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Satan Knew The Plan, But Not The Eternal Plan

Updated on July 5, 2011

Satan The Great Deceiver

The Greatest Deceiver Of All, Yet In The End He Was Deceived

Satan is called by many names, such as, Devil, Adversary, Serpent, Dragon, Beelzebub, and the Enemy. These are just a few of his names, believe me, there are many more. Satan is evil incarnate, in other words, he is the embodiment of evil. Satan comes only to kill, steal, and destroy, but yet he falls under the radar. All the catastrophes and destruction that happens in the world, so many people blame and curse God for these things. These people don't realize that God do not do evil, God's Nature which is Holy and Righteous forbids Him to do evil. Satan falls under the radar, because some people (sinful people) don't believe there is a devil, because if they did, then they would have to believe there is a hell, and they don't want to believe that, hell puts great fear into people. The devil cares nothing for us, but he is so deceptive, that he can influence us to do evil, and when we do evil, the devil laughs at us, because he knows that we will be punished.

Now, let me give you some background on Satan. Some of the things I write about Satan, some of you will not believe, because you really have to study the Bible. First of all I want to talk about the origin of Satan, he was created by Christ along with all other principalities, and powers in heaven and earth (read colossians 1:15-18, Job 38:4-7). He is definitely referred to as a created being in Ezekiel 28:11-17 and it reads, " Thou was perfect in they ways from the day that thou was created. till iniquity was found in thee. " As you can see here, he was not always the devil or an adversary of God. He was created perfect and sinless and became the enemy of God and man through sin in trying to exalt himself above God.

Did you know that Satan was the first ruler of the earth? According to Scriptures Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekiel 28:11-17, Luke 10:18, 2 Peter 3:4-8, Jeremiah $;23-26. and there are other passages. Satan known as Lucifer then, had a kingdom (which God allowed) on earth long before the six days of Genesis 1:3 - 2:25 and the creation of Adam. Those Scriptures reveal that he through pride, fell and led an invasion of heaven and was defeated. At that time the earth was cursed and all life was destroyed by the first flood as in Genesis 1:2. Let me tell you, do not regard Satan lightly. Satan is real, he is a powerful opponent. Although He has no power over God (God has All Power). nor does he have power over Christians, but what he does have is the power of influence and he can trouble us. The greatest and most important work of Satan now among men is to counterfeit the doctrines and experiences of God as revealed in Scripture in order to deceive the saints (Christians). We are told to prove and test all doctrines and experiences in the Spiritual Realm to see if they are of God or Satan. We christians must realize that even though we are children ot God that does not stop the devil from trying every conceivable way to imitate God to the believer. In fact we believers (Christians) are the ones he concentrates upon and wars against.

You see, Satan hates God and mankind. Because, not only did God defeat Satan when he tried to invade heaven, but God also destroyed Satan's earthly kingdom. To add insult to injury God recreated earth and created and placed man in dominion of the recreated earth. This was part of God's plan. Now when Satan entered the Garden of Eden, his intention was to thwart God's plan of a righteous and holy world with mankind created in His image and likeness to rule the earth giving all honor and glory to God. Satan thinking he knew God's plan came into the Garden of Eden to usurp mankind's authority over the earth. When Satan caused Adam and Eve to sin, he illegally took possession of the earth. Now, Satan is in the driver seat, right? Well, he thought he was. now, he could use the power of hell and death to threaten, influence, and destroy mankind. Alright, now, when Jesus came into the world, Satan felt he knew God's plan for Christ. He thought God's plan was to set up His Kingdom on earth through Christ (in a way he was right, Christ did come to set up His Kingdom, but not His Earthly Kingdom, His Spiritual Kingdom). See what happens when you try to out-think God. But, anyway again Satan tried to thwart God's plan. When Jesus was born, three wise men came to honor, and worship the baby Jesus. But, King Herod under the influence of Satan intercepted the wise men and told them when they find the baby Jesus and worship Him, to come back and tell him (Herod) where the Baby Jesus was so he can worship Him (but Herod planned to kill baby Jesus, read Matthew 2:7-8).

