once a person dies a physical death that they are not allowed to revisit down here until judgement day. I believe that to be true. I do know that many people try to summons dead relatives through sources of mediums, Ouija boards, tarot cards, seances and meditations but they are not receiving messages from their dead family members. They are talking to demons.

These demons are called familiar spirits in the bible. Yes. Demons are given the ability to channel through people and talk to you. Doesn't it sound exciting? It shouldn't because I can assure you that they can do serious damage against your, your mind, your body and your family. They only come to see, kill and destroy. Remember this when you play these games. You will get what you summons and possibly more than you ever expected.

The supernatural things that were happening to both Twig and myself had caused me much distress and confusion at the time. I did not have confusion about Jesus but confusion of why the continual bombardment, even after acknowledging this situation and who this was. The demonic attacks did not stop or let up on us! It was if I was missing something.

Someone had asked me when these demonic attacks became intense. They started when Twig came to my home and they continued and got even stronger on our drive into Montana. We became bombarded when we stepped inside his building. During my research when I would struggle about what was 'really' happening and who this was, I would attempt to push it away as coincidences. I attempted to resume normalcy in my life but these demonic attacks would get worse and worse!

They could no longer be ignored and my spirit knew it. God was telling me NOT to ignore these things and to dig deeper. Oh I dug deeper and deeper and I have finally reached the bottom of the pit of hell. What I have seen in the past seven years if I wrote it all in books would be enough to fill a library. The problem would only be where to place them. Politics? Corruption? Demons? God?


No Authority Was Given To The Devil

I had not given the Devil authority to do these things and that I do know. I have been quite over the blaming Christians and pastors. They do not have a spiritual clue of what they speak nor do they understand scriptures through the Holy Spirit.

I can only assume that God allowed these two incidents as proof for me to show others of what I see. He left me one more amazing thing and when I saw it I almost blew a gasket from laughter! I threw my head back and laughed like a child! "God you are amazing! Just amazing! You are making this story of yours truly amazing!"

People lie and say that many ghosts linger in this earthly dimension in limbo due to unfinished business. This is a lie. Yes they do come from the spiritual world and if you read the Bible and really listen to Jesus's word, he tells you WHO the 'principalities of the darkness' are. I know that most of these apparitions are just that. They are all from the darkness and they are using their fine art of 'deception' to reel you in and away from God. Be careful not to let the devil dupe you!

No tricky-tricky-poo-poo for me! I will focus and stay close to Jesus and not worry or fear who or what they are because I already know that most all of the spirits that I have seen in my life were very bad and not on God's team.These demons only pose as 'light' but they are far from Light. They are the blackest of black and come from the pits of hell. That I know!

No Comments Desired

The comment section to my story has long been removed because I am not going to have a debate on the truth with anyone. I KNOW THE TRUTH! I am sorry that you don't. Yes, I am bold and quite assured of the truth of God's existence as well as the devil and demons. I just don't have the interest or time to debate any longer. You either choose to believe or you don't. It is really that simple. If you don't then you move along to something else.

I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but personally I just really don't care what you think because I know this is God and He is doing something amazing. I am tired of the many who have pissed on my testimony of the Lord. Comments disabled now and that is how they will stay.! No speech is required to read my story.

The Truth is Truth

The Spirit of Truth Vs the Holy Trolls

And for many of you that call yourself preachers, ministers and pastors, especially pastors wives who sit behind the keyboards pretending to be anointed..pretending to be 'holy.' Oh my goodness! You can not trick God. Please do remember this.

You are deeply in trouble if you continue to pull God's people away with lies that the devil does not exist. You will be made accountable for these lies and deception if you do not change and open your heart and then your mouth to the truth. It ain't going to be pretty for you in the end if you choose to continue to lie about God and Jesus. Life is about choices and eventually you will be forced to make a choice on who and what you will believe and who you will follow. Your life will depend on it as well as your eternal life.

I watch here on the hubs, You-Tube even in person so many fakes and liars. It amazes me the way they twist God's words. They even play the game among each other. It makes me sad and sadly a bit amused at the lack of discernment going on and the 'trickery' being played on each other. If you only knew the truth about some of your favorite bible teachers. I watch the devil deceive and I watch the trail of darkness follow and then to the next and the next and the next.

You silly folks! You really think that you are anointed and you have discernment? Do you act in any way, shape or form of anything holy? Only on the outside you do, pretending and then have the audacity to talk some smack that you are God's spokespersons.


