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Satanism The Religion

Updated on December 30, 2018
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I bring to you this topic not to promote Satanism, but to enlighten you.

Inverted Pentagram



Who is a Satanist?

A Satanist is one who is Initiated into The Satanic Mysteries, also known as The Gnostic Mysteries of Diablos.

They use Inverse Prayers, Blasphemy, Satanic Sacrifice, Possesion, etc to attain a state of Gnosis by which they are told the deepest most evil secrets of Satan.

They then apply those arcane secrets into Ritual magic, summoning unknown Demons, exercising Power, etc.

This is Satanism. The Path of The Dark Mystic.

What are The Satanic Mysteries?

They are The Knowledge of Satan as a God, particularly the God of All Fear in his Aspect, Diablos the Dragon.

The Knowledge of Fiery Chaos known as, Fyr. In which all things are destroyed and all power is gained.

The Secrets of Satan are contained within him and by partaking of Him through rending the flesh, they are revealed.
All Unknown Demons they have yet to summon reside with Satan as he is the embodiment of the Unknown.
He in his totallity is a Breeding ground for Demons of All Sorts.

His true form Towers above the skies and is limitless because the Demons are limitless. There is no limit to the amount of Demons in existence. This does not count multiple dimensions.

Gnosis of Satan is attained through Meditation, Possesion, and Inverse Blasphemous prayers as well as ritual magic.

Through this, the Satanist will go through Degrees of Initiation so to Speak and will finally become Satan, the Incarnation of All Demons.

What is Satanic Magic?

Through Whispering evil into the Heart of the Initiate, Satan sows the seeds that will awaken power in him or her.

The most arcane secrets of ritual magic will be made known. Plain as day. Satan will soon motivate the Initiate to not hoard this knowledge but use the knowledge.

This will take the form of the Most Blackest rites possible which include murder. But the murder will not be a senseless murder, but a murder based on sound occult principles of releasing the soul from the Body for example, casting it into the fires of Fyr, and trapping it into yourself.

Sexual Magics gained through understanding polar opposites will be had as well.
Insanity will result as the initiate will be tested upon receiveing the full weight of The Knowledge of this world and their destiny.

Through this insanity, he or she will find ways to break down this current age and society and spread Fyr.

He will then Be acting as Satan in his Adversarial/Destroying God aspect.

Diablos: Fyr-Incarnate

Fear shakes one to its core. It is the heralder of Knowledge forbidden and Hard to obtain. It is the secret blackness within the void. It is what stares back at you through the Abyss when you stare into it.

The Dragon of Fyr is Diablos. He is the Aspect of the Devil that confronts you with the most horrid realizations of the Earth, its inhabitants, your mom, etc.

They do not love you.
In your current state, you are weak and powerless.

The Interesting thing is…
All that is a Test.

If you fail to accept the reality of it, your soul will be cast into the sea and there chained and drowned amongst everyone else. Forever in denial.

If you pass however, the Infernal Dragon will rise in you. You will become Fear itself. The Dragon will roar within you and you will have no choice but to roar in return to release the fire that is in you.

Sigils are not used to Contact Diablos although you can incorporate them. He will come to you as you go deeper into the Mysteries of Satan.

The Synagouge of Satan.

This is the Temple where you learn the Mysteries. There is no text written by man that can teach you this or that you contenplate. The Words come in an unwritten, unspoken understanding directly from Satan himself or his unknown Demons/ Emissaries of Darkness.

Silent Communication and Meditation is Best here.

Symbols can be used such as the Inverted Pentagram or The Runes.

Selling Your Soul

There will come a time for the Satanic Initiate for where he feels as if the knowledge he has gained will be sufficient enough for a trade of sorts.

In truth, this not a trade rather but a empowerment of the magical goal via your soul. A soul Sacrifice so to speak.

Souls function as a currency in the otherworld. Its value is based on power and degree of awakening.

You can sell the Souls of your enemies, other people who are not your enemies, Friends, strangers, Gods, Demons, Angels, elementals, etc.

Depending on the type of Soul, it is taken and empowered for magical use by the Demon or being you give it to. It can be bought back or cancelled as well.

The Higher up Souls (Gods, Aeonic beings, etc) are extremely powerful and good for self empowerment. You can bring a long lasting flow of wealth to you this way as well.

Initiation Into Satanism: A Ritual

Here is a ritual for you to do to Initiate into Satanism:

What you need

● Chalk

● List of The Runes

What To Do

Go outside and Draw a Inverted Pentagram on the ground that is big enough to stand in.

Draw the runes around the pentagram. All of Them.

Stand in the Center of the Pentagram and Say:

Hear my voice!

I call unto the Darkness of the Four Corners…
Gog and Magog…
Edom and Moab…

Come and Be here with me now!

(He will enter you and manifest)

Satan! Transcend above all the Gods, all the Demons, all The Angels and Deliver unto me All the Glory, All the Power, all the Knowledge!

As it is yours, so it is mine!

Raise me above the Gods and Descend me below the Dark Gods!

Satan, COME!

Give me your Power!
Prepare me for Glory!
And when I die, i shall be ressurected and known as a Master…
A Dark Messiah…

Satan, Melt my Flesh and Boil my Blood!
Cause me to Ascend!

I am the Satanic Mysteries incarnate!


There is no further instruction cause you will be fully possesed by Satan and will pass out.

When you wake up, you will be different. A Satanist.


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