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Sagittarius Behind Closed Doors

Updated on August 31, 2015

The 9th Sign

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s 9th sign and is the home of the zodiac’s wanderers. For these folks, it is not a mindless ramble. Rather, these folks seek the truth and the best for them to do this would be to start traveling and get some answers as they talk to other people. The key to these folks happens to be knowledge since this starts to fuel their approach to life, which is broad minded. Those born on this month are interested keenly in religion and philosophy and they find that their internal quest is aided by disciplines such as these. What this sign wants at the end of the day is to find out life’s meaning and to accomplish this task while feeling easy and free.


The principle of Sagittarius is independence. They crave excitement and adventure and are quite welcoming to changes with arms open wide. The sign of the explorer and the philosopher, Sags will tend to go down the road far and will thoroughly explore every corner as they search eternally for wisdom. To a Sag, freedom is so important that they will actually make a decision based on how much freedom is involved.


Sag athleticism does bring these folks to do challenging sports and they are truly up to these tasks. For this reason, you may really find them climbing highest peaks or doing solo around the world boat racing. For a Sag, nothing is too difficult as these people are lucky and ready for anything. The Sag’s mood is also fueled by debate or chess as well as other mental games. Navy hues and maroon are the colors they like. When it comes to the game of love, the Archer is always on top, flirtatious and playful. Those born Sagittarius have great strength and are curious, wide open and philosophical. Folks born on this month seek truth and knowledge and eager to share with others their explorations. They have a generous, optimistic spirit that makes them pleasurable to have around no matter where you happen to be.


Sagittarius is associated with the fire element. Just as fire can seem uncontrollable and move quickly, so can this sign as they go from one activity to another without ever glancing back. Those boron Sag are about adventure, action and eventually, conclusions. Often athletic, this sign is very physical and filled with stamina. For these folks, life is played head on which is why they get experience after experience. Enthusiastic and outgoing, Sag folks also sometimes overstep their boundaries and can talk so much and so fat. They sometimes do not really process what they are saying in a complete way. This can lead to hurt feelings sometimes. Many times, though, their words get people going and serve to get others inspired. Indeed, Sagittarians are true believers, spiritual, curious and are folks who are straight ahead, so to speak. They easily attract others and this should come as no surprise. They enjoy a good time, have a great sense of fun and are not lacking in confidence at all. They are an ever changing crew and do love to socialize.


In the ancient time of Rome, Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Being the god king at the time, many people born beneath this sign do feel that they have been passed on a pedigree. Those born Sagittarius are just and generous, making good leaders and are expansive in the way they approach things and in the way that they think. Forever attempting to gain more answers, understanding and knowledge, the Sage are expressive and speak out about what they believe in, many times exaggerating. It might be the way they are unflinchingly optimistic that this quality is apparent. Thanks to the golden glow of Jupiter, those born under this sign are a lucky bunch. While the exploration process is what Sagittarians are fueled by, they also have a procrastination tendency. Sag born folks can be self indulgent as things do come with ease towards them thanks to their sociable, charming nature. Archers that are smart, however, will continue their good work and catch themselves right on time.


A half beast, half man represents Sagittarius, as is the archer. In the ancient mythology of Rome, centaurs were the intellects and this sign is quick to think of themselves as the current day version of ancient intellectuals. Clear thinking is what those born in this sign are and most of the time; they do see the big picture. They love it when other people agree with their point of view as these are usually well thought out. To this, the alternative is Sagittarians that have become blunt and argumentative. Of course, what others have to say will be listened to by an Archer, as they are assigned a mutable quality. At the same time the way information is consumed by this sign is quite enthusiastic as they look for answers all the time. It is a better idea to give this sign tons of room for exploring the world. Once any type of restriction is felt by a Sage, they start being difficult and impatient.

Good Judgment

This sign has a wide ranging mind that is profound and equipped with good judgment and foresight. These folks can be conversationalists that are extremely witty. They love beginning brand new undertakings and love learning new concepts. They make excellent researching. This sign is original, intuitive and thinks quite rapidly. They are better at inventing and adapting rather than anything else. They work wonderfully with other people that complement their styles rather than any other personality type. These folks are good at organization and have strong wills. With a combination of qualities such as these, they have the ability to bring undertaken projects to conclusions that are successful. The extreme care in which they handle their resources are balanced by their generosity.


