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Sathya Sai, His Mission and vision!

Updated on November 23, 2013

The Saibabas and the temples of health and education!

Sathya Sai, the incarnation of the present age.

The world of Sai devotees today celebrates the eighty-eighth birthday celebration of Sri Sathya Saibaba, two and half years since he left his physical frame. This is also the third birthday celebrated in absentia. Though physically he is not present with a form, His Omnipresence never suffered any diminution. He is as active as before. Even when He was present in a physical form, His Cosmic form pervaded the Cosmos and hence he could save many from perils instantaneously in any corners of the world, the moment they sought his help by taking his name “SaiRam”. Today, the name Sairam is chanted by millions and millions of people all over the globe. But Sathya Saibaba was never particular about any name. He always asserted that all names of God’s form is equally valid, if taken with love and faith. Hence, there is no difference between Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Jina and Sai. Even the myriads of Hindu Gods name like Rama and Krishna continue to give succor to the devotees everywhere when it is chanted.

In this context, we can take the case of various sweets. All sweets taste sweet irrespective of the process. The base ingredient is sugar which gives sweetness to any sweet. Call it by any name like Laddu, zelabi, zangri, boondhi or mysorepaulk . The flavor and texture or shape may vary but the sweetness is common to all sweets. This is the relevance of God’s name to the devotee. One may like Rama, the other Krishna, yet other Sai. Some chant Jesus, yet some others Allah. But all names represent only One God who is formless, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. For that reason, he can assume any form and manifest himself in any place in earth. But most of the Avatars took place in India for the very reason that India fostered Divine ethos from the ancient days. Fire worship was prevalent in India which ensured timely rain. Those fire rituals were meant to please the demi gods who were in charge for different aspects of nature like the fire, rain etc. When such rituals were performed religiously and sincerely, there was no dearth of rain. Crops were plenty, cattle thrived and there was all-round prosperity. When the practice of such rituals dwindled due to indiscipline that entered human psyche, rains started failing or there were torrential downpour causing heavy floods or there was famine.

Our ancestors practiced virtuous ways of living throughout their life. They were helping each other and the community. There was common bond that connected each person with the other. As predicted in the Puranas and scriptures, Dark Age had set in after the passing away of Lord Krishna. The age of Kali brought with it all immoralities in human mind. To set right such grievous situation, the creator god has sent many saints and sages in the world who by their own life and teachings have inculcated righteousness in human society. But that was not enough since the human beings were able to choose their own path of action which was mostly tainted by sensual pleasures. Even while endowing man with reasoning and thinking capacities, God has decreed that whatever man does will recoil upon him without fail. Hence people started suffering miseries and rarely some pure souls lived in eternal joy. The continuous onslaught of grief and pain in human society set the thinking mind of man of wisdom. They found that good acts brought merit and bad deeds invariably brought pain and grief. Hence people were cautioned to adopt virtuous life. But only few people followed this dictum.

Finding that there is no improvement in the character and behavior of man, God has sent prophets like Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad. But they were persecuted by the authorities. Jesus was crucified and Prophet Mohammad too underwent untold tortures and grief in the hands of non-believers and rationalists. At this juncture only, god chooses to manifest himself with all glory and powers to correct humanity from perdition. We have seen how Jesus has effected monumental changes in the minds of his followers. They were ready to shed even their last drop of blood for the sake of Christ. Hence the teachings of Jesus are valid even after 2000 years of His crucifixion and final ascent. Likewise, Prophet Mohammad too made lasting efforts to guide the people of his land towards virtuous living. Prior to Jesus and Mohammad, there was all-round decline of morals in society. People lived their life as per the dictates of whimsical mind enslaved by the senses. Money reigned high and the so called Priests were using their authority in subjugating Truth and righteous living. Hence there was famine and wars. Diseases caused death to majority of population. Natural disasters increased manifold. The Lord has chosen to incarnate to correct such situation. Thus came Saibaba of Shirdi and Sri Sathya Saibaba of Puttaparthi. Thanks to the advancement in digital technology. Almost all his teachings were recorded in audio and video formats. Now everyone can access those teachings and know more about Him in the internet.

Though born in very humble surroundings in an ordinary family, today His name reverberates all around the globe for His way of Life and His multifarious service activities in the field of Health, Education and potable drinking water supply scheme to many villages, towns and cities. Free medical care and free quality education coupled with moral education is the theme of Sathya Sai Institutions. Very costly surgeries were dispensed free to all the in patients irrespective of their place, economical status or educational backgrounds. By providing free education and healthcare to all, Sathya Saibaba has demonstrated to the world at large that good intentions brook no delay or obstructions. Let us remember such holy incarnations and follow their teachings since they are common to the entire humanity!


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