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Science of Astrology

Updated on July 11, 2011


Since the advent of science, Astrology has been viewed by the scientific community as “ridiculous”, privative & an occult science –an astronomical society calling it “pseudoscience”. Thus, Astrology has been more or less ignored and any scientific examination of Astrology would be deemed pointless & a waste of time.

The American Humanist Society in 1975 said that those who believed in astrology were against scientific facts. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson pretty much stated that such people were ignorant.

I myself felt the same until I dove & swam the ocean of science (astrophysics, quantum-mechanics, astronomy, particle theories, photon studies –of which I did independent studies & experiments– and much more). I reexamined Astrology and was surprised how many principles did match known science. Of course many details didn't fit, required a stretch or needed reformed scientific theories, but the point remains.

This article is on one of those principles... and to show how the details of the issue show that current Astrology has a big part completely in reverse:

Astrology is based on some sort of influence put upon Earth (people) via stars, planets & other cosmic masses. This influence is an absolute necessity in Astrology, without it Astrology is void.

Well, as science has discovered, stars do indeed radiate things –and I don't just mean infrared photons (photons being particles of radiation or light) as heat. Stars give off gamma-ray photon bursts, steady gamma photon streams, neutrinos, microwaves, plasma, charged particles & antiparticles, hydrogen & helium, etc, etcetera, e...t...cetera.

Such particles, waves & rays do indeed pound ('influence') or little blue planet from far off stars, evidenced by the gamma-rays from stars hundreds of millions of light-years away are detected in Antarctica via gamma-detectors. The Sun obviously has the most impact on the Earth. Its output & proximity of the Earth causes the planet to experience its “winds” –Solar Winds.

Solar Winds are the product of our proximity to the Sun. The mass of out-pouring particles causes a pressure against its target, a wind blowing through space. This wind causes a constant deformation of the Earth's magnetic field (and bursts deform it more-so). The winds are so violent that our planet has a tail –a part of our magnetic field being pushed away. This is the same as with comets such as Haley's Comet, which has a long & bright tail. That tail isn't behind it's travel like a rocket or an asteroid coming through the atmosphere. Rather that tail is caused by the Sun's solar winds bombarding the comet, shoving gases & rock away. Yes, solar winds are that powerful. And despite many stars being billions & billions of times further away, their impact is still found upon our chuck of rock (as shown above).

Planets too give stuff off. As all planets rotate and none are perfectly spherical, as they spin & careen through space gases, particles, photons, etc are thrown off towards other objects. Also, planets give off infrared, X-ray & other radiations (photons) which make a straight line attack on other planets. Thus, planets likewise have 'influence' upon the Earth.

(If I wanted to get more detailed –though this is not an actual scientific paper obviously– I could also explain that the Earth is influenced by “Gravitational Waves” from stars & planets.)

If, somehow, the emitted waves & particles cause influence upon lifeforms (via interaction with the brain or whatever), then the paths, actions & “weight” of such things must be taken into account for accurate Astrology, including solar winds from our big bright Sun.

Most particles take straight line journeys and so one would say that a constellation of stars pointing at you is the one influencing you. Rather Astrologers say that a constellation (such as Gemini –the twins– in my case) has to be aligned with the Sun at someone's birth for such influence. The problem is is that Solar Winds are not taken into account.

So, let's do so:

(Note: All of the following images were produced by my husband Daniel Kagan and are general images which are not intended to be scientific accuracy illustrations. They are not to scale and, as said, are for general imagery & understanding only.)


Above we have the general line up of the Sun, Earth & the star constellation Gemini for one who is born as a supposed Gemini. The red arrows illustrate the Sun's Solar Winds while the green arrows show the emissions from the star systems.

As shown, due to the Sun's winds, the emissions from Gemini cannot reach Earth during this lineup (the appropriate lineup for a Gemini according to mainstream Astrology). The emissions (influence) from Gemini cannot reach the Sun –due to the solar pressure– let alone pass through the Sun to reach us. Thus, Gemini cannot be the system causing influence during such time of the year.