The world is full of the devil's entertainment and what is most amazing is that these people are self professed Christians with supposed spiritual discernment. hahaha yeah, okay. They hide behind their Bible spewing and their holier than thou attitudes but I see the real deal behind their garbage. Some of them are about as holy as a donkey's rear end!....for real. That's not very nice but it is the bold truth.

There are unbelievable posers speaking the name of God who do not care about what they do to others only what they can get from another and they use the name of God to get it! Sickening! God will expose it all to Light.

Many of you hide from the truth. You run from the truth. You lie and you betray Jesus and you twist His words to get money and your bills paid, pretending to care! Yup, I got some righteous anger going on. I do. Eventually Christ will reveal the truth and I will have the road paved for me in righteousness. Many of you will be exposed for the snakes you are.

Until then, people will keep following the darkness because all things will eventually come to light and I will smile at God's justice and his wrath upon the many fakers in the world who act as if they are God's spokespersons when they most certainly are not. They twist the living word and change it to manipulate the weak for money. They have caused many people, including me to stumble do spiritual arrogance, greed of money and prestige.

Truth versus Trolls

Many people have left the church and Jesus because of these type of fakers. I can assure you that you can not trick God and soon His wrath will give many a serious slap down because they have not repented.

Oh yes indeed, I will clap my hands when the Lord swipes this evil off the face of this earth with judgment. Many enjoy disgracing and betraying Jesus and hurting and stealing from His sheep and they do it with no remorse. Lies upon lies to cover their lies but a person can not hide these lies from God and He is the 'avenger' of the righteous. Be expecting it because it will come.

Many are just posers and fakers and devil's hand-shakers and when the time comes because it is right at the door you will be shocked! You will see it come down on you because you did not repent! You thought you were too holy and you thought that God wouldn't remember. You thought that you could trick God and get away with it.

You can continue to pat each others backs but one day soon I will walk out onto the water to Jesus and my oil will be full. I will fear nobody but God. At that time you will realize that you do not have any oil and you never did. It is probably best to heed the warning and look into your empty oil container right now because is on its way. Judgment starts at the house of the Lord and it isn't going to be very pretty. The Lord is getting ready to fill the shoes of those who have filled the shoes of others with pain, heart-break, hardship and trickery with no remorse.

I do not feel bad or angry. I know that God will repay those who do wicked against His people.

Caliente! Hot! Fire! Judgment!

Hot Coals over the heads of Holy Trolls

I listen to many people who argue that Jesus was just a man. God doesn't exist. The vile things that I hear about God in the flesh makes me cry. I am not sure who I am crying for, Jesus or those who say and do these vile things against Christ, possibly both. I am sickened in my heart by the crucifix in urine and the ants crawling on my Jesus. You say that this is art? This is art of the devil. Plain and simple. A video crawling with demonic forces. It is just disgusting and vile.

So you want crosses taken down? You want prayer to be stopped? Jesus offends you? God offends you? Well this is for all of you and you may want to listen up good. Yes, you may push God and Jesus out of the schools, out of the homes, out of the government, out of the communities and out of the Military. You are even pushing Jesus out of the churches and the cemeteries!


You keep pushing Jesus out. Keep throwing God out of the world! Keep it up but remember my words....the day will come and you WILL take ownership of a Godless world. Now don't go crying and boo-hooing when you see what the world will be like without God here and mark my is a'coming.

Look at all the TROLLS!

Are You Ready?

When it arrives and it will, please go take a BIG look in the mirror and remember that YOU were a contributor to the evil that is going to bring you to your knees. I hope at that time when you are crawling on your knees and before your hearts fail you from the fear that you will come to repentance and call out for Jesus. You know--the one you hate right now. Jesus is so compassionate and loving that even after all that you have done against him, He will forgive you for your blindness.

I serve an awesome GOD!

On a happy note...I have met a few of the real deals and they are full of goodness, love and Jesus. So I thank those few who set the standard and abide by it and walk in truth and I know that they will never betray Jesus. Never and I know it.


I do know that there is so much unfinished business regarding this story, down here and in the spiritual world where God resides. All I can say at this time is that GOD exists and GOD does not make mistakes. These things that are meant to be revealed will only be revealed on Jesus''s time and not on mine but they WILL be revealed. God promises me that and I believe

"I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin

Follow the Pattern

The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2009 The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments


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