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Saturn in Cancer Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the planet that affects personal learning and development as it presents us with challenges to cope with and overcome. If you were born with Saturn in Cancer, like I was, this will help you understand the primary issues you will have to learn to deal with and triumph over. To learn more about this sign and its influence, please continue reading!

Highs and Lows

Saturn in Cancer can seem a bit bi-polar to other people, because they are often either triumphing over something or experiencing the lowest low imaginable. Cancer is a moody sign and this will be evident to some degree in those with this placement. When faced with challenges, Cancer must learn to face them head on, instead of scuttling off in a sideways fashion, the way the crab prefers to do. If there is a prominent sun sign placement, this aspect might be offset in a way that makes it more manageable, but there will always be tendencies present pulling them toward these emotional highs and lows.


Concealed Emotions

Despite how deeply Saturn in Cancer feels their emotions, the first reaction is often to hide them from others. At least, that is what they think they are doing. More often than not, these emotions will surface, albeit in a different way. If Cancer is hurt because they feel they are not getting enough attention from a loved one, they are unlikely to express this directly, but will become moody and grumpy all the same. They may also react by trying to control the situation in a passive way, such as playing on the emotions of others and trying to gain sympathy votes. There again, if there is a prominent aspect in the natal chart to offset this, such as a fire sign that is not typically needy or clingy, this behavior may only crop up on rare occasions. These people must learn to express their emotions directly and Saturn presents these challenges in order to bring that change about.

Highly Sensitive People

Not only is Saturn in Cancer highly empathic and emotional, they are extremely sensitive to everything in their surroundings. When they experience sensory overload -- which they experience far more easily than other people -- they will want to retract into a shell and isolate themselves from the outside world and all of its imperfections. This is not conducive to growth, however, and Saturn presents this opportunity to learn how to overcome these moments and stick their head back out of that shell. However, the opportunities will often become more and more difficult as time goes by and the lesson is not learned. Therefore it is in Cancer's best interest to focus on developing these coping mechanisms sooner than later.


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