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Sattva: To be in Goodness

Updated on August 19, 2019
Aditya B33 profile image

Aditya has an interest in spirituality and loves to explore the existence through inner experiences.

In my previous article on "Triguna: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas" we discussed the three Gunas or Qualities of Existence. Hence, I request you to please read it before proceeding further with this article;

Here, in this article, we will discuss how a person can remain in Sattvik quality for much of the time. While thinking about the ways, I had a concern to tell ways that do not require to sit and meditate, the first reason being many people don’t want to meditate as it feels boring to them and they feel sleepy, the second and the important one is that I am not the right person to be telling Kriyas or Meditation techniques, it can only be done by a person who can handle the life-force energy of others and it requires a physical presence as well. However, the practices mentioned below will surely work on increasing one’s receptivity towards inner dimensions. Instead of you doing meditation, these practices will make you meditative and also these are not philosophical work rather they are based on my experiences in Dhyana Yoga as a very young seeker. So, here are some practices that you can do, they do not require meditation and are effective as well:

1. Listen to Soft Music

This is one of my favourite things to do when I have some ‘me’ time. You can listen to your movie songs which do not use Heavy Metal or are not densely packed with instruments, the music should be pleasant. Many times I prefer Indian Classical Music or Instrumental Music ( the sound of the flute, tabla, sitar or sarod are able enough to take you at a different level of vibration and will surely enhance your receptivity). You can search for them on Youtube, three of my favourites are Sounds of Isha’s instrumental series, Darbar Festival and Buddha's Lounge, there are many other beautiful and soulful compositions available on different channels.

2. Random acts of Kindness

Ever talked with your gatekeeper or gardener at the office?…if not then talk to them and make them feel good and just see how pleasant they will feel, they also want someone to consider them a part of society, inclusiveness is also kindness, isn’t it? Kindness is a thing that can be shown anywhere, rather I would say become that much kind that you don’t need to show it anymore!

If kindness becomes a part of your nature you will be less affected by the external circumstances. If someone behaves differently you will start questioning to yourself that why they behaved the way they did instead of arguing with them, you will become empathic.

3. Find a Sattvik Company

I mentioned the qualities of Sattva Guna above, find someone whom you find the closest to them. Please leave your friend's company for a while, go and sit with the person you found and believe me the moment you enter their space, energy level work will start within you. I am fortunate enough to have a few people whom I love to sit with and just a few minutes with them is such a wonderful experience for me. Even if you have a decent amount of Sattva and you can provide others with a good company but still, it is beneficial to be in a Sattvik Company.

4. Mind your food, I am not suggesting you to be on a boiled diet or eat raw. We all need some flavours, just a little sacrifice is to stop eating non-vegetarian food. Meat is considered to be Tamasik because Life Energy has long gone from it, it is dead. Also, any kind of food which is reheated or is consumed after hours of being cooked becomes Tamasik. In this generation, most of us eat a Rajasic diet which is loaded with spices and flavours which is still fine unless you don't drop to Tamasik diet.

5. Say Hello to Nature

Just for a few moments in a day, keep your phone aside, go for a walk or just sit under the sky. It is miraculous, many times when my mind is busy with a particular question or situation I just go for a walk and it gives me a new perspective to look. Also, connecting with mother nature is a way to purify ourself.

6. Gratitude

We all know that plants give oxygen which is an essential part for Human life to happen, yet there are people who spit on them without any reason, or even if they have a reason to spit, why on plants? I consider these kinds of people as ignorant fools but they consider themselves no less than a King, such is the ignorance that they will keep doing idiotic things with their rigid mindset and never realize that they lived their whole life in mere illusion. We all have a lot to be thankful for, each one of us. We can be thankful for the experiences which have groomed us into a good human being, we can be thankful to the people who entered our life just at the right time and showed a direction, we can be thankful for the things we are able to do that millions of people only dream of, we can be thankful to that little plant in the corner for doing his bit in giving us a life. Gratitude is not just a word in the vocabulary rather it is an essential part of realising that which is beyond. While writing about Gratitude, I thought of everything that I am thankful for, even the people whom I interact with for they all teach me something new every time and you are one of them, thanks for reading it till here!

7. Devotion and Acceptance

Devotion is not about any god up there or any religion, it is about being fully indulged in the righteous things that can be done. Practice devotion in your acts of kindness, if you are doing something good don’t think if people will see, just be devoted to goodness doesn’t matter if you get noticed or not. Acceptance is to acknowledge what we are and what we are not, in this creation there are many people who are far more knowledgable and wise than us and among the entire existence, we are absolutely nothing. Even if we die the next day, the world will continue to function the way it is functioning, everyone has a replacement! We should always have this acceptance in mind.

There are many more practices that can be done, but if I keep on writing it will be too much (ah..word count), you can also think about the activities that can be done to be on the path of goodness.

Bonus: With certain receptivity and meditativeness, just by looking at someone you can find the Guna or Quality dominant in them.

© 2019 Aditya Bhardwaj


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