But, our All-Knowing God, in a dream, warned the wise men not to go back to King Herod, so they (wise men) went back home another way (Matthew 2:12). But Satan now was more determined to kill Jesus. God knew the mind of Satan (Satan is a created being), God sent His Angel to tell Joseph (Jesus earthly father) in a dream to take Jesus to Egypt. When Herod found out the wise men tricked him and went home another way, Herod ordered that all the children in Bethlehem from ages 2 and under be killed, and the order was carried out (Matthew 2:13-16). Satan tried so many ways to thwart God's plan through Jesus. Satan tried everything, when Jesus became grown and started His ministry, Satan even tried to tempt Jesus with three different temptations. Think about it, this devil is so bold, he even tried to tempt the One Who created him. If he is that bold, do you think he will hesitate to tempt us? I'll let you answer that. Anyway not any of his temptations worked on Christ, the devil was unsuccessful, but that did not stop Satan, he continued throughout Christ's ministry to kill Him. Satan felt and believed that he knew God's plan to bring Salvation to mankind through Jesus Christ. Satan felt because he thought he knew God's plan, he could stop it. Ask yourself this, how can a created being defeat the Creator?

You see, what Satan did not know is, Jesus was supposed to die, and He was going to die, but not according to Satan's timetable, but God's. Satan did know part of God's plan, which was, that Christ was to bring Salvation to mankind, he just did not know the Eternal plan, how it would be accomplished. Satan could not know the Eternal plan, because before the world was ever created, God decreed that the Lamb (Jesus) would be slain for the world (Revelation 13:8). What Satan did not know until it was too late was that in order for mankind to be saved, what had to happen, was, what Satan been trying to do all of Christ's life, Christ had to be killed, so that God could raise Him from the dead. Christ's death was the Ultimate Sacrifice for the sins of the world. If Satan only knew, I believe he would have tried to keep Jesus off the cross. Instead, Christ died on the cross, and rose with all Power, and held the keys to hell and death. What Satan thought would be victory for him, ended up being Victory for Christ and mankind, and utter defeat for him (Satan). The greatest deceiver of all, yet in the end, he was deceived. But, the irony is he deceived himself, because he thought that he (a created being) knew as much or more than the Creator. Pride will get you every time. Satan is a defeated enemy, but he is still dangerous. Only through Christ can we defeat the enemy. God bless you.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Firstly, Satan didn't have a kingdom of his own, and there aren't any scriptures supporting that. Secondly, how could he be on earth before God created it? I do believe Satan had already fallen either during creation or afterwards because he was there already when he tempted Adam. You might be on to something about him being on the mountain of God and in Eden. Other then those questions this article was informative .

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      That makes since and helped a lot. Thanks. Satan defeated himself not knowing God's internal plan. God has His way of doing things that man does not always see or understand; including Satan. JUST EPIC. God is ALWAYS in control.

    • profile image

      VOICE CIW 

      10 years ago

      God bless you MsDonna48, thank you for the encouragement. If you like this hub, I have written so many more, just look for hubs under the name VOICE CIW. You stay blessed.

    • MsDonna48 profile image


      10 years ago

      Great hub. I enjoyed reading. Please write more. Very interesting.

    • profile image

      VOICE CIW 

      10 years ago

      God bless you ladyt11, thank you for your encouraging comment. Stay blessed.

    • profile image

      VOICE CIW 

      10 years ago

      PaulGoodman67, thank you for your comment.

    • ladyt11 profile image


      10 years ago

      Excellent! I enjoyed reading it.

    • profile image

      VOICE CIW 

      10 years ago

      God bless you marcofratelli, thank you for your commeent. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • marcofratelli profile image


      10 years ago from Australia

      This was a great read indeed. Enjoyed it.

    • PaulGoodman67 profile image

      Paul Goodman 

      10 years ago from Florida USA

      The modern idea of the Devil is rooted in medieval times and postdates Jesus and the disciples by hundreds of years.

    • profile image

      VOICE CIW 

      10 years ago

      God bless you skye2day, you are really an encouragement to me. The enemy does not like to be recognized, he wants people to blame God for the evil things that happen to people, but Sister we know different. Stay blessed, I love you too, in Christ.

    • skye2day profile image


      10 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      voicecw Thank you for your words of wisdom through our Holy Spirit helper. People need to know the truth there is an enemy. He comes to steal kill destroy! Many will worship the anti christ because of lack of knowledge. So sad. Count me out on that one. I work at sharing the truth with others and being Gods hands and feet. 'Many will be deceived. I pray many come here over the next months. Very awesome work for our Father. We have authority Praise God over the enemy. Love You brother in Christ You keep on, U will! Phil 4:13 Hugs brother.

      up awesome linked out (-;


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