Rather, it is the constellation on the opposite end of the spectrum which has its influence upon Earth during this time period, the system to the rear of the lineup. When the Sun is in Gemini, to the rear is Sagittarius, and this is the constellation putting its emissions upon the planet. First, there is less Solar pressure further out to allow emissions to get closer to Earth in this position. And second, the Earth blocks (intercepts) some of the solar winds heading towards Sagittarius. Which is easier? Getting to a position with an industrial fan blowing in your face, or trying to get to that position which has a closed door between you & the fan?

Thus, one born as a supposed Gemini is actually a Sagittarius! This is for all of the Zodiacs. Take yours and look at the zodiacal sign opposite it. The one you see is that sign you actually are (via birth). Yes, according to this, mainstream astrology has the birth signs backwards. My husband, a supposed Libra is thus actually an Aries.

Wait a second! The Sun doesn't actually lineup perfectly with the Earth & said constellation during its birth-sign time of the year, so wouldn't its influence slip past the Sun and reach Earth?

Well, let us see:

(Again, red {arrows} is solar wind & green is constellation emission.)

When incoming emissions enter the solar system from the constellation (upper left) heading towards Earth, they encounter a problem. That problem is again those pesky solar winds. They, via particle-pressure (or my husbands detailed theories on photon-interaction / reflection), are pushed away. That shove causes a directional change and instead of heading to Earth, they fly off into deep space –not allowing for influence upon us.

(One would question “Gravitational Lensing” which this seems to contradict. First off, gravitational lensing occurs on light & lower photon frequencies. Secondly, if it were to occur, it image would be in the reverse and the same miss would occur, to the south this time.)

Thus, despite the lineup not being direct, the influence continues to be lacking.

(Note: The image was created at an angle & calculation by Daniel Kagan favoring a pro-mainstream Astrology –and yet it still showed that such Astrology has the birth-signs backwards.)

For someone actually to be considered a Gemini, they would have to be born during the mainstream Sagittarius:


Interestingly, I (and my husband) also found that lunar (Moon) influence as held by mainstream Astrology is also backwards. They hold that the Moon has its strongest influence upon us (the Earth & people) when it is a Full Moon (when the Earth is in between the Sun & Moon) –hence the term “Lunatic”. But, let's take a look at this:


(Red arrows again equal Solar Winds and, now, green arrows are lunar influence.)

The Solar Winds prevent the majority of lunar emissions from reaching us.

So when is the Moon actually having the most emission-influence upon Earth? Again, let us see (thanks to my husband –an unrecognized genius I think):

This image shows the positioning of a “New Moon”, when the moon is lacking from our night-time skies (per-say). Here the solar winds (due to the Moon being between the Sun & Earth) force the Moon the influence the Earth in a blasting fashion. The Solar Winds push the Moon's emissions towards us. Not to mention the standard emission heading (virtually unheeded) towards Earth anyway.

So, in conclusion, mainstream Astrology is backwards, you are actually your opposite zodiac sign and the Moon is great when unseen.

However, let me be clear, absolutely clear...

You way say, via this, realizing you are a Gemini instead of a Sagittarius, that you have all the Sagittarius traits and have nothing in common with Gemini –thus my (and husband's) ideas must be wrong. The thing is... you do not acquire the traits of Gemini because this article shows you to be a Gemini. What?! Even though the Astrologers had the signs wrong, it does not mean (theoretically) that they got the traits (and attributes) wrong. Rather, you need (if you have now found yourself to be a Gemini rather than a Sagittarius) to transfer over all of Sagittarius' traits to Gemini. All that is changing is the constellation (Zodiacal sign).

(Please tell me if you agree with the above. If the majority do not, or an appropriate amount, my husband has agreed to go into further detail.)


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