Usually, Sag’s are religious and usually modest with strong moral senses. Of course, they sometimes have a tendency of overemphasizing the codes of ethic they believe in and sometimes tend to worship what they believe in rather than God. This means that they regard adherence to conventional codes, ritual, that can be rigid and unloving as more significant than the truth that these embody or symbolize. They sometimes speak out for political parties and religions that they have stopped believing in due to outward necessities of satisfying them. At the same time, if they see an advantage to switch sides at the last minute, they won’t fail to do so.


The Sag born is full of adventure, versatility, energy, enterprise and have a completely positive life outlook. They are also eager to extend their experiences to more than just the things they are familiar with. They enjoy exploration and travel and since their minds are open constantly to new thought dimensions, they are also open to new, bright ideas. They are optimistic and ambitious and even when their hopes are dashed, continue to be so. Their natures are strong and idealistic and can go through one disappointment after another without getting them down. They are sincere, generous, truthful, trustworthy, honest, honorable and have a passion for what is just. Usually, they are on the side of society’s underdog and will fight most just causes that they believe in. They are also ready to be rebels. They balance independence with loyalty.


This sign governs the sacral are, thighs and hips. Members suffer from thigh and hip ailments and may be prone to rheumatism and sciatica. Allegedly, there are silicon deficiencies in their bodies that can cause them to have poor hair, nails and skin. Due to the pursuits of dangerous sports that they sometimes indulge in, this sign is prone from the consequence of accidents. Astrologers of ancient signs mention horse falls and getting hurt from other beasts with four legs. Risk taking and other dangerous sports may be hazardous to Sagittarians of modern day. At the same time this sign is also liable towards heat and fire.


Sagittarius vices are prone towards being angry. They have a tendency towards impatience or to flare up over the smallest things. They want to immediately rush newer projects and do make demands of peers who are unable to work at their demanded pace. They scorn others’ inadequacies while expecting full recognition of the efforts they put into it. They may deserve recognition in one sense due to the fact that the completion of major projects will usually cause them to sacrifice family relationships and health. In the eyes of their family, they may be condemned for working too hard.

Variety of Professions

The qualities of this sign are able to propel them into a perfect fit for various professions. They are natural philosophers and teachers with talents for expounding moral laws and principles which seem to be an explanation of the way the universe works. Gifts that they have enable them to be successful scientists and also successful churchmen. Politics and the law are also suitable professions for this sign and so is advertising, public relations, social administrations and public service. To these souls which are inherently restless, exploration and travel do appeal to them. When they have limited opportunities, they may find a change of scene and travel by working as traveling salesmen and in the armed forces. In the days before cars, this sign will most likely have been successful at trading horses, or anything concerning horses including sporting them and all other activities. Other Sags make fine musicians. These days, folks born in this month will most likely be successful in aircraft and cars as well, with an emphasis on sporting aspects such as rallying or racing. These folks are said to be good at coaching sports. However, there may also be a tendency of leading them into gambling imprudently. Of course, the instinct for gambling might be tamed by working as a bookkeeper or a bookmaker.

In the Workplace

In their place of work they can be inconsiderate, domineering and exacting. In their private lives they can also be extravagant, vulgar and boastful. They are excessive and restless and may cause jeopardy to their own stabilities. Some members of this sign risk wasting their lives in pursuits of frivolity and may become playboys. Others develop religious, moralizing fanaticism or are called a hypocrite with their outwards jovial appearance disguising their inner prude. Others have a tendency towards superstition and extreme religiosity.


This sign seldom betrays trusts given to them and are basically reliable. However, this sign can be angry impulsively and both female and male Sags know which expressions will both hate their enemies. They also know how to be outspoken. On the other hand when it comes to forgiving any offense, they can be very magnanimous. They are also very reliable when it comes to taking care of the family elderly members.

In Love

In love, this sign is straightforward, sincere and ardent. They are normally conventional and are totally in control of their natures sexually. At the same time if they are denied, they have a tendency of allowing their entire lives to be embittered by this type of failure or might seek revenge on the opposite gender by delving into promiscuity. They are more apt to make uncongenial alliances than the average. With success in marriage, they can be indulging parents and faithful spouses. However, their inherent restlessness will cause them to use even the most satisfying partnership as a home base from which they travel from. They are faced often with the choices of letting their career overtake their lives at the expense of the love of their spouses. They need to feel free and this same quality holds true whether or not the Sag in your life is a woman or a man. Even with no work to rival their partnerships, they have a hard time in expressing what they feel and can run the risks of being thought of as having frigidity.


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