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Saturn in Libra Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the planet that teaches us invaluable lessons about life and ourselves, and it often does so in ways that require a great deal of personal effort and work. These lessons may seem impossible at times, but we are all born with the capacity to overcome the trials. If Saturn was in Libra at the time of your birth, read on to learn more about how it will influence your life!

Taking Responsibility for Self

Libra is the most balanced and fair of all the zodiac signs, but when Saturn is placed here, it can mean something a bit different. Libra's Saturn will desire fairness and equality just as the sun sign does, and they may demand it of those the find themselves involved with, but they may not hold themselves to the same standard. These folks might give themselves more leeway than is justified in relationships and other ventures, which would obviously lead to an imbalanced relationship. To feel happy and secure with themselves and others, Libra must learn to find their own inner balance, and they must learn to pair up with those they truly want to be with and not settle for those they know are not right for them.


Emotions Count for Something!

Saturn in Libra has a natural talent for knowing what is fair and just, but they often have a tendency to over-intellectualize things and ignore the emotions involved. If there is a love relationship at stake, Libra must take care to weigh not only the facts, but also the emotions! It will not do to simply choose the solution that seems fair on the surface but will injure someone emotionally for no good reason. Sometimes it is ok to go with the second choice if it means emotions can be spared and fairness and equality can still reign. There is almost always a solution like this available if Libra is willing to look for it.

Learning to be Non-Judgmental

Saturn in Libra is very fair and balanced but they are easily repelled by anyone who offends their sensibilities. Loud, brash or vulgar people (in Libra's eyes, at least!) are quickly ruled out as peers and often they are looked down on. They affect the balance that Libra is so fond of, and this makes them very uncomfortable. It is important for them to realize that everyone has a place in this world, and those who seem uncivilized still have a purpose in this life, and Libra can learn something from them. Namely, humility! That is not to say one should embark on a friendship or romantic relationship with someone they are not suited for, but often those uncivilized people do have traits that Libra would admire if they were willing to look below the surface.


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