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Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

Updated on March 7, 2011

Some say that matching sun signs rarely make a good love match, but in the case of the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman, I tend to think it's a fantastic pairing. The very things which make Sagittarius difficult to cope with in other signs (the bluntness, the need for so much freedom) is better understood by none other than another Sagittarius. Personally, I think it's genius, and if it doesn't work out, at least both partners will go on with the knowledge of how it feels to be on the receiving end of the very behavior so many other signs have difficulty coping with! If you'd like to learn more about the astrological love compatibility between the Sagittarius male and the Sagittarius female, do continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Sagittarius Man

The social butterfly has finally found his match! These two will be of one mind as they circle through the parties and activities they both need to partake in. And they do need it, it's what re-charges their batteries. Sagittarius man will adore his Sagittarius woman and he'll enjoy showing her off. He'll even enjoy watching her as she moves round the room on her own and they will both be able to respect each other's need to be social on their own. No jealousy in this respect, which is something both partners would likely experience with other signs. In fact, she's probably the only woman who'll be able to tolerate it at face value, because she'll be busy doing the same thing as she charms the men in the room!

Sagittarius Woman

She's just as blunt as he is, but she will react like any other female if Sagittarius man makes a remark that hurts her feelings. But this will be good for her to experience as it will teach her how it feels to be on the receiving end of that famous Sagittarius truthfulness! She will never get tired of spending time with her Sagittarius man and she will not feel the need to tether him, which makes them an all around compatible couple. Unless, of course, the bluntness is carried over into the bedroom. For God's sake, you two, filter that honesty in the bedroom or one of you will end up sleeping in the guest room! By all means, tell the truth if you've got something to say, but do it with a little tact. It's hard for Sagittarius, I know, but once you've been on the receiving end of your own blunt nature, you'll understand why it's necessary.


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