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Scientific Psychic

Updated on December 1, 2011

Psychic Phenomena From Scientific Perspective?

Can psychic abilities be discussed from scientific perspective? Can real scientist have an open mind, open enough to perform research in the field of paranormal? When I was starting my adventure with psychic development, I thought such things are impossible. But with time and further exploration, I’ve learned that I was wrong, and there are many people out there, who try to research psychic phenomena from scientific point of view.

To name the few, I want to present you few books, that has been written from scientific perspective, analyzing the world around us and showing us, why psychic phenomena isn’t really supernatural, but in reality - it’s quite normal stuff, that we can all learn.

Suddenly Psychic

The very first book written from scientific perspective that I’ve read over, is Suddenly Psychic. It’s author, Maureen Caudill is a pure scientist, well respected in the science society for her scientific work. Yet one day, she decided to take part in an adventure, and she took a course in Monroe Institute. She participated in so called Gateway Voyage, a program using binaural beats to manipulate brain waves. This way, she was able to discover her own psychic powers and turn from sceptical sceptic, into living psychic.

Her book is a mixture of two perceptions. On one hand, she discusses her psychic experiences and path from sceptic to psychic, on the other hand, she provides the readers with countless information regarding scientific exploration of psychic phenomena, trying to explain her psychic experiences with scientific terminology. Her book is perfect for everyone who wants to understand at least basic theoretical stuff that might be responsible for psychic abilities to work.

Psychic Intuition

Many years after reading Suddenly Psychic, I’ve stumbled upon press information about new book by Nancy Du Tertre, called “Psychic Intuition”. I quickly asked for review copy, and I was absolutely stunned after reading it. It was the first book in my life that discussed practical psychic abilities from strict scientific perspectives. On few hundred pages, Mrs. Du Tertre provides her readers with tons of scientific information - mainly explaining how our brain and senses work.

By explaining this, she also explains why some people are psychics. As it appears after reading this book, it’s all in your brain. And Du Tertre provides us with enough proofs and examples, through which we can not only understand the principles of psychic perception, but also we can use her techniques and try them on our own. Who knows how many readers of Psychic Intuition will develop their own psychic abilities?

By the way, you can read the review of Psychic Intuition on my blog!

Dean Radin And His Works

Finally, some of the most important scientific books related to psychic phenomena, were written by Dean Radin. Mr. Radin is well respected scientist, who committed himself to researching and understanding psychic phenomena. The effects of his works - books - are true bestsellers. Radin provides his readers with very scientific data, which satisfy scientific community (sure, there are still sceptics, but that’s why we love them, eh?). Yet, Radin’s work are a lot more difficult to understand for normal person because of tons of math and digits.

Still, Dean Radin is most popular scientist who research psychic phenomena for real.

Psychic Science Is Out There

These are only few examples of books that discusses psychic phenomena from scientific perspective. No matter if you prefer spiritual approach, or scientific approach, if you’re interested in psychic phenomena, you should read the books which I’ve mentioned above. And if you’ve read them, don’t hesitate to post your thoughts about them in the comments to this Hub.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've been doing my own independent research for years and I've found much of the same. There are so many physical and scientific explanations for both the causation of spiritual awareness, sensitivity, and talent, and the things that affect and allow them to grow or dwindle. Thank you for the references, though! As I have no scientific background, it will be amazing to have concrete information and perhaps a different perspective!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome Hub, Nathan. Thanks for the book references